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The sex industry in Colombia is large and it has a correspondingly large if mainly local customer base. Prostitution is legal in the country and numerous businesses take advantage of that fact. New Life is one of several casas in Medellin that operates in a way that most people would probably identify as a brothel.

Casas in Medellin don’t go out of their way to advertise or even put signs up announcing their location. Still they are regularly visited by men of all walks of life looking for quick release. These casas usually have a manager who organizes things and a staff of several women who service the clients. New Life is no exception.

New Life in Medellin

New Life has a nondescript entrance that looks like any other door in the area. It is located in an older but fairly well kept building. Only the street number is displayed above the door. There is no other indication of the shop’s existence. Customers ring a small bell next to the door to get buzzed inside.

Once inside customers walk down a hallway to a metal gate where they wait for another buzz. After that they head through the gate and another gate then up a flight of stairs into the main lobby. There is a small lounge like room off to the left before the stairs but is not for customer use.

Calle 56 in Medellin

The lobby at New Life looks like the interior of an old diner or perhaps a barber shop. An older man manages the place. He greets customers and guides them to one of several booths while Colombian music plays at low levels in the background.

The waiting booths have high wooden walls and look like they could fit in any Japanese izakaya. Each booth contains padded benches for customers to sit on that look like refurbished church pews. There is a menu inside each booth and some other information displayed on posters on the walls.

Rates and services

The menu at New Life is printed in both English and Spanish. It shows the shop’s working hours and list rules that prohibit drugs and weapons. It also displays a list of session lengths and prices. The list of prices starts with a 15 minute session for 40,000 Pesos ($14 USD) and ends with a 3 hour and 15 minute session for 210,000 Pesos ($72 USD). Longer sessions are also possible and women can even leave the place with customers if they choose.

new life medellin colombia prices

When customers sit down in one of the booths they are offered a drink. After that the manager arranges a line up. During the line ups each of the women on staff walks into the booth, introduces herself and then walks back out. Some of the women will shake hands or kiss customers on the cheeks.

The Ladies at New Life

There can be anywhere from ten to thirty women on staff at New Life at any given time. The line ups happen pretty quickly and it can be difficult for customers to remember the names of the women they like. Some of the women wear very sexy and revealing garb while others wear regular street clothes.

Most of the women who work at New Life are in their twenties. They are for the most part fit and relatively attractive. One or two women in every line up seems to be rather large. Some of the women are tall but most are of average height for Colombia. The full range of Colombian diversity is represented in the staff. Some women have very light skin and look they could be from Spain. Others have dark brown skin and could easily pass for a Haitian. All of the women speak Spanish. A few can speak some basic phrases in English.

After customers see the entire line up they can either select a woman for a session or say thank you and leave. New Life recently started charging customers who have a look and leave 2,000 Pesos (less than $1 USD) though regulars aren’t required to pay this fee.

If customers do select a woman they are told to wait while she is notified. Soon after, the select woman returns and guides them down an elaborate maze-like set of hall ways to one of many bedrooms.

The rooms

The bedrooms are rather big and well lit with in suite showers. They also have large beds. Although the linens are clearly not cleaned between customers the rooms appear to be at least somewhat clean. At the very least they are as good as the rooms in most Bangkok oily massage parlors if not better. The women who work at New Life do spray the beds down with some kind of disinfectant when they start their sessions.

Inside the bedrooms the women quickly start to strip and ask customers how long they would like to stay. They all seem to be fine with whatever sessions their customers select. There is no upselling at New Life.

Sessions and summary

Customers who select 15 minute sessions get a quick down and dirty romp. Those who opt for longer sessions are more likely to get an intimate experience. Obviously everything depends on the customers the ladies they chose and the situation.

Most sessions include oral and full sex. As is the norm in Colombia, condoms are used for all sexual acts in most cases though regulars or other customers who negotiate can sometimes find women to perform at least some services without a rubber.

Customers pay for their sessions at the conclusion of business. They pay directly to their service provider who then guides them back through the maze of halls and to the hallway that leads to the exit.

New Life is an established casa in Medellin that has been servicing customers for years. It has a large staff and very economical rates that keep bring customers from Colombia and indeed around the world back to its unmarked door. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Calle 56 43-39, Medellin, Colombia (Map)
Hours:10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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