Review: Conejita’s Playmates Bar Show in Medellin, Colombia


Conejita’s which is also known as Playmates Bar Show is one of several strip clubs in Medellin that effectively doubles as a brothel. The bar is located in the Central part of the city which by the judgement of most isn’t really a safe area.

Of course ideas of safety are relative. Even the worst part of Medellin today is nothing like what the city experienced when the cartels ruled things. Or so I am told.

Conejita’s in Medellin

Located near the corner, Conejita’s does have a neon sign over its entrance but since there are always many buses stopped in front of the shop it can still be difficult to spot from the street. In any event it is where it is supposed to be and accurately pinpointed on maps.

Conejitas bar central medellin

Like most strip bars in Colombia Conejita’s stations a security guy out front. This gentlemen checks customers coming into the bar for weapons though he sometimes lets obvious foreigners and “very important persons” through without so much as a pat. Needless to say his presence doesn’t offer any real guarantees of security.

Inside the show bar

Past the doorman sits a flight of stairs that lead downstairs into the bar itself. The main floor area is off to the right at the bottom of the stairs. It is a pretty big place filled with tables and chairs that all face toward an elevated stage that runs through the center of the floor.

There is an actual bar at the back of the floor but customers simply sit down at tables and wait for the staff to come and take their orders. Things are pretty simple and cheap local beer that sells for 4000 Pesos ($1.36 USD) is the drink of choice for the vast majority of customers.

The customers themselves are a mix of local guys that range from young guys in street garb to lone older guys in formal wear. The place is still pretty controlled even if it does sort of resemble Chalmun’s Cantina in Starwars on busy nights.

Most nights there are dozens of guys in the bar. They outnumber the women on staff but not by much. There are usually close to twenty women in the bar. At any given time some will be sitting with customers. Most others will be walking around trying to find customers or hanging out with other girls in the back left corner of the floor near the restrooms.

The dancers

From time to time a woman or two will get up on stage and do a dance that starts clothed and ends fully nude. As you might imagine in Colombia the dancing involves a lot of ass shaking. Some of the dancers would be considered big in Asia but they are right up the alley of a lot of local guys who like women with junk in the trunk.

There are smaller women on staff too. In fact there is quite a mix. That seems to be common in Colombia which has a really varied population in terms of looks. Most of the women at Conejita’s are in their early twenties. Few are older than that. One or two may even be nineteen on any given night.

Sexual services and summary

Customers do not tip the women at Conejita’s while they are dancing. Instead the women make their way around the room after they dance. They come up to each table and ask customers to give them some kind of tip. Some guys tip and others don’t. There don’t see to be any hard feelings anyway. Perhaps that is to be expected since the average tip is only 1000 Pesos ($0.34 USD) anyway.

The main source of income for the women working at Conejita’s is keeping customers company. It is not an American strip club by any means. Customers will buy drinks for women who sit with them and when they feel like it take the women to rooms upstairs or less commonly off premises to get more intimate. There are no set prices for sexual services at Conejita’s but the going rate for 45 minutes with full service is around 80,000 Pesos ($27.25 USD).

Conejita’s is a popular place that gets going a little earlier than most of the other adult nightlife spots in town. That may be in part because of its location since some people wouldn’t want to hang around that area late at night. Two stars.

Address:Calle 53 #51-41, Medellin, Colombia (Map)
Phone:+57 031-1728-9724
Hours:1:30 PM - 12:00 AM
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