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Review: Exotic Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

While Thailand is home to a notoriously large adult entertainment industry the fact is that most of it follows the same pattern. There are basically a handful of patterns that all Bangkok shops follow. Once in a great while however a shop will break the mold and create a new style of service.

Focus at Exotic Massage Bagkok

Exotic Massage Bangkok is located on a short alleyway just off of Sukhumvit Soi 22. It is the same short alleyway that is home to the previously reviewed Bit Style.

When Exotic Massage first opened it was one of the first shops in the immediate area. Now there are several shops there including some that seem to want to copy the Exotic Massage model. As far as I know Exotic Massage set the stage for the others when it opened what was one of the first kinky massage shops in the city.

All about Exotic Massage

The Exotic Massage shop looks small from the front. It almost disappears in the sea of other massage shops crammed together but a large black sign with red letters sits in the street indicating the entrance. Inside the lobby a young male manager with very good English waits for customers. He carries a menu as big as the one seen in any restaurant that lists a number of services ranging from the regular to the unusual.

Some of the services include a 600 Baht ($17 USD) hand job course and a blowjob course for 800 Baht ($23 USD). Although these prices rival those of the city’s many blowjob bars Exotic Massage still seems to be unknown by many fans of that service. It could be because of the location or perhaps extra pricing for things like a facial finish which according to the menu costs an additional 500 Baht.

Exotic Massage also offers a more traditional massage with happy ending by hand. While this is available at countless “regular” massage shops in Bangkok including many on Soi 22 itself the service is never a sure thing. Some women at those shops offer it sometimes to some people. Even when they do offer the service it a lot of haggling over the price is often involved. At Exotic Massage the cost is 1000 Baht ($30 USD) all in with no talk of tips or other money involved.

For customers with a taste for the more elegant the shop offers hand and mouth services in a VIP room for a bit extra. Nuru massage is listed for 1900 Baht ($55 USD) and other standards like full service massage are also available at Exotic Massage at the usual rates.

Why it stands out

The thing that really makes Exotic Massage stand in and indeed what gives the shop its name is the availability of kinky services. These are listed at the back of the menu and include everything from a face sitting session for 1700 Baht ($50 USD) to orgasm control, golden showers, foot jobs and tantra, and couples tantra massage. BDSM sessions are also apparently available which is rarely seen outside of fetish clubs like Bar Bar.

Prostate massage is another service offered at Exotic Massage with the women who give it well trained in the art. This service seems to be getting more popular over the years. While it is not widespread it has become more common. Exotic Massage was one of the pioneers in this area boldly going where no one had gone before.

Uniquely Exotic Massage also advertises its services to women. There is a yoni massage service available and another involving some erotic implements. Many people seem to be curious if any shops in Bangkok service women. While there is usually one woman in each oily massage shop who will give female customers a session its rather rare for a shop to advertise that as a regular service. It’s quite interesting and with a discreet location I imagine that adventurous ladies are more likely to take the plunge.

The women at Exotic Massage

Although Exotic Massage has a full menu it also allows customers to put together their own packages including any of the listed services plus things like costumes, stockings, high heels and other special requests. Since the manager speaks English well custom requests are understood well and transmitted to the women on staff even when they can’t speak the language to the same degree.

Most of the women working at Exotic Massage can make their way around in English but none appear to be able to speak the language as well as their manager. This is no different than most massage parlors in the city. What is different is that they offer a wider range of services than most and in general seem to really enjoy feeding into the fetishes of foreigners.

There are many women on staff at Exotic Massage all of whom are in their twenties. The twenty year old Focus is a real stand out. Bangkok-bred Ying has what are probably some of the largest synthetic breasts in the city. Despite having gone through childbirth she also has an amazingly shaped backside. Lisa, Alis and Mini are quite pretty too with Mini looking even better in person than she does in her pictures. There are really no unattractive ladies working at the shop at all.

Oil at Exotic Massage

Oil is a 25 year old Thai woman working at Exotic Massage. She is one of the Exotic Massage women I have actually seen in person. The pictures of her on the Exotic Massage website are fairly accurate if a little touched up.

Oil at Exotic Massage Bangkok

Oil has a large bottom and a small top but she somehow still looks very proportioned. She also has a great smile. Oil has a youthful appearance even though she sports a Thai tattoo on her back and does appear to have had some plastic surgery. In any event she certainly doesn’t appear to be her age which makes sense considering her background.

New but experienced

Oil is new to the adult entertainment industry. She only recently decided to enter the field. But Oil does seem determined to learn the ropes. Apparently she sought out the work after hearing about a friend making a good salary doing the same kind of thing.

As odd as it may sound to some outsiders there are educational programs in place that women like Oil follow. Usually it means talking to an experienced service providers and often times even watching her in action. Oil seems to have learned well. She may even have taken her name from someone else in the same line of work since so many massage gals use it but I can’t be sure about that.

Possibly because she is so new to the game Oil can be a little shy and stand offish. She is committed to her work however and appears to be eager to please even though a tough exterior and some level of face get in the way.

