Review: Bar Fenix in Managua, Nicaragua


Bar Fenix is a sort of all inclusive bar that doubles as a brothel in Nicaragua, Managua. It’s far from being the nicest place, but since it’s incredibly inexpensive and open twenty four hours a day that shouldn’t matter too much.

It’s not too difficult to find Fenix on your own but since most foreigners who visit probably do so by taxi it shouldn’t matter much anyway. Any cab driver worth his salt should know where Fenix is located.

When you approach the place you may be a bit apprehensive, especially if you come at night. It sort of looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie in the early 1990’s. I’ve visited a few times over a pretty wide period of time and it seems there is always some kind of construction going on, though whatever work is being done neither finishes nor improves anything. No matter. Fenix isn’t the kind of place you visit to admire the architecture.

Inside Bar Fenix

Once you get past the doorman and inside the building you can sit down at the bar or one of the tables scattered around. There is a fairly large television that plays porno flicks but no one other than me ever seems to pay that very much attention. Another group that doesn’t pay a lot of attention are the women who work here.

Fenix is open around the clock. At any given time there will be around a dozen women on staff. These are not the hottest women by any means. Many of them are on the low end of the attractive scale if you ask me. Still considering what kind of a place it is most will probably found the staff at least acceptable. I’ve always managed to find at least one sexy gal during any visit. Sometimes I’ve found more.

club fenix managua ladies

The women on staff are here to ride rods. That’s how they make their money. Still as I alluded to earlier, they never seem very interested in seeking out customers. The first time I went to Fenix I thought they just weren’t interested in their work, but after talking to a few of the women who work there I’ve realized that it’s more a fear of rejection that keeps them from coming up to guys who enter, especially when they’re obviously not Nicaraguan.

The best thing for a customer to do then is to grab a drink (and at Fenix they are pretty inexpensive) and survey the scene. When you see a gal you like you can just head over and talk to her. Customers need not share the same fear of rejection as the women who work here since they will be dealing in the universal social lubricant: money.

Rates and services

Most of the women who work at Fenix do not speak English. They may know a few words but they probably won’t be able to take that very far. A little bit of Spanish goes a long way. Short of that things like makeshift sign language or consulting one of the guys behind the bar who car speak a little English should push things along. There’s not a whole lot that needs to be said anyway, since rates are already fixed.

night club fenix

A regular romp with a gal at Fenix runs 400 Cordobas, which is the equivalent of about sixteen and a half US dollars. That may sound cheap but it is in fact par for the course for this kind of service in a similar setting. I remind you here that a short pump and dump on Blow Row in Angeles City runs right at the same rate, as does a standard pickup from Beach Road in Pattaya. At Fenix the fee is paid up front at the bar before anything happens. The large lady in charge will likely be the one that handles that.

The action takes place on premises, in rather large rooms at the end of a hallway that looks sort of like a back alley. Luckily the rooms aren’t too terrible. They have some mirrors, a bed and a shower. The shower only sprays out cold water which is a major boner kill in my book, but you don’t need to scrub from head to toe. Soaping up the key features will get you where you need to go.


The women here are more warm than wild in my experience, but none who work at Fenix will be wondering what it is they are supposed to do. They are all well versed and practiced. That does tend to show, with most of the workers I’ve seen having some signs of previous child birth. You can luck out and find some hard bodies, but I wouldn’t go in expecting it.

The shift change at Fenix goes down at seven. One set of girls comes on at seven in the morning and the second set comes on at seven in the evening. Guys visiting close to shift change may either want to wait or hurry up and chat up that gal they have their eye on.  Remember always that in Central America times are always a little loose, so things may not happen at seven on the dot.

If you take Bar Fenix for what it is it’s a lot easier to accept it, and in my case to give it a rating. Coming from a developed country I could very easily see how someone would find it well below the level they are prepared to accept. On the other hand considering how many guys travel to the ends of the earth and looking at some of the places they end up it’s also easy to see how some could come to love Fenix, or at least the sixteen buck services.

Fenix doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. It’s no Macau sauna but that’s because no one is saying it is. It’s basically a brothel with a small bar on premises. Taking it at face value and considering its location and competition I think it’s fair to give Fenix two-and-a-half stars. Some may agree with this and some may disagree, but this is my honest judgement.

Address:Pista de La Resistence, Managua, Nicaragua (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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