Review: FKK Oase — Frankfurt, Germany

Picture of women at FKK Oase sex sauna in Frankfurt Germany

This sure beats the waiting room at the dentist.

FKK Oase is a large and well known Roman-themed sex sauna located in Burgholzhausen which is just outside of the German city of Frankfurt. It bills itself as being “simply the best” and that is hard to argue with.

As noted in previous posts FKK is a common acronym used in German speaking countries that stands for freik√∂rperkultur or “free body culture”. The original meaning and history of this is interesting enough for the purposes of the review underway here it suffices to say that Oase is full of naked women selling sex to customers in white robes.

FKK Oase is situated in a rural location just minutes from the city center. Every taxi driver knows the place though even if they didn’t either they or their customers could pull it up quickly on Google maps.

While plenty of people drive themselves to the club taking a taxi is also a very popular option. This is evidenced by the long line of taxis that waits outside of the club every evening and night waiting for customers to come outside and hail a ride back to town.

From the outside Oase looks like a modern rendition of a Roman bunker that would easily fit into the atmosphere of Reno, Nevada. It still doesn’t stick out in its grassy surroundings though since it is situated a little off of the road that leads to the building.

When customers enter they go through the usual procedure of stopping at the front desk to pay an admission fee and register. They are asked if they have visited before. Those who tell the hostess that it is their first time in the club will be given an informational brochure and a brief overview of the club. Those who have visited before will simply pay their 70 Euro entrance fee and receive a golden robe, a towel and a key to one of the many available lockers. Oase doesn’t charge an extra fee for the robe unlike the nearby FKK Mainhattan.

After receiving their locker key customers go through a small entrance on the left that leads to the main center of action. In front of them is a large long bar where drinks are supplied free of charge. Just to the right of that is a small bank of lockers where customers can store their money for use in paying service providers during their stay in the club. Further to the right is a flight of stairs that leads up to a hallway then down to a very large locker and wash room for the male customers to use.

Customers find the locker that matches their numbered key and wrist band. They undress and put their things inside while wrapping up in a towel, putting on a pair of clean slippers and heading to the wash area.

Customers are expected to shower upon entering the club and again between any sexual experiences they have. While this is not a rule that is enforced by anyone it is common etiquette and generally good practice. The shower room are large and clean and guys generally mind their business so it shouldn’t be an issue for anyone open enough to visit a German sex club.

After showering customers head back to their lockers to retrieve their provided cloth robe which serves as their only covering during their time in the club. They can then head back upstairs to where the action is.

Just past the aforementioned bar there are three very large rooms. The first is filled with round stand up bar tables. The next has a large stripper stage with poles in the middle and couches all around. The room furthest back is a “kino” or cinema where porn is displayed on a large movie screen in front of several rows of chairs.

There is also an outdoor pool area open when weather permits, a sauna, a garden, a dining area with buffets and other facilities like a male-only non smoking relaxation room. Free WiFi is also available throughout the club. The username and password are available at the front desk.

FKK Oase is filled with naked women from top to bottom. There are at least three or four dozen around at any given time though during busy hours it seems like there may be more than 125. I’ve never actually counted but this is the impression I get.

The women hail from all over the world with a few from Africa, South America and Asia appearing from time to time. The bulk are women from the European Union with Romania and Moldova being most represented. Women from countries like Poland, Hungary and Russia can also be found at times. The women range in age and looks though most are generally attractive, fit and in their early twenties.

Guys who sit in the bar or nearby rooms are often gently approached by women working in the club. They tend to bring up small talk before asking if there is interest in any more fun. Guys who politely decline are left with no issue and those who accept simply decide where to do the deed.

Sessions at Oase can take place in a number of places. Although public hardcore action used to be common most customers seem to head for a private room now. These are accessed through a hallway near the locker. Public sex and especially oral action is still possible and most women are up for it. While full on action goes on near the pool at times the kino is the regular spot for oral action and at times more. Since the kino is laid out a lot like a Japanese pink salon it is no surprise that Japanese customers can often be seen there receiving oral services.

