Review: Hotel Del Rey & Blue Marlin Bar in San Jose, Costa Rica


The Hotel Del Rey in San Jose, Costa Rica, is a complex complete with lodging, gambling and bars. Since I’m not in the habit of reviewing lodging (that’s what Rockit Recommends is about) this report will cover the part of the establishment that will interest the readers of this site; the Blue Marlin Bar.

The Del Rey is easy to spot from some distance away as it’s rather large and obvious. The attached Blue Marlin Bar is a little more obscured but it’s not difficult to find. There are usually doorman posted in front but they don’t tend to stop obvious foreigners for screening.

Inside the Blue Marlin is fairly large. There is a small bar off to the side, another bar up a staircase toward the back, some seating, and some casino games. The place is clearly oriented toward foreigners. Only the women are local, and even many of them come from abroad as I’ll describe below.

Drinks are reasonably priced. Some of the women who serve the drinks will meet customers outside however they ask for prices that no honest observer of the local market could call reasonable or even fair.

The name of the pay for play game at the Del Rey is freelance. The ladies who wander around looking for customers don’t work for the place itself. They are independents who set their own hours and terms. On the one hand this allows them with more flexibility but on the other hand it potentially leaves the client with more liability. When a woman works at a place on a regular basis it’s easy for a disgruntled customers to go back there and talk to management if they have a problem. If a freelancer takes off with a guy’s $1000 camera he’ll have no real recourse other than crying into his beer unless of course he wants to get law enforcement involved.

At any time there will are least a few women around the Blue Marlin Bar but the real action comes on in the evenings and nights. Women from around Latin America ply their trade throughout the place. There are plenty of local Costa Rican women (Ticas) but there are are also lots of Dominican women around and plenty more from Colombia. At times the Tica contingent is in the minority. The full span of Latina looks are represented. There are petite light skinned women with blond hair and thick women with dark brown skin. Fake tits abound especially among the Colombians.

The more aggressive women who are also usually the least attractive commonly approach lone visitors. Many others however will not. Guys who want to inquire about their services will have to make the first move. They aren’t waiting for sweet talking princes though. Just guys with money. The likelihood of rejection for any man at the Blue Marin is incredibly low.

Most women at the Del Rey will start off quoting the relatively high rate of $100 US to new customers. Negotiation is acceptable and even expected, so customers often counter accordingly. Most women will agree to leave with a guy for 50 dollars. Some will require a little more. Sixty dollars is still in the average range. Eighty dollars is approaching the upper limits. One or two may actually wait for someone to give them a full hundred. On the other hand some of the older or less beautiful women will go for much less.

Rooms are available at the Del Rey Hotel itself for around 100 bucks. Many customers rely on them for the convenience. Others head outside to one of the nearby short time hotels which range in price from 10 to 20 dollars. They provide suitable surroundings with a pleather covered bed and a shower room which may or may not have hot water.

Short time rooms and hotel rooms alike are paid for in advance. The woman however are usually paid after their services have been performed. The quality of service depends on the woman and the client. All women will aim to get their customers off. A select few will aim to get themselves off too.

Costa Rica is often mentioned as a key location for single male travel. The main draw seems to be its proximity to the United States. I’m not sure what makes it an attraction otherwise but perhaps others know something that I am unaware of. In any case I don’t recommend or advise against anything. This website is meant for entertainment purposes only.

The Hotel Del Rey and it’s Blue Marlin Bar is a place where guys can pick up working women. It’s easy to find and relatively safe and organized inside. The women aren’t the warmest in the world and the prices are a little high for the region but the place continues to draw customers. Most likely they appreciate the ease of it all. More experienced or adventurous punters may not like it as much.

Address:Av. 1, San Jose, Costa Rica (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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