Prostitution on Manila’s P Burgos Street


Padre Burgos Street (not to be confused with Padre Burgos Avenue) in Metro’s Manila’s City of Makati in the Philippines is lined with go go bars. In many respects P. Burgos Street resembles Walking Street in Angeles City though as readers will come to find out there are many differences between the two.

Since Makati is often described as one of the more “upscale” sections of Metro Manila some may expect the bars and even the street itself to be a lot better than what exists in Angeles.

The truth is that the bars are of about the same quality. In fact some of the larger bars in Angeles like Atlantis may even be on the nicer side of things. The streets themselves are a lot like each other, with narrow sidewalks that force pedestrians into the street where they are met by vehicles, beggars and vendors pushing sunglasses and fake Cialis.

When it comes to the number of bars Angeles City is the clear winner. But since the bars in Angeles have been regularly raided for at least the last year, Burgos certainly offers a more relaxed atmosphere. During weekdays Burgos bars may even be less crowded, though Makati is a much more populated area.

Surely readers of this site will be more interested in the quality and number of service providers, the services provided, and the prices of services in the Burgos Street bars than anything else. Thankfully they have Rockit to report on all of the important facts.

Bars on P Burgos

There are several bars on Burgos Street and a few on streets that are connected to it. While some bars do share the same owners, there is a real range and variety of quality and price around the area. Some bars like Shampoo and Bottoms open in the afternoon with a shift change early in the night. Other bars like Plan B and Kojax don’t open until 9 pm.

The bars of Burgos get a much later start than a lot of similar areas around the world. During the day the selection of staff members working a bar can be anywhere from limited to truly pathetic. I don’t make a habit out of criticizing women for their looks, but I simply can’t get much enjoyment out of watching overweight ladies in their late 30’s dance around in small bikinis. It’s quite possible that the gals may have great personalities and be a lot of fun in which case they would do better in other positions or even different establishments. Judging by how empty most places on Burgos are during the day, I guess it all boils down to a question of economics. If I was a 19 year old go go dancer with a smoking hot body I probably wouldn’t want the day shift either.

Around 10 pm most bars start to truly come alive. New shifts come on and customers start to fill the seats and things really get going. At this point most of the bars on Burgos have fairly large numbers of women on stage. Some bars like Bottoms and Tickles may have as many as four dozen working at any one time. Smaller set ups like Dimples may have half that number. The gals range in looks and age to some extent but most are nicely shaped women with brown skin and black hair in the range of 19 to 27 years old.

Bar Girls on P Burgos

I wouldn’t say that the women working in the Burgos bars are in general any better looking than the women in the bars of Angeles City. Sure there are a few stunners but that can be said of almost any go go area in the country. With many women working Burgos coming from the same provinces that are home to so many of the working women of Angeles, how much variety can one really expect?

As is the case with Angeles City’s bars, many of the go go gals working Burgos Street are mothers. Although some are just entering adulthood themselves they already have one or more children. This may not be obvious at first glance, especially in the dim nightclub lighting, but it is the reality. While many guys couldn’t care less or may even be into the “MILF” experience others looking for very fit women may be disappointed. That’s not to say that every woman working on Burgos is a mom, just that it’s frequent enough to be worth noting.

As with most similar set ups, the women working the bars of Burgos Street are under no obligation to leave a bar with a customer. They have the ability to make up an excuse or simply say no if they’re not interested. That said, the Burgos bar girls seem to be among the most willing in the world to be bar fined and spend a few hours or longer with a customer. Not every woman will go out with every guy, but rejections seem to be very rare.

When a customer is interested in a woman or women dancing on stage or sitting around the bar, they can simply ask the gals to join them or flag down a waitress to call the gals over. This offer is never refused since it means lady drinks will be purchased giving additional income to the gals in question.


Bar fines are arranged with mama sans who loom around every bar in the area. Once a customer buys a drink or two (at an average price of around 350 Pesos, which amounts to a whopping $8 USD) for a woman and they agree to go out together the mama san will be called over to explain the prices and make sure everything is okay. This is where the most major differences between Burgos Street and Angeles City emerge.

While Rogues at the end of P Burgos asks for a more reasonable 1800 Pesos ($41 USD) many bars in the area ask for a whopping 3900 Pesos ($89 USD) or more. Unlike the go go bars of Angeles City or even Cebu City, these bar fines do not include a payment for the ladies. That additional fee is negotiated between the ladies and the customers, though the most knowledgeable guys may already have a good feel for things and simply hand over a standard tip after the session ends.