Short sessions at Oase are regularly 50 Euro ($57 USD). This includes uncovered oral sex and covered full service with condoms provided by the club. Women can charge an extra 50 Euro for things like ejaculating in a mouth, finishing on a face or even just kissing. It depends on the service provider.

Although some can be mechanical at times the women generally put in full effort and don’t try to rip anyone off. It would be easy for a woman to gain a bad reputation and lose money. Most are genuinely skilled at what they do and really try to satisfy their customers. Some of the Romanian women are real pros who can give any provider in the world a run for their money.

The only downsides to Oase come from the customer side. It is not uncommon for large groups of guys to enter the club, get drunk and get loud. To some degree this is the sort of party atmosphere one would expect but at a certain point it becomes too much. Once a large fight broke out between two large groups of visitors. Although that sort of fight is not common it is something that unfortunately will be remembered. Usually people who are friendly receive the same treatment in return from the women and customers alike. Still I prefer the more customer oriented laid back and calm environments of the sex saunas in Macau.

Regulars and old timers often say that Oase isn’t what it once was. The same thing is heard about Thailand and a number of other locations. I can only report on Oase as it is today. As a large facility filled with beautiful nude women from around the world who are willing to have sex for less than a hundred green backs Oase delivers what a lot of guys are looking for in their entertainment. I give the place four-and-a-half-stars. If it wasn’t for the smokey and sometimes over raucous atmosphere I would give it a perfect score putting it with only three other reviews ever published on this site.

FKK Oase. Ober-Erlenbacher-Strabe 109, 61381 Friedrichsdorf-Burgholzhausen, Germany. Open Sunday to Tuesday 10:00 am to 4:00 am. Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 am. Phone: +49 (0)6007 930643. Website: Map on website.



  1. Chryo says:

    Hey Rock, I was there last October for the first time and I agree with your review.

    On any encounter there is a bit of luck involved. My buddy was offered a 3P session with 2 hot blonds for 100Euro there. While I had a Spanish girl giving me 1 shot plus massage for the same price. Overall, I liked this place and also Mainhattan inside the city~

    If a guy prefer he can have the action outside in the garden when it is summer time. Also, he can hang out for a 24 hour period in the establishment or he can leave and come back within the 24 hour window.

    In anycase, thanks for taking the time to write up all these reports!

  2. Fkk Blog says:

    Nice report, thanks! Another recent visitor said that several of the girls there had crappy attitudes when their approaches were turned down, did you encounter this at all?

    P.S. how on earth do you find the time and money to live the dream?? :D

    • rockit says:

      There’s an old joke about guys who can’t even get laid in a whorehouse. I never knew that there were actually guys like that until I started this website. I guess some women may reject certain requests but all it takes to have sex in most FKKs is to ask for it and pay the price after the fact. I’ve only ever seen one rejection in my life and that was at Artemis in Berlin which I will review soon. Thanks for the comment and keep an eye out for my book on how to live the life to be released at some indefinite point in the future. Cheers.

    • Fkk Blog says:

      You know Artemis was raided by police last week, right? May or may not be open for much longer …

    • rockit says:

      The Artemis raid made news through Europe though I think that was because it had to do with the issue of prostitution. From what I understand the place was raided for classifying the women as independent contractors rather than employees failing to pay employee taxes. That is certainly nothing unique to them. The corporate strip club chain “Rick’s Cabaret” was sued for millions recently for classifying dancers as independent contractors and failing to pay them.

      If Artemis can’t stay open then perhaps no place can. The biggest danger to legal prostitution in Germany is the law currently in discussion that will bring in a lot of new regulation and possibly open the door to outlawing the purchase of sex.

      As long as the EU is open women from poorer countries will continue to look to Germany for increased financial opportunity. This opens the door for claims of human trafficking and probably even the real thing.


