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Why do straight guys like ladyboys?

In the ten years that this website has been online I have made several mentions of ladyboys. It could hardly be otherwise. My coverage of the commercial sex industry around the world often features the southeast Asian countries where ladyboys have long been a regular part of life.

In Thailand alone kathoeys have a long and well recorded presence. Of course the word “kathoey” itself seems to have come over from the Khmer language of Cambodia. There are also sizeable populations of transgender women in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and even strict Singapore. More than a few of these people have participated in the commercial sex industry for a variety of reasons.

Transgender women can obviously be found all over the world. And this history too goes way back. Though transgender women might have a much tougher time in Mississippi or Tehran than they would in Phnom Penh or Rayong.

Transexual pornography on the rise

I can remember seeing pictures of “shemales” in the backs of nudie magazine decades ago. Looking back I don’t recall if these were genuine pictures of transgender porn stars or simply edited pictures of women. If Stalin could airbrush pictures I guess Larry Flynt could too.

Either way it was much less common to see a transgender women forty years ago than it is today. That applies to porn just as much as it applies to every day life.

ladyboy ice from bangkok

There can be no question that adult entertainment featuring transgender women has become much more popular in recent years. You can see it in the lists of most popular porn videos on the big tube sites like Porn Hub and XVideos.

Similarly if you visit any of the big webcam sites you will see transgender performers featured predominately in the top models lists. I am not just talking about the transexual cam sites either. You can find models with tits and dicks right on the front page of Chaturbate!

Can straight guys like ladyboys?

Since less than 5 percent of the population identifies themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual that means much of the transgender porn now being produced must be consumed by straight people. I would just assume that most of them are straight guys since it is widely known that men watch much more porn than women. Can you fault me for that?

Of course there is even some question of whether or not guys who like ladyboys are actually “straight” at all. Can a man who prefers his women to come with cock and balls really be called “straight”? Conversely how can a man who is attracted to outwardly ladylike ladyboys be called gay? Maybe there is some other term that could be used. One surely politically incorrect option would be “ladyboy lovers”.

Yet I don’t think there is any question at all. Or perhaps it would be more fitting to say that this is a question that I do not even care to ask. Why would another person’s sexual orientation matter to me? I don’t care what the people in the next room call themselves or even do. If it doesn’t harm me in any way than it is none of my business. No harm no foul as they say.

If a guy says he is straight then goes on to do a ladyboy doggy style later that night that is his personal prerogative. The same goes for a guy who self identifies as gay but sticks his member into a vagina some evening. It doesn’t bother me one way or another. And I dare to say that it shouldn’t bother anyone else either.

So why would a straight guy like ladyboys? It could be curiosity. Maybe he wants to try something different. Perhaps he wants to play with another penis but doesn’t want to get sexual with a masculine male. It could just be an issue of opportunity too. I’m sure quite a few guys have had experiences with Thai ladyboys after stumbling into a bar and running into the right kathoey. Some guys even say they do it by mistake!

Who knows. Guys can be into all sorts of things from stockings to leather. Bondage, used underwear, stinky feet, erotic massage, red hair, furry muffs, obese women and more have all been known on to turn on some guys!

The possibilities are endless. But as long as it’s all between consenting adults I must ask the real question: who cares?

15 thoughts on “Why do straight guys like ladyboys?”

  1. Good report. There have been MRI studies of the brain that show thats its heterosex guys who are mostly curious about ladyboys. They (we) get an increased bloodflow in the part of the brain cortex that react to sexual pictures or stimuli. Maybe the girly vibe?

    My own personal experience was 2-3 blowjobs from ladyboys to try it – but No, it felt deeply wrong – like when Michael J Fox makes out with his mother in Back to the future- never again.

  2. Hi. I cant find the study (studies), but heard this several times in the medical community. Read Rod Flemings world: “Sex with a ladyboy, is it gay”. Similar conclusion.

    Gay men tend to prefer sterotypes like Tom of Finland (great art though).

    I think all men should try a Bj from a Ladyboy, its healthy to challenge your boundaries. I got courious after hearing Lou Reed “Candy never lost her head, even when she was giving head.”

