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Review: Check-In Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Check-In Bar is a popular ladyboy bar in Bangkok. Discreetly located in a U-shaped alley just off of Sukhumvit Soi 10 the place is located just behind the Paradiso Boutique Suites.

While the bar is fairly well hidden from the prying eyes of the main Sukhumvit strip just a short walk away, Check-In is also very easy to find. It has a clearly marked entrance even if there are no gigantic Vegas style signs like you might see on Soi Cowboy.

Inside there is a smallish sort of entrance that leads into a larger main bar area. The bar is rather open and spacious even if the ceilings are somewhat on the low side. Well over two dozen ladyboys in various states of dress work the bar. They are a friendly bunch but not overly aggressive. One can easily enter the bar and have a look around in relative peace.

A ladyboy bar in Bangkok

I tend to write about ladyboy oriented venues in Thailand on an average of once per year. A few readers have been vocal about their lack of interest in the subject. Others have expressed interest in Thailand’s third sex.

I am not personally attracted to Thai ladyboys. But that can also be said about many of the other people I have covered over the years such as the elderly ladies working the Academy pinsaro in Tokyo.

ladyboys from Check-In Bar Bangkok

I am also able to recognize that transgender sex workers are a key component of the commercial sex industry in Thailand. And that kathoeys are an integral part of Thai society as a whole.

So I am always sure to check up on the ladyboy bar scene in Thailand at least once in a while. What sort of reporter would I be if I ignored it completely?

Check-In ladyboys, services and summary

The staff at Check-In Bar is larger than most similarly size bars in Thailand. At times it seems like the place is literally swimming in ladyboys. Of course some look more like ladies than others. But in general the place seems to aim at staffing ladyboys that appear more feminine than masculine. This is different from some places that seem to specialize in Amazonian body builder types.

The ladyboys at Check-In Bar range in age but most are in the twenties or perhaps early thirties. They tend to wear bikinis or lingerie sets. Often they are all color coordinated. Some of the staff also wear lounge style dresses. I’m told there’s a mix of exclusive tops, bottoms and versatile ladyboys who can work from either end. But they are not indicated by style of dress or anything else. So interested parties must inquire if they really want to know.

Lady drinks are sold for 200 Baht ($6 USD) at Check-In. This is not necessarily cheap but it’s not out of the norm either. Considering that this is probably the main source of income for the bar, as well as the need to build in commission for the staff, the rate seems fair. To their credit the staff do not beg for drinks or swallow them whole. A ladydrink can last as long as 20 minutes in this establishment.

Full service is also available in private rooms above the bar. The going rate seems to be 1500 Baht ($44 USD). This is not much more than what bars were charging several years ago. So it seems that at least here inflation is not yet a major factor. I’m told full service involves anything from oral in either direction to insertive or receptive backyard action. Or all of the above depending on the provider in question.

But even though action is available on premise and their can occasionally be some nudity on show this bar is not a particularly hardcore or raunchy venue. Especially in the early hours of the evening it can be a fairly laid back place where even some adventurous female customers just looking for a drink can be found. In other words it is a well rounded place with something for everyone. Well except maybe virulent transphobic types.

Check-In Bar is an interesting place right in the heart of Bangkok. I found it worth the stop even if I have no particular desire to return. I have to imagine that this place would be at the top of the list for those attracted to Thai ladyboys. The fact that the place was full of male guests seems to indicate that too. This might be the kind of place I would take someone who interested in seeing what ladyboy bars are all about. But I doubt I would venture in on my own again. Three stars.

Check Inn Bar. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

4 thoughts on “Review: Check-In Bar in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. “Swimming in ladyboys” sounds like a hidden scene from Spaulding Grey’s famous table read.

    I finally hooked up with my first LB, and she was delightfully feminine and all bottom. She knew better than most how to work my pole, and the protected sx was adventurous and memorable. Her own pencil was pretty much unleaded, really just a nub that never got between us to speak of, and even when her makeup smeared she was attractive.

    Told me via our translation app that laser treatment kept her body hair to a minimum, and I gotta admit her blossom was tighter than what I guess a pubescent gal’s vag would feel like but once I was in she pulled me deep.

    8/10, only because she doesn’t have lips down there.

  2. This was a good and informative review. Been there several times during my Thailand-holiday (July 2023). I loved the place! This was also my first experience with LB’s. OK, I spent a lot of money there, but after all this was my holiday. I would love to return, and I hope I can do that during 2024.
    Johnny from Scandinavia

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