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Prostitution in Fukuoka, Japan – An overview

The commercial sex scene in Japan is huge. Putting aside the massive Japanese porn industry and sex toy megastores and manufacturers, prostitution alone is though to generate over 2 trillion Yen ($18 billion) annually. Without about a million and a half people in the city proper it only follows that Fukuoka would contribute significantly to that amount.

There is no shortage of prostitution in Fukuoka. Much of it is hidden in plain sight with storefronts lining side roads that connect to major thoroughfares. A pedestrian can encounter multiple sexual businesses even on a short stroll through certain parts of the city.

As is the case across Japan most of the prostitution and adult entertainment in Fukuoka is off limits to foreigners. Some businesses have started becoming more accepting of gaijin. But even many of those businesses raise the prices on customers not born in the land of the rising sun.

Nakasu red light district

The Nakasu red light district sits on an island between the Naka and Hakata rivers. It is the second largest red light district in Western Japan after Tobita Shinchi in Osaka.

Nakasu Fukuoka

Nakasu is more like Bahnhofsviertel in Frankfurt than Cheongnyangni 588 in Seoul. It’s a sort of normal entertainment district. There just happen to be prostitutes working out of the area. There is no window shopping available for foreigners though touts do sometimes approach guys on the street offering to make introductions.

Soaplands in Fukuoka

There are dozens of soaplands in Fukuoka. I have never actually counted the total number in town but they are quite common. Most soaplands have a tout stationed out front. These touts often call out to guys they see in the streets. If they call out to a gaijin that means they have at least one lady inside who is willing to work with foreigners.

Years ago it seemed like none of the soaplands in Fukuoka wanted anything to do with non-Japanese customers. But that has started to change. The first soapland welcoming foreigners that I came across was Hotpoint Villa. Though it does charge a sort of gaijin tax.

soapland body slide

Hotpoint Villa has a staff of attractive women. They offer the full body bathing, soapy slide, blowjob and full sex service that is typical of soapy massage parlor. Customers first pay a bathing fee of 10,000 Yen ($90 USD). Then they are expected to give another 27,000 Yen ($243) directly to their service provider for their service. Those who are not Japanese also have to pay at additional 11,000 Yen ($100 USD).

With other soaplands in Fukuoka it seems that the admission policy can change from one day to the next. A foreign customer who speaks Japanese may be allowed into one place. Another who doesn’t speak Japanese may be denied at the same place but admitted somewhere else. People can also be accepted or rejected on the basis of how they look, what passport they carry or simply just at the whim of management. That said both Artemis and Ariel Fukuoka have a reputation as being friendly to most foreigners.

Delivery Health

Delivery health is a type of legal sexual service in Japan. Some people compare delivery health companies to escort services. That is not exact true. It is illegal to exchange money for vaginal intercourse in Japan. So delivery health services can’t offer that. Instead they have women on staff who provide hand jobs, blowjobs, sumata or anal sex for a set fee. It’s called delivery because the women travel to meet customers in their homes or hotel rooms.

Some of these so-called deliheru businesses were the first to warmly accept foreigners in Fukuoka. A decade ago some delivery health services already had websites established in English that were clearly oriented to non-Japanese customers.

One example of a foreigner friendly delivery health agency in Fukuoka is the appropriately named Fukuoka Erotic Massage. It is a part of a nation wide chain of outcall massage shops. They are all open to foreigners. The prices at Fukuoka Erotic Massage and other businesses like it is usually not cheap. But the service is forthright and thorough.

Starting at 23,000 Yen ($207 USD) punters can book a 90 minute session in a private room. That comes with bathing service followed by an aroma body massage performed by an attractive and fit gal in nothing more than thong underwear. The main event is a cock and ball massage performed to completion. Most of the service providers are real experts who do their best to make customers feel fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Prostitution in Fukuoka, Japan – An overview”

  1. Fukuoka is easily reached from S.Korea by air or boat and is known to have more Gaijin friendly places than Osaka, according to some reviews I read. I been to Osaka 5 too many times and this city is on my list as soon as covid 19 is over. Cheers!!

    1. Fukuoka does have a reputation as being more foreigner friendly. Though that wasn’t necessarily the case when I first visited. I don’t know what the situation will be in the future. Cheers.

  2. You should read the news mate!! It will never be over. It is never going away. Headline on New York Times just last week. THE virus is here to stay!

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