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Review: Thai Friendly

Thai Friendly is the preeminent dating site in Thailand. Anyone who has been to Thailand or even thought about dating Thai women has probably heard of it. But hearing of a site and using it are two different things.

I have plenty of experience with Thailand and Thai ladies going back many years. I also have a bit of knowledge when it comes to dating and the internet. So it only makes sense that I would publish a full review of Thai Friendly from my perspective.

I have been using Thai Friendly for several years. By the time Rockit Reports went online way back in 2012 Thai Friendly was already established and popular. Even a decade ago you could meet thousands of women in a matter of seconds. These days the numbers of available women is much higher.

Thailand has a population of nearly 70 million. Millions from around the world also visit the country each year. There are over two million users on Thai Friendly. So the site covers a considerable portion of the country and its people.

Positives about Thai Friendly

Thai Friendly is extremely easy to use. You create an account and you’re instantly able to browse all the profiles on the site.You can search for women, men or ladyboys. You can sort through the profiles by age, location (around the world or within Thailand), education level and even the number of offspring! The results come up instantly. And when you see a profile you like you just type a message into the message box then hit send.

There are so many women on Thai Friendly that a man could never run out of fresh new faces. One large internet forum even keeps a master index of Thai Friendly profiles. Members compare notes on various women they have met from the site there. Even then some have a tough time keeping up.

thai ladies at Thai Friendly

I personally use the site more casually. Whenever I am visiting Thailand or when I simply want to talk with a nice Thai gal I log in and start browsing profiles. I think the site is best for those who want to meet “in real life.” But I am sure many have a fine time making friends over the internet too. For a guy stuck in a place like Siberia this may serve as a great source of enjoyment!

Thailand has changed over the years. So has Thai Friendly. Back in 2010 it was still common to see profiles lacking pictures. Back then digital cameras weren’t as common in Thailand. Nowadays every profile has a picture. Most have several. And nearly every Thai lady has a phone capable of taking digital images.

Thai Friendly negatives

I have been using Thai Friendly for many years. I can honestly say that I have no complaints about the site. Nor can I find any real fault with it. I can’t even really think of any features I would add if I were able.

Any downsides to the site are mostly limited to those with free accounts. In one way this is understandable. The people behind Thai Friendly doubtlessly incur all sorts of expenses. And I am sure they aim to make a profit rather than take a loss. So no one really complained when free members were limited to sending one message every ten minutes. But then certain popular profiles were limited so that only people with premium accounts could contact them.

Thai Friendly upgrade

As a long time premium member of Thai Friendly these restrictions had no real effect on me. But I can see where free users might be frustrated. On the other hand the site is so good and membership is so affordable that it really makes no sense for anyone serious about meeting women in Thailand not to have a premium account.

Not to mention that guys are still able to join totally free and contact literally thousands of women all across Thailand. It’s hard to complain about that!

Thai Friendly by town

Thailand is a fairly large country with a lot of people and some real diversity. It only follows that Thai Friendly would work somewhat differently depending on where you are looking.

For example the Pattaya profiles are dominated by freelancers. But that makes sense since Pattaya is filled with women looking to make money. You wouldn’t expect to run into an unblemished traditional gal looking for marriage in the place known by many as Sin City!

On the other hand you will find a majority of the ladies in a more far flung rural area like Mae Hong Son are looking for love. Or at least a relationship.

Sexy Thai Friendly lady in Thong

Bangkok is more of a mixed bag. As the capital city and largest urban center in the country you ought to expect this too. There is a real mix of people in Bangkok. Many move to Bangkok looking to improve on their fortunes. But others are there because of a job, work or simply by chance.

You can search through all 77 provinces of Thailand on Thai Friendly. Or you can simply search through Thailand as a whole if you’re the more flexible or adventurous type. You can also search for Thai women in several other countries like the United States, New Zealand, Qatar and Cambodia. Though admittedly you’ll find mostly Cambodian women if you search in Cambodia. Not a bad thing at all!

It helps to select “ignore their age range” when browsing om all parts of Thailand though. And this does not only apply to those of us who are advanced in age either. For whatever reason most of the ladies on Thai Friendly don’t seem to set their preferred age range correctly. So if you select “respect their age range” you will see far fewer results when browsing.