  3. To Alex’s point, I’d guess we are not only triggered in a positive way by a sexy set of boobs and red lips on top of a nice dangling cock, but we also guess that she will be more proficient in pleasuring our member than a girl from birth becasue she’s had her own block and tackle.

    But I’m not sure. Yes, male BJs are pretty awesome, I’ve had several. But the best ever have still been natural born women.

    I like LBs becasue they help me expand my sexual horizons. Simple as that.

  4. Fair point. And in the Society we live in its extra important to stress that our sexuality is up to us, nobody else. There is World Cup right now in Qatar where Homosexuality is illegal.

    Regadring Science and Ladyboys, I stick to my gun. The brain tells hetrosex guys that its a girly girl. Its esasy to keep this fantasy if you never se her dick during the BJ. Even if you penetrate her, the girl-fantasy can remain, or even if one interact with the dick it could be a girl with a dick (or a very large clitoris).

    Things get different after a few encounters (I got 2-3 bj but nothing more). You cant fool the brain in the long rum, and men smell very differently. And the Bj got a bit to mascular and technical?

    Then either you say. Stopp, that was a fun experience but never again, it feels deeply wrong. Or one identify more clearly as a bi-sexual and continue..And good for them!

    Genetic smells are really important in intimicy and men and women have in part separate hormons.

    1. Although some dismiss the idea of pheromones influencing inter-personal relations I do believe there is something to the idea. It becomes especially evident to me personally in the case of ladyboys. No amount of perfume is capable of masking certain manly smells. Cheers.

      1. Its a bit similar in heterosexual dating. Our HLA genes contribute to a certain individual scent, and if its a good match genetically you think she smells better than the best, your gentics tells you it is a good match for kids, high resistens to ilnesess.

        Two examples. I once worked with a gynocologist from Ukraine, about 10 years ago. Friendy not unattractive girl- but her personal scent stamp was terrible. No dating. Another time, 20 years ago I danced with the girlfriend of a friend. It was a perfect match, never experienced anything like it- but it was my mates lady so I couldent do anything.

        Back to the Ladyboy aspect. Few Heterosexual guys gets aroused by the odour in mens lockerroom after sports.

  5. Never thought about the scent component. The men I’ve been with spent more time down on my dong that close to my nose so it wasn’t an issue. My LB encounters they were perfumed up enough that it was at least faux fem, and same with Alex, limited to receiving oral.

    I remember a massage I got in Luang Prabang, Laos and the girl was small chested and remained clothed but when she was straddling me and grinding along my unsheathed erection I noticed a hint of facial hair and what appeared to be a suspicious swelling around her crotch. It was an effective enough session that I popped a good load but after I dressed and began the walk of shame the looks and giggles of the other masseuses made me more than convinced that I had just been worked over by a Lao LB.

    BTW this statement needs a source,Rockit. I think the percentage must be significantly higher, at lest 20%?

    “ Since less than 5 percent of the population identifies themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual”

    1. According to this from the UCLA School of Law, 3.5 percent of adults identify as LGB while 0.3 percent identify as transgender. Studies from other parts of the world seem to come up with similar numbers. Not much different from Dr Kinsey’s findings in the 1950’s where “4% of males and 1-3% of females had been exclusively homosexual”. Cheers.

  6. This might be drifting into semantics, but are we referring to “straight” as an absolute?
    I read somewhere about the term “heteroflexible”. I suppose it’s as useful as any other label. It muses on the premise that most people are not 100% anything. i.e. a person may self assign as heterosexual, but is open to and flexible enough to try other forms of sexual contact. Am I bisexual if I choose to have close contact with another cock once in a while? What about once a year? Or once, ever?
    Personally, I have no desire to lie with a cis man. But I have with a ladyboy. A few actually. And I do “gay” things with them. But what they have in common (apart from the obvious) is that they were all gorgeously feminine, and pretty, and to most outward appearances, a girl.
    I think what happens is that I have it in myself to “enjoy” another cock under these circumstances. It’s just there. But not every day. Maybe once a month. It starts as a thought and builds into a looming desire, and once that’s satisfied, I don’t think about it again for another month. Maybe two. And if I’m not in Pattaya, hardly at all.
    So is the question “why do straight guys like ladyboys?”, perhaps slightly paradoxical? i.e. straight guys can’t, if they do, they’re not straight.

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