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J-Style Escorts in Tokyo, Japan

J-Style Escorts is a full-fledged delivery health shop in Tokyo that is very welcoming of foreigners. The 24-hour outcall agency staffs a team of attractive Japanese women who are willing and able to work with guys from all over the earth.

There are countless escort agencies and other adult oriented venues in Tokyo. But only a select few accept non-Japanese clients. Even fewer shops go out of their way to welcome foreigners. So when a new place comes along it is something to note.

J-Style Japanese escorts

J-Style Escorts actively encourages people from other countries to contact them. As their website proudly exclaims: “We opened our store with the hope that customers from all over the world can enjoy a Japanese adult entertainment store”. If this isn’t an open invitation then nothing is.

The J-Style Escorts shop just launched in April 2024. They are building as they go along. The agency has started strong out of the gate with a group of good looking and enthusiastic ladies and a back office staff that goes out of their way to make things more comfortable for customers who do no speak Japanese.

How it works

J-Style is an outcall or delivery agency. Customers book a session by choosing a date, time, lady and location. The location can be anywhere in Tokyo. Hotels, apartments and short time love hotels are all okay. The shop can even recommend places. Next the lady is delivered to the agreed spot by a driver. From there things progress into showering and a sensual experience that involves sexual activities.

Customers can expect kissing, licking, rimming, sumata, and mutual oral sex in each session. Though some women may have specific services they do not offer this is typically how it goes. Appointments usually conclude with a bareback blowjob that goes all the way to a cum in mouth completion. In keeping with Japanese law there is no vaginal intercourse on the menu.

hot j-style babes

Extra services are offered by some women for additional payment. Those include things like a facial, golden shower, semen swallowing and even a full on anal fuck. To give an idea on what these extras cost a pre-shower “instant blowjob” runs 4000 Yen ($25 USD) while anal sex costs 25000 ($161 USD). And yes escorts can indeed offer anal sex under Japanese regulations. Just no vaginal penetration with a penis!

The women working at J-Style Escorts in Tokyo are all fit and attractive. They range in age from 21 to 25 years of age. In my view the amazing Momo leads the team. This incredibly attractive Japanese women is great from head to toe. It’s no exaggeration to say that many men would find her looks and body to be absolutely ideal!

Booking and pricing

Booking a session through J-Style is quite easy. The agency has a live chat options right on their website. They also have a phone number that answers around the clock. Though for those who do not speak Japanese the chat option makes everything much easier for all involved.

As is typical with many Japanese escort agencies the women on staff are grouped into different classes. Or in this case “courses”. The price a customer pays depends on the course of the woman he chooses. Silver class is the least expensive. Then gold. Diamond is the most expensive. The course is clearly indicated up front.

To put things into perspective a 60-minute session with a lady from the silver course costs 45,000 Yen ($290 USD). An hour with a gold course gal runs 55,000 Yen ($355 USD). The least expensive option is one hour with a silver course escort. The most expensive is a two hour session with a Diamond level lady that costs 105,000 Yen ($678 USD).

J-Style escorts caters to foreign gentlemen in Tokyo who want to experience an erotic time with a lovely Japanese lady. They make things as easy as possible throughout the entire experience. Thus the shop offers a welcome respite from the rigors of trying to suss out which of the many erotic shops in Tokyo are “foreigner friendly” and which are not.

J-Style Escorts. Tokyo, Japan. Open 24 hours. Website:

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