Review: Annie’s Massage in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)


Now in it’s fifth decade of operation, Annie’s Massage near Nana Plaza in Bangkok is somewhat of an institution. The place has been around as long as any Asian sexual service provider that I know of, though it has been through a few changes. The current ownership took over a while back and the shop has been offering the same standard of service for several years.

I don’t need to go too much into the history of Annie’s in this review. For our purposes, the only thing that matters is what is available in the here and now. At Annie’s, you know what you’re going to get before you even get there, and that’s a guaranteed good time.

Annie’s Massage

Annie’s is easy enough to find and easily accessible from Nana Station on the BTS line. The parlor is just down Sukhumvit Soi 4 past the infamous Nana Plaza entertainment complex. The big red Annie’s sign stares you in the face just before you read Soi 2. It’s hard to miss, even in the mayhem of the area.

Annie’s used to be a more inexpensive place to get off, but today it’s more of a traditional Thai soapy massage venue. What that means for the uninitiated is that staff members provide bathing services and sex.

There are all manner of soapies in Thailand. Some are palatial and resemble miniature casinos, complete with places to eat and sleep. Others are run down and dingy. Annie’s is neither a mansion or a complete hole in the wall, though the rooms have seen better days. It’s set apart from the rest of the pack by the high level of sexual service its employees are known to provide. And perhaps its specialization on working with foreigners.

Why people love Annie’s

Annie’s also has a few other positives going for it. The mamasan is very customer service oriented and easy to deal with. They don’t increase the price for foreign guys either. That can’t be said of every other soapy massage parlor.

What about price? Annie’s falls somewhere in the middle of the Bangkok range. Two hours of fun with any of the women on staff costs 2500 Baht ($81 USD).

That’s another positive feature. There is one price across the board. Many soapies have multi-tiered pricing with various levels for girls in the “fishbowl” and entirely different prices for “sideliners” and “models”. Sometimes that’s okay, but other times it’s more hassle than I want to deal with when I’m at a place looking to get serviced.

The price for service from two women is 5000 Baht. Three women is 7500 Baht. And so on. Tips aren’t required but some guys do give them for exceptional service. Standard sessions include a wash, oral and full service. Some other activities might be available at times, and perhaps for an extra fee.

An added bonus is that the women on staff at Annie’s are all given regular health checkups. This doesn’t happen at every facility. While it’s no guarantee of anything, it is a real plus.

The women at Annie’s

Annie’s allows for call ahead booking. But most guys just show up and see who is available at the time. Looking over the service providers in the flesh gives you a much better idea than pictures on the internet. Besides, there are always girls who don’t have pictures on the website.

I’ve seen claims online that Annie’s has close to one hundred employees. I don’t know if that’s true. It seems to me the number is probably half that, but I can’t for sure. I know that I’ve never seen a line up of anywhere near 100 girls at Annie’s at one time. But of course girls do get customers and days off. In any event, I have never walked out of Annie’s over a lack of talent.

After you chose a lady you are lead to a private room. As I noted earlier, these are far from the greatest. I never let that bother me too much though. I remember why I am there, and it’s not for a nice room.

Every provider has a bag of tricks for cleaning and such. The routine can change a bit depending on the girl and the way things go too. Usually there will be some oral service thrown in during the bath. Tongue kissing is available with many girls and a few are even up for anal. Sessions go by time and not pops. So a guy can pop once, twice or more in the time they are allotted. No one is thrown out for finishing.


The level of service at Annie’s Massage is very high. There’s a reason Annie’s has been around so long, and in my opinion it mostly comes down to performance. All of the women working at this place know their way around a man’s body.

As an okay facility with a pretty good staff that offers amazing service, I give Annie’s Massage a rating of three-and-a-half stars.

If Annie’s was anywhere else in the world I’d probably give it at least four stars. Alas, it’s not. Annie’s is located within running distance of more massage parlors, go go bars, blowjob bars and streetwalkers than you can shake your dick at. I had to take that into consideration, as well as weighing the place up against nearby competition, when writing this review.

Note: After many years of operation, the famous Annie’s Massage has closed. Reportedly a hike in the rent is what did the place in. Ladies from Annie’s are said to have relocated to Chrome Bar, a nuru massage parlor on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand.
Phone:+66 02-251-5680
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