Is a premium account worth it?

As stated above joining Thai Friendly is totally free of charge. You can basically do everything except contact some of the most popular members with a free account. So you might be wondering if a premium account at Thai Friendly is worth it.

First let’s talk about price. A premium account at Thai Friendly costs less than $10 USD a month. That is if you pay for an entire year at once. This is what I do. I have been doing it for over a decade and I have no regrets. Of course you can also pay monthly. Or in 3 or 6 month increments. The price is slightly higher that way. But it is still quite affordable. Thai Friendly also has a great refund policy. So if you decide you want your money back within 14 days they will give it to you. There’s really no risk.

But what do you get with your premium membership? The benefits are many!

  • The ability to contact popular members
  • Unlimited messaging, as often as you want
  • Placement of your profile above free profiles when ladies browse
  • Placement of your messages above messages from free members
  • The ability to see who has visited your profile
  • The ability to know if your messages are being read
  • The ability to narrow down searches by height and weight
  • The ability to hide your age
  • The ability to change your username
  • The ability to hide your profile from those you haven’t messaged

So you can see what you get and how much it costs. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not a premium account is worth the price. In my opinion the benefits are definitely worth ten bucks a month. After all the taxi ride from Suvarnabhumi Airport to lower Sukhumvit costs more than that!

In summary

Thai Friendly is the biggest and best dating site in Thailand. It is a country specific site that lets you sift through all the profiles in a number of different manners. If you’re interested in childless 160cm tall women from Bamnet Narong you can find them on Thai Friendly. How else are you going to do that? Especially from the comfort of your own home!

You can join the site totally free of charge and chat with hundreds of thousands of women. Many of the women are looking for love. A lot of successful couples even started on the site! Of course some are looking for something else. Especially in places like Pattaya and Phuket. So there is a good variety.

If you are willing to spend ten dollars a month you can access to all the site has to offer. You also get premium placement and enhanced searching criteria. You can even hide your age and your profile. Since I have a premium membership that means you won’t see me on Thai Friendly even though I have been a member for more than ten years!

In summary I think Thai Friendly is a fantastic site. I spend a significant amount of time there and I wouldn’t dream of canceling my account. This site is as good as it gets when it comes to meeting Thai women. I am sure it is good for meeting Thai guys and ladyboys too. It might not be absolutely perfect but I haven’t found anything better despite all my searching. I would take Thai Friendly over Tinder any day. I give Thai Friendly four-and-a-half stars.

12 thoughts on “Review: Thai Friendly”

  1. Big fan of TF here. It’s been useful for casual hookups and also for meeting real women (and ladyboys) just looking for a real relationship. Almost to a gal they are DTF once you navigate the niceties, or in the case of the 24 yo spinner I met in Phuket two years ago, willing and able to cover me with every inch of her 90 pound body. She and I connected so well that to this day, two years later, she pings me on IG “When you come back to Phuket?” And her bikini clad body still looks as good as it did then, in person.

    TF is very friendly and the subscription well worth it. Great review as always Rockit!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jack. It is indeed a great site and the subscription is definitely worth the price. I have been meaning to get down to Phuket for years. But I end up in other parts of the country. Cheers.

  2. Could you share the forum of thaifriendly that you mentioned in the post?

    Or if you can’t share a link, how can I find it on Google?

    1. It’s a private members only forum. So I don’t think it will show up on Google. And a link wouldn’t probably be worth much without a membership. Cheers.

  3. TF remains my online Yellow Pages for Thais. I’ve even struck gold with overseas Thais, and a future visit to a conservative oil rich country has been sufficiently researched such that I have five independent Thais waiting for me to arrive.

    I maintain my Premium because for the extra coin I get privileged acces, as you pointed out Rockit. It’s nice to see the renewable resource that is fresh faced and curvaceous Thai ladies in both amateur and professional categories.

    1. I used the site recently and it is as good as it ever had been. I feared the rise of things like Tinder might change things. But they haven’t so far.

  4. There ar e plenty of honey traps, usually Pinay, who offer sex cam or videos then run off with your PayPal transfer.

    Or so I’ve been told LOL.

    It’s a great site for an endless supply of interested Thai women. Caveat emptor remains your friend.

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