Review: The Den in Pattaya, Thailand


The Den in Pattaya is a somewhat unique place. As a sort of men’s lounge staffed with women it falls somewhere between a regular old pub and a gentlemen’s club. Of course the famous gentlemen’s clubs of Pattaya have locking doors and more besides. The opaque doors at The Den Pattaya close. But they don’t conceal any adult activities.

This Pattaya bar is based on the previously reviewed Den in Bangkok. That place was quite unique in the city. The original location on Sukhumvit Soi 12 was quickly followed up by another in Patpong. That was the clear stand out as it was staffed by a number of university students and other part timers were quite attractive and in some cases very skilled in English.

Alas both Bangkok locations of The Den closed a while ago. Then this version of The Den opened in Pattaya. Superficially it looks like a similar lounge. But it isn’t quite up to the high standards set earlier in the country’s capital.

Location and decor

The Den is located on Soi Chaiyapoon near the intersection with Third Road. Although the street is loaded with massage parlors like Nui’s and even the Lolita’s blowjob bar it is rather quiet. That said “Soi Pothole” does come alive with the right combination of time, alcohol and people. The first time I ever visited The Den I witnessed a heavily tattooed Englishman vocally threatening the life of a ladyboy across the street who called out to him.

The Den Pattaya

Both the exterior and interior of The Den in Pattaya look like the original setups in Bangkok. Everything is done up with red touches. The trademark Lion’s Head is there too. So is the shark tank though for whatever reason it doesn’t seem as impressive in Pattaya.

Overall that is the impression. It all looks like The Den but it doesn’t necessarily feel as it did up in Bangkok. Some of the materials are a little more worn. Things aren’t as organized. And the general feeling in the place just doesn’t match up to the old space.

Ladies on staff

One reason for that might be the limited number of ladies on staff at The Den Pattaya. Even on evening visits there never seems to be more than a half-dozen women working at The Den. For such a large lounge this seems a little out of character.

And while The Den in Patpong staffed a number of part times who were very attractive the lineup at the Pattaya location seems decidedly more average. That is not to deride the fine ladies who work at The Den Pattaya. I am simply making a point.

The women who do work at The Den in Pattaya range in looks and age. One or two women in their early twenties are joined by a few others who are closer to thirty if not older. None of the gals are totally unattractive. At the same time there are probably not any women on staff who would be considered stunning beauties by most men.

The women are friendly enough. They like to have a good time and play pool. And they warm up easily. But they can appear shy to new customers who enter the lounge for the first time. Drinks are of course the name of the game. So guys who supply lady drinks quickly become popular.


It is possible for a guy to meet a lady at The Den Pattaya and take her out of the bar. But the place is not setup with that as the prime goal like a go go bar. Instead it is a lounge meant to be a place where guys can go to relax with some ladies. That it is. But it is not up the level set by the original Den locations in Bangkok.

The Den is certainly not a bad place. Someone who had not been to the original lounges of the same time might even think the place is stellar. Yet there is so much other competition for the Baht in Pattaya. And in view of that The Den doesn’t really stand out. It is different than the beer bars and gentlemen’s clubs to some degree. But it doesn’t really offer anything to pull customers out of those places and into The Den. One-and-a-half stars.

Address:Soi Chaiyapoon. Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:2:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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