Diamond Massage Bangkok offers outcall services


The capital city of Thailand is interesting for a few reasons. One is undoubtedly that Bangkok is sinking into the ground by several centimeters year after year. Another reason more relevant to this website is the prevalence of a massive commercial sex industry that as far as I know has not been fully covered by any researcher or publication on earth.

Spanning across the eternity of the large city and with several different facets catering to a wide range of people ranging from poor locals to Asian businessmen with plenty of cash to spend the Bangkok sex industry would be difficult to capture in its entirety. That doesn’t mean that someone shouldn’t try to do it.

Diamond Massage Bangkok

While I do my best to cover the adult entertainment industry in Bangkok I am obviously limited by time and resources. Still I do manage to cover quite a bit of what exists in the city even while writing about other parts of the world as varied as Chile and Burma.

Diamond Massage Bangkok recently emerged in the midst of the large local industry in Bangkok. Although it would appear to have a lot of competition it appears to set itself apart in a few ways.

Diamond Massage is at the moment an outcall operation. The website says there are plans for a shop to open soon but at the moment the place simply sends out women on staff to meet customers in their hotel rooms or apartments. In that it is not entirely different from any of the many home massage outfits or Bangkok escort agencies. It is in the area of prices and services offered that things start to look a little different.

Diamond Massage has a sort of set menu on their website where they offer everything from a standard “massage with hand job” to things like “prostate massage with strap on”. Things like “luxury nuru massage” and a “complete kinky package” are also listed. Those aren’t the kind of services you usually see spelled out on menus for outcall services in the city even if they are seemingly becoming more popular for brick and mortar shops like Exotic Massage Bangkok.

Not only are the services rather unique considering the way they are delivered the prices are also lower than what you would see from some other similar businesses. For example a one hour luxury nuru massage is 2200 Baht. At the time of writing that is just about $67 USD. Meanwhile the “complete kinky package” with full service goes for 3000 Baht ($91 USD).

There are a lot of women on staff at Diamond Massage Bangkok. Some look like they have probably spent some time in the local oily massage circuit before while others appear to have come into the industry more recently. Some of the women don’t seem to be shy at all judging by their revealing pictures. Others don’t want to show their faces most likely because they have day jobs or worry about family and friends finding them online. From what I hear a few may even be enrolled in university during the day and only work at Diamond part time.

Diamond Massage Bangkok purports to be open twenty four hours. That is a convenience that take away shops can offer while more standard facilities are forced to close at certain hours by local requirements and the people who enforce them. With the increase in technology it seems that places like Diamond Massage Bangkok will become more common in the future but only time will tell. At the moment it is indeed different from a lot of the other places in the city.

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