    • rockit says:

      Upon looking at your comment again I see that you talked about customers rejecting women. So my comments were off. I apologize about that. I guess any woman would rather be accepted than rejected by the ladies at Artemis don’t seem to react any worse than working women anywhere else. Cheers.

  3. EuropeanGuy says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been rejected by a couple girls at Classic Hotel in Jakarta. I suspect it had something to do with me being a foreigner. Other than that, I’ve always been welcomed with open arms (or should I say legs?) in every country I’ve visited.

    I look forward to Rockit’s new book. I didn’t even know such a lifestyle was possible until I stumbled upon his site in 2014. Since then I’ve been following in his footsteps. More young men ought to be made aware of the possibilities…

    I’m curious as to what got Artemis into trouble. Aren’t FKKs legal after all?

    • rockit says:

      It’s quite possible to get rejected in general. It’s a lot less likely in a sex sauna in Germany, Macau or Austria. Cheers.

    • Fkk Blog says:

      FKKs are legal but as rockit suggested, classifying the girls as self-employed while also specifying work hours, price rates and services to be provided almost certainly isn’t.

      Enjoyed your guest reviews here, have you done any more writing about your adventures elsewhere?

    • EuropeanGuy says:

      Rockit has the exclusive for the time being. Stay tuned for another guest post coming soon. I may start my own website at some point in the future, but right now I have limited time and plenty of obligations to keep me busy. Cheers!

    • FKK Artemis Raid says:

      the issue about the FKK Artemis raid is mainly tax evasion

      It is definitely ok to give working girls specific working hours and a fixed salary.

      Only if social security taxes are paid though

      At FKK Artemis they claimed that the girls are working “freelance”

      If the girls were indeed working “freelance”, it means that the business owners
      would no longer be responsible to pay social security tax.

      The german police, tax evasion department and even customs are now alleging that the prostitutes were not at all freelancers, but rather had a clear set of rules and working hours, much like at any other “normal” job

      Thus the owners failed to properly pay their taxes

      There are also allegations of ties to organized crime groups, as well as forced prostitution

      According to Police prostitutes would “regularly” earn up to 30.000 Euros per month

      There was also a “VIP” Room which was used by professional soccer players, so they wouldn’t be recognized

    • rockit says:

      Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  4. Deca says:

    This place used to be 50 euro for an entrance fee and unlimited beer and food was include . Thus,
    you can just stay here rather than at a hotel to save money. And you don’t have to participate in any action if
    you don’t feel like.

  5. Joe says:

    I just returned from Germany and did 22 sessions in 12 days which is not bad for a late 50s man. If you liked Oase, then you would likely give 5 stars to several other Frankfurt area clubs. I have been to Oase within the past year and it pales in comparison to FKK Sharks in Darmstadt and FKK World (on the weekends particularly).

    Sharks is 45 Euro on Sundays before 2 pm and World is 47 Euro most of the time and the girls are more diverse (meaning fewer Romanians). Sorry, but the RO girls are too hit or miss for me. I actually avoided Oase because of the large number of RO and the higher entry fee. Also, too many tourists from questionable regions of the world go there, so the customer base is a bit dicey.

    Even better are some of the clubs in the North Rhine Westphalia region around Cologne. Look at Golden Time and Babylon, chock full of superstar providers. I found some real gems this trip, including a Vietnamese girl at GT, and a Thai girl at a smaller club that shall remain anonymous because it is not generally for tourists. Babylon has some real stunners who are also borderline nympho. Made a real connection with a girl named Monika who went at it with me for an hour and two pops.

    You should check these out and see if you agree.

  6. JJR says:

    Do all the women just walk around completely naked? That sounds awesome.

    So you pay the money directly to the women when they provide the service, rather than at the end like in a Macau sauna? Also, only 50 Euros seems like a really good price compared to in the US!

    Also, do you know what the general attitude is toward Asian Americans there? Does it even matter as long as they have money?

