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Review: Adult Friend Finder

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Adult Friend Finder has to be one of the oldest websites on the internet. I remember visiting the site well before the turn of the century. This was at a time when most people still had dial up internet service. If they had internet service at all! It only seems fitting to write about AFF here as this site enters its eleventh year.

If you have perused the worldwide web at all over the last twenty years or so there is a good chance you have come across at least some of the many ads placed for Adult Friend Finder. I don’t see them so much any more. But for a while there you couldn’t look up your favorite porn star without seeing a banner telling you to get laid with local chicks. But even if most of us have at least heard of AFF that doesn’t mean everyone on earth is familiar with the site.

So for those who don’t know Adult Friend Finder is a sort of dating site set up for adults. It orbits around the idea of consenting grown ups meeting up for sex. It allows for a lot of variation too. Couples can make accounts. So can transgender users, gay users, swingers, kinksters and others. Rather than have an individual dating ghetto for each and every group of human beings Adult Friend Finder allows all horny people to mingle.

Male to female ratio at AFF

Of course most of the most horny people are men. At least outwardly and openly. In truth women get just as horny as men. They are just not as socially conditioned or some might argue unhinged as your average guy with a stiff prick and ball sack full of semen.

So there are definitely more male users than any other group on the site. That is to be expected however. And I am willing to bet that the same thing would be true of dating apps like Tinder and even mainstream sites like OKCupid. The only exception to this rule might come with a site like Thai Friendly that is actually filled with women looking for men. But that’s an outlier based on specific circumstances not found in most of the world.

review of adult friend finder

It doesn’t really matter that men outnumber women on AFF however. If I use the site as a man looking for women I don’t need to look at or even acknowledge the male profiles at all. So why would it bother me? Perhaps it could represent a lot of competition. But I’m not too concerned about that. I have always been able to strike up something with at least some women in any English-speaking major city where I have tried AFF.

And if I was a straight woman, man looking for men, or transgender looking for men, I would be glad to have access to so many male profiles. How can increased choice and selection be a bad thing? Buffets are popular for a reason.

This doesn’t mean that Adult Friend Finder is perfect! It is not by any means. But it’s not an useless sausage party or a scam site either.

Is Adult Friend Finder a scam site?

With so many years online you would think that this is a successful website with a great reputation. But while any site with a track record of more than twenty years can be called successful the truth is that AFF doesn’t have the greatest reputation. That is because of some of the things that went on after the site grew in notoriety.

At some point the site was flooded with bot accounts. This was a major detriment and I understand why people would get upset about it. But a lot of it was comically obvious. Unless of course you think that there really are 391 sexy nineteen year old blond babes just dying to have sex with you in Wolf Bayou, Arkansas.

Still this was enough to get people talking. And it apparently got some people to consider the site as a plain and simple setup. This fact is reflected in the many reviews of the site you can find online. Pretty much everyone asks the same question in one way or another: Is it a scam?

Fake accounts at Adult Friend Finder

Obviously I do not appreciate fake accounts on any dating site. But I don’t know that I would have called AFF a scam site even at the worst of times. The premise is that you join the site so you can meet other adults. There have always been real live adults on the site. Even if you did have to dig around some other accounts to find them. There was no point in history where people were unable to meet other horny buggers at AFF. And now it’s probably easier than at any time since 1999.

fake profile

Thankfully these days the number of fake accounts are actually dwindling away. But they definitely still exist. I ran a test on a midsized American city with a population of around 300,000. I found over 640,000 profiles. Sure some of those profiles could be duplicates or dead profiles. Still this number is simply absurd. Unless of course every citizen has 2 profiles. Or if the people from the surrounding metro area are using the actual city as their location.

No matter how you look at it there are still some bogus babes at AFF. So who is behind the fake accounts? I guess most of them are set up by the same kind of people who come here and leave comments about dick lengthening pills and horny moms looking for sex. The only difference is that those fools get caught up in my spam filter. Any fools that get through to AFF have to be manually avoided, which to be fair is easy enough.

Is Adult Friend Finder worth it?

I have had an account at Adult Friend Finder for more than twenty years. How is that for longevity? I have been at the site so long that my earliest stuff there almost makes me look like a nice young man! Even now as my ungraceful aging picks up warp speed I continue to be a member. And not without success!

Though to be honest and fair I have not used AFF constantly throughout the entire 21st century. After letting it lapse for several years I am only now starting to dig back into the potential opportunities membership at the site provides.

You can sign up for Adult Friend Finder free of charge. Of course you can’t do a whole lot with the free account other than have a brief look around. If you want to really use the site you need what they call a “Gold Account”. The price of the Gold Account varies depending on how you pay. But it basically costs between $19.95 and $39.95 USD a month. Is that worth it? You be the judge.

The main user base may have changed a little over the years. But the basics are still the same. You can find all kinds of people on Adult Friend Finder. Assuming of course that you are using the site within the realm of a major city. You can’t expect it to work well in any one horse town on the edge of civilization. It is especially effective in English-speaking cities though it is also possible to have some success with AFF in cities like Tokyo and Seoul too!

Sure I’ve seen some bogus profiles on AFF. And dead profiles made by people who signed up once and forgot to come back. But there are all sorts of others too. They range from couples looking for a third, cuckolds looking for a bull, swingers looking for other couples, cam girls looking for customers, women looking for money, money looking for women, married women looking to cheat, cheaters looking to marry, married men in dresses, single men in leather bondage, lonely people looking to chat, BBWs, BBCs, BDSMers, transgenders, and yes even some actual in-the-flesh single women looking for a casual fling! That’s more than you are going to find anywhere else.

So from my point of view joining Adult Friend Finder is absolutely worth it these days. You have the possibility of conversing with all walks of life or even meeting with a horny woman, man, couple, or whatever combination thereof that floats your boat as it were. And the entertainment value of browsing the site alone is incredible. It beats any streaming service out there.

In summary

Adult Friend Finder has millions of users all over the world. Lots of people come to the site from all sorts of different avenues. Some stumble upon it. Some read reviews like this. Some are recommended by swinging partners or others in their communities. And I guess a few even click on banners promising women in their area.

The point is that a lot of people use AFF. So even if you take out all the people you find to be undesirable or fake you are still left with quite a pool. Whether you are looking to meet someone from crosstown for cross dressing or simply talk to another lonely widower across the world there is a chance you will find it at AFF.

Notice that I wrote “a chance”. Nothing is sure. Especially when we are talking about things like dating, the internet, and internet dating. After all if getting laid were as easy as shooting fish in a barrel who spend any time reading something like this 1500 word essay to begin with?

In some places guys might try for years to even sneak a kiss from the object of their love. In other places guys can rock right up to a BJ bar and get a suck job on demand for twenty five bucks. It’s a wide world. We are all different in our own way. And all of this can come together on a website like Adult Friend Finder. Take it or leave it. The choice is yours.

I don’t think Adult Friend Finder is the best website in the world by any means. But it is hardly the worst. It is absolutely possible to meet people interested in sex at Adult Friend Finder. But it does take a bit of effort and common sense. Since those two things are often lacking today I can see why some would dislike AFF. I am not one of those people however. I think the key with Adult Friend Finder is not to take things too seriously. And that may even be the key to life overall. Three stars.

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