Ultimately Oil likes her work. She has taken the time to study the wide variety of options available at Exotic Massage. At this point she is reasonably skilled in most of the services offered. As time goes on she will surely get better. She has already developed ample skills that will mostly likely continue to improve. I find it difficult to imagine that she would leave any but the neediest of customers unsatisfied.

Kinky Massage in Bangkok

Exotic Massage Bangkok proudly boasts that it offers a wide variety of services to customers of all tastes. Along with regular oil and aroma massages the shop’s website lists rates for all sorts of activities ranging from couples massage to massages performed in costume or with feet. Prostate massage and “teasing with denial” also make it to the list.

Some of the services may be unique to Exotic Massage Bangkok. I don’t think I’ve seen any other place in town offer a thirty minute massage with happy ending or “exotic massage with foot worship” before.

Surprisingly the rates for these special and unique services are not much more than any other. For services that a bit more common prices are in tune with the local market or perhaps a bit lower. Massage sessions start at just 600 Baht ($17 USD). All rates are listed up front on the Exotic Massage Bangkok website in fairly clear language.

Many massage shops in Bangkok follow an old model that has one charge for the house and another tip given to the ladies. For those unaware this can seem like some sort of added cost or scheme. Exotic Massage Bangkok aims to avoid this with all inclusive pricing. The prices listed for services are all inclusive. As far as I know customers aren’t required to pay anything more than what is mentioned upfront.


Exotic Massage Bangkok has a nice clean shop. Massages take place in rooms located upstairs. Customers slip on provided footwear and walk wooden stairs to reach them. The rooms are much like those at other massage parlors but a bit more effort than usual has been put into things like decorations.

The walls are also dark to help set the mood. Large modern bathtubs are used along with modern water heaters that can instantly create hot water. This may not sound like much but it beats some massage parlors which basically hose customers off with cold water like buffalo.

Exotic Massage accepts walk in customers like any other massage parlor in the city. It also accepts bookings done through email, over the phone or with the use of the Line app. Unlike some shops Exotic Massage is actually capable of recording and keeping bookings too.

I have no way to know the motivation for offering kinky massages and other special services at Exotic Massage. Perhaps the owner just wanted to stand out. Perhaps the women who work at the shop are into more exploration than some others. Whatever the case they have come together to create a place that can serve a wild range of people with special wants or needs. The model seems to work since other shops have copied it almost completely. Four stars.

Exotic Massage. Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 20385043. Website:

21 thoughts on “Review: Exotic Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Do they really offer full service? I don’t see it on their website. The only thing that looks close to that is “Exotic Massage with F.S.T. (30 minutes, 1300THB)” but that price seems low, and I have no idea what “F.S.T.” means!

    1. Yes they do. It’s listed on the website as a promotion. The listed price is 1700 and it’s described as “full service”. F.S.T. is an abbreviation for face sitting. I can understand your confusion since there’s so much offered. Cheers.

  2. Glad to see your good review of Exotic Massage. I was there last month and had great prostrate service with a friendly, non-clock-watching young woman. The options are wide ranging, as you said, and I look forward to my next visit to explore a few things I’ve never done before.

  3. I checked their website and the pricing structure is a bit complicated. What if I want a nuru massage + full service? I’m assuming anything could be arranged, but asking for confirmation.

  4. Never tried their in-shop massages, but have used them as an outcall service on occassion – which is of course full service, with little attempt at any massaging.

    I’ve yet to come across an erotic massage joint in bkk that couldn’t tailor their packages, as long as the customer didn’t mind paying a bit more for the additions.

  5. do you know if mini still works there? im visiting during the first of july and looking forward to spending some time with her!

  6. I haven’t seen their menu, I just went in and asked for the full service promotion. If anyone know knows the cost of for full service 2 hours please let me know.

    1. I have seen the menu but I don’t know if that service is listed. According to their website a one hour full service massage is 1700 Baht. Cheers.

  7. I’ve read everything I could find on the subject, but a lot of information online is conflicting, unclear or lacking. For example, if I paid for a 2 hour nuru massage from a place like this, on average roughly how many minutes would be spent with a lady sliding on me? Thank you in advance.

  8. Rooms are a little worn now, some of the shower stalls really need replacing or at least a good clean, now mattresses would be a good idea too. Also don’t be fooled by the “promotion” prices, they do not include what is offered at the regular prices, ie the girls don’t remove any clothing. The choice if girls is rather poor until late afternoon/evening and they do not seem very friendly either. On the whole i have found several of the massage shops around this one to offer better services.

  9. Hi Rockit,
    Like many, I find the menu to be too confusing as well. I like kinky services, like golden shower. Just wondering, if this place offers it together with full service. And if yes, do you have any idea how much is the rate?

    1. They did offer full service when I reviewed the place. The shop has a new owner now. I imagine the services as still the same. Especially since I just visited the website and a window popped up that said “Full service 1700 Baht”. Cheers.

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