    • rockit says:

      Yes the women walk around naked at all times. Most are quite attractive too. I tried to describe the way things work in the review. Customers pay the women directly immediately after receiving service. The women follow the men to their money lockers to collect. Customers must pay a single house fee to the front desk when they enter. Cheers.

    • Deca says:

      Asian Americans sometimes get discriminated in Czech Republic and other parts of Eastern Europe due to some Chinese immigrants there. I think probably less in Germany and Western Europe as long as you have money, but certainly White Europeans tend to look down on darker skins like Gypsies etc. I knew an Asian American got beaten up in a brothel in Brno, Czech Republic and thrown out with no refund because this beautiful whore almost a 9, didn’t do anything and when he got angry and tried to get out to get the money back, she called and lied to the bouncer about him and the bouncer came in and beat him up. This is quite rare but does happen sometimes and you need to be careful in a place with some really beautiful whore who might be a racist. Cheers!!

    • rockit says:

      Asian customers are common at FKK clubs in Germany. Japanese guys in particular are a regular fixture at Oase with many partaking in public blowjobs. Perhaps the pinsaros of Japan have prepared them for this. Cheers.

  7. Gregory Chandler says:

    My reviews of the Frankfurt FKK clubs show that tourists seem to do okay there. I do, however, suggest that tourists stay away from Artemis in Berlin. The reason to stay away from Artemis is because Artemis is the only large FKK club in Berlin. The lack of competition makes for a bad club. In general, Artemis is not a good club because the women and staff there are quite rude. FKK Oase seems like a good club. In summation, STAY AWAY FROM ARTEMIS BERLIN.

  8. Mac says:

    Can’t say I agree with the report. Having done this for over a decade Oase is not what it once was. International selection of women is basically (90%) Romanian. Do the girls lie about what country they come from? You got it, this is common and sometimes done with a bit of the truth. Perhaps one parent is from Russia, Hungary, Spain or even has remote roots and this fact allows that girl to pretend she is from another country. Fact is she is 100% born and raised Romanian. Happens all the time. Not sure what standards Rockit has for women and clubs but I as one dis-agree. Its not a great club and if you know the locals the only thing famous about Oase is the 10 Euro bottled beer. If you can read German you’ll find many rip-offs and pressure sales by the girls as Oase. What that means is girls will accept the 50 euros but then state “for a better GFE time with kissing and multiple positions etc. it’s 100 per 30 minutes. It”s called up-selling and most clubs don’t allow it but at Oase and Palace its common.

    Wait till you have a problem with a gal at Oase, I mean an obvious rip off. The club will side with the girl even if she’s wrong, its gotten that bad. The other evidence of it’s current status is the lack of Germans. Listen and look around you, most of the guests are tourists, Italians, Turks and young trouble makers. It’s no longer a beloved German FKK club. While I see the point about FREE robes, I’ll stick to paying 5 Euros and 59 Euro entrance fee rather than 70 Euros and a free robe. Plus Oase still charges for some of the food served, other clubs its all included.

    Much of Oase’s look came from Cesars palace in Las Vegas. The paint is peeling all over the place (witnessed just a month ago). You don’t register when you enter, you’re asked if it’s your first time so they can explain the rules in your language and give you a short tour.

    Nothing was mentioned about the 1000 per night VIP suites out back. Plus the low rider Bentley limo which will come pick up high end guests.

  9. Gregory Chandler says:

    Working girls lie all of the time about what nation they are from. Many of the Black girls claim to be from Jamaica when they are from an African nation. According to these lies, Jamaica, a small island of 2 million people, is supplying the majority of Black working girls in Europe. Sometimes, these fake Jamaicans slip up and state their actual homeland. I suspect that their are more German nationals in the German clubs than we are lead to believe. Note that sex work is often part-time work and student work. Therefore, many sex workers in German clubs are local females. These sex workers lie for numerous reasons: hiding identity, avoiding taxes, or to give oneself what they view as an upgrade in national status.

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