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Chrome Bar is basically an updated version of Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage. I published a review of Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage when this website first went online way back in 2012. Since then the site has grown immensely and gone through a number of changes.

As reported previously on this site Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage has also gone through a change. Not long ago the parlor and the Dr BJ’s Salon it shared a name with were suddenly shut down in what seemed like an overnight operation. Not long after both places reopened under different names. Promotional emails sent out to many people said the places were “same but different” using a common local parlance. Dr BJ’s became Wood Bar and the nuru massage place became Chrome Bar.

Chrome Bar in Bangkok

If Chrome Bar looks a lot like the original Dr BJ’s Nuru that’s probably because it is. I have no way to know who owns the place now. Rumor has it that there were some changes. I’m not sure if there were or how much it would matter to the average customer. People who visit the shop don’t do so because a particular person or group of people owns the place. Customers may be interested in other kinds of transformations however.

chrome bar in bangkok

Most of the changes that have taken place between the old and new shops seem as if they were superficial. For example the website is a lot more conservative now than it used to be even though the URL has stayed the same. Prices and services are no longer listed on the website though they appear to be the same as they were under the old name. The place is still in the same location though the signs on the outside have been changed. The interior looks the same for the most part too though there may have been some slight modifications in decoration. The black night club type dresses the women used to wear are gone. Now the women working the place wear very colorful form fitting dresses in colors like bright yellow or orange.

Women at Chrome Bar

The staff seems to be a little smaller than the staff at the old shop was. Less than a dozen women are seem milling about outside most nights. Some familiar faces are still there. The women appear to be mainly in their twenties. Some are possibly a little older. The women are for the most part experienced and somewhat skilled.

chrome nuru bangkok ladies

As with the old shop they are not always the most cheerful or most welcoming of people in the industry. I don’t know why that is. One could speculate on the nature of the work but there are definitely people in the adult industry who are cheerful all the time. While certain people would like to condemn the entire industry as a bad thing many others see it as a sometimes fun and preferable way to make a living for people who may otherwise be doing hard labor for a pittance if they could find any work at all.

Sessions and summary

In any event nuru massage is still the main service offered at this location. A nuru massage lasting one hour costs 2000 Baht ($56 USD). Longer sessions are available at higher rates. These prices are basically in line with the norms of the local industry. Some places are slightly cheaper or more expensive but for the most part a full service session at this sort of massage parlor in Bangkok costs around 2000 Baht.

There are several rooms upstairs at Chrome. They are large enough for the task at hand. On one side there is a dry part of the room with a flat screen television and a bed. On the other side there is a smaller wash area with a tile floor and shower. Customers are washed and given a nuru massage in the wet area then taken to the dry area for the rest of their session. Tips are not expected but they are probably welcomed by all of the women on staff.

In conclusion Chrome Bar is for the most part exactly like Dr. BJ’s Nuru Massage was. Only the website has changed. There may be slightly fewer women working too. One-and-a-half stars.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 02-651-2563
Hours:11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
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