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All about anime sex dolls

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Anime sex dolls are an increasingly popular subset of male sex toys based on adult-oriented animated programs from Japan. No wonder. Anime itself has become more popular with audiences worldwide with each increasing year. So are top quality sex toys like onahole strokers and full size joy toys. Add to that the sophistication of these devices and you can easily see why they so many of these fuck dolls are being orders from every country on earth.

Those who are big fans of anime will already have their own favorite characters. With sex and sexuality being so prominent in many anime you can bet that a lot of hardcore anime fanatics dream of meeting their top animated characters in real life.

A big motivation for that fantasy would be a sensual interaction like one might have expected when Jessica Rabbit appeared alongside Eddie Valiant. Back when Who Framed Roger Rabbit debuted in the late 1980’s that sort of thing could only be a fantasy. Nowadays there are anime sex dolls available that allow people to act out their fantasies even if they can’t have actual intercourse with a 2D illustration.

What is anime anyway?

“Anime” is one of those terms that seems to have made its way around the world and back. The English word animation became the easier to pronounce anime in Japan. There the word simply describes any animated work. But then the Japanese modification anime made it’s way back to the English-speaking word. Here the word anime is now used to describe animated materials originating from Japan. In that way it replaces the now outdated “Japanimation”.

chubby anime sex doll

In the West, anime has become a descriptor of a particular set of animation coming from the land of the rising sun. Once the domain of a limited number of Japanophiles, anime is now a very popular form of entertainment for untold millions all around the world.

Of course anime is a diverse field. In Japan it describes everything from basic cartoons to serious and drawn out films based around drawings or computer illustrations. There is also plenty of adult-oriented anime that either hints at sex or shows it explicitly. The hardcore anime has come to be described as hentai in the western world. Though that term too comes with its own history.

Anime and hentai

In Japanese the word means something like weird or perverted. So what educated English speakers might refer to as a paraphilia would be described as hentai seiyoku, or a sexual perversion, in Japanese.

In a linguistic reverse, the Japanese term hentai has been adopted into English. Though in this language it has come to describe sexual animations and nothing more. Somehow the term has even come to encompass adult themed animations from countries other than Japan. So a Romanian artist who has never been to Japan could still release a “hentai video” in this day and age.

fuckable hentai anime sex doll for display

That said most of the more popular hentai material does originate from Japan. This is perhaps understandable. After all, Japanese artists have been creating sexual illustrations of the shunga variety for some 1200 years!

That doesn’t mean that all anime sex dolls are based on purely pornographic illustrations. The rules of the internet and life in general suggest that “if it exists there is a porn of it”. Increasingly it seems that the phrase could be modified to read “if it exists there is a sex toy of it”. That’s especially true of animated material.

Enter the anime sex doll

Anime sex dolls are by definition based around anime. They tend to be high quality and well designed as they are meant for discerning fans of the genre. Many of the best anime sex dolls are actually suitable for display and exhibition. For true collectors this feature is not to be overlooked.

anime sex doll vagina and anus closeup

Yet being based on animated properties isn’t the only thing that makes anime sex dolls special. Another aspect is the portability and discretion these male masturbators offer. Sure there are some whopping full size models that weigh almost as much as people. But the average anime sex doll is small enough to hide easily in a dresser drawer or carry on luggage. In many cases they are around the same size as the plastic pocket pussies of halcyon days gone by.

In fact some “anime sex dolls” actually appear to be based on things other than anime proper. For example there are now several sex toys available that are based on sexualized versions of popular video game characters. Others are based on characters that the current crop of adults may have enjoyed in their youth. Nothing says nostalgia like burying your erection in the vulva of a small silicone sex doll.

What to expect?

Are you in the market for a animation based sex doll? You don’t even have to be an active fan of any particular anime to get into these things. And I mean that in both the literal and figurative sense.

Many of the best models are so well crafted that they could easily intrigue men who have never even watched a single episode of any anime. Who isn’t at least a bit curious about a statuesque model with giant tits that fits into the palm of your hand? Especially when it comes with its own spread pussy that is just waiting to be sampled.

The higher end anime fuck dolls can cost upwards of a thousand US dollars. That ought to give you a basic idea about how good these unique novelties actually are. When people are shelling out that kind of dough for a pint sized love doll you know there must be something special about it.

Realistic polymer material that warms to the touch and feels like actual human skin. Large and firm breasts with pointy nipples. Spread legs and waiting sexual positions. Stretchy labia modeled on the genitals of real women. Easy use, cleanup and storage. These are all features that can be found in good quality anime sex dolls. Is it any wonder that more and more guys are getting into them?

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