Review: Masajes Aifee in Medellin, Colombia


Masajes Aifee is one of the many casas in Colombia where women sell sex to customers at rates that most people around the would probably consider low. Although Aifee is not marked in any way it is rather well known both among guys who visit the central Medellin casas and locals in general.

Aifee is situated at Calle 57 #43-27. The street number is displayed above the entrance clearly. The entrance itself is just a door. The door is surrounded by a red frame. There is a small tienda immediately next door.

Masajes Aifee

Located just a single block from the previously reviewed New Life the Aifee shop operates on a similar model though at a much smaller scale. When customer ring the door they enter and pass through a tiled open room that looks like it could double as an old clergy house.

Once there in the small lobby customers sit in a chair while a male manager calls for the available ladies on staff to do a lineup. Next the ladies walk out one by one and introduce themselves. Then they return into the back room.

There are never many women on staff at Aifee. Sometimes there are as few as one woman available. At most there may be eight or nine. The women vary in looks as is to be expected in Colombia but for the most part they are in their twenties and of average attractiveness. The gals do wear smiles and look rather pleasant. They also tend to wear revealing short shorts and belly shirts or similar outfits.

Service and prices

If customers like any of the women on staff they give the name of the gal they desire to the male manager. Then they pay for their sessions as the gal is called up for service. The prices at Aifee are 37,000 Pesos ($13 USD) for 30 minutes, 49,000 Pesos ($18 USD) for 50 minutes and 62,000 Pesos ($22 USD) for 65 minutes. There are other longer sessions available for more money. Sessions with two or more women also cost more as would be expected though there is a sort of promotional price of 67,000 Pesos ($25 USD) offered for a 30 minute session with two ladies.

Sessions take place in relatively clean private rooms. The rooms are simply and meant only for the task at hand. Service tends to be mechanical. Oral is done with a cover as is full service. Some women will work without a cover for a tip. All the women who work at Aifee and places like it are strict about time. Some may call them clock watchers. It would be an accurate label. Two stars.

Address:Calle 57 (Argentina) #43-27, Medellin, Colombia (Map)
Phone:+57 311-761-9850
Hours:10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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