What exactly is a standard tip? It can range anywhere from 2000 Pesos ($45.50 USD) to 5000 Pesos ($114 USD). Only the most experienced guys will get away with the lower tips on a regular basis and newbies are likely to get hit with requests for 5000 Pesos when they undoubtedly ask a gal how much she wants.

All of these bar fine prices and tips are up to double what they were as recently as 2008, and they are well over the standard rates at go go bars in other parts of the country. Well, Makati can be an expensive place and since customers keep on rolling in and out of the bars I guess there’s not much more to say.

The amount of time a working woman will spend with her customer depends on her life, her schedule, the chemistry and any other number of things. Over night stays are not uncommon when the lady likes her customer but the 4 AM departure is also quite normal. The bars themselves close at 5 AM.

Women who work the Burgos Bars aren’t always the most skilled when it comes to sexual services. That may surprise some since the bars are after all places where women offer their services to guys on a regular basis. Those who have more of a grasp on local life will be better able to understand. One hint can be found in the way most women dress in Manila. While gals in Bangkok or Saigon often walk around in the middle of the city in super sexy outfits, beautiful women in Manila are more likely to wear shirts and long pants. The reasons for all of this go much deeper than I can reach in this brief report.

Girl friendly hotels

There are a few hotels on P Burgos Street and countless others around Makati. Nearly all allow guests to bring girls back to their rooms without a problem. A select few hotels may ask any women entering the hotel to leave their ID card at the front desk but most don’t even bother. Any decent hotel will call a guest’s room when his gal leaves to make sure everything is okay.

There are also some short time hotels in and around Burgos Street where guys can take a gal for a quick romp. These are pretty easy to find. One well known (and used) short time hold over is located right next to Tickles Bar, though someone who didn’t know what they were looking for could probably miss it pretty easily. Asking around is a good way to find this place or others like it. Many bar girls and all mama sans will know where at least one is located.

Those who don’t want to take girls home or shell out an additional 1000 Pesos for a short time hotel room will be happy to know that action is available right on-premises in bars like Shampoo, Rogues, Rascals, Ivory, Montana, Dimples and High Heels. This can take the form of hand or mouth play in a dark booth or that and everything else in a “VIP room.” VIP rooms typically cost as much as a bar fine and do not include payment to the service providers. The prices of VIP rooms can usually be negotiated down by at least 800 Pesos with the mama san. Guys who buy a lot of lady drinks may be able to have the price of a bar fine or VIP room reduced by the total amount spend on beverages, though this requires further negotiation.

At other bars there is a possibility for some play in the booth but it depends on any number of variables.

Best and worst go go bars

Jools and Stardust vary a bit from the other bars in the area in that have well choreographed dance shows at regular intervals. Some of the things the women pull off during these shows are pretty damn amazing, but guys who are more interested in ass than dash may not get a lot of it. In between shows these bars operate like any other.

While women who work the bars may flash their tits from time to time, especially when asked by a paying customer, Bottoms is the only bar I know where the women dance topless. Well they actually “wear” a set of suspenders that cover absolutely nothing. It’s not unusual to see a guy playing with a dancer’s nobs in a booth after buying her a drink either.

The aforementioned Kojax and Plan B bars which are owned by the same person seem to have a larger percent of fit and good looking ladies than many of the other bars around but their prices are on the high end. Unlike their competitors they don’t accept credit cards so guys who are uncomfortable lugging around hundreds of bills may not be able to afford all of the fun.

Ringside bar is unique in that it offers things like girl-on-girl boxing matches and oil wrestling along with other odd sideshows.

Other bars like G-String and Wild West can also have good number of beautiful women on staff at any time. Others like Papillion can be hit or miss. Things change on a regular basis and even from night to night, so there’s no way to come up with a completely accurate write up that will stand the test of time. As they say, nothing beats experience.

Freelance prostitutes

Something else to note about P Burgos Street is the prevalence of “massage girls” on the street throughout the night. These women hang out all along the street in groups and solicit passing guys for massages. They sometimes hand out papers with phone numbers but they’re mostly keen to get right to the services. Women in polo shirt or nurse scrub uniforms can perform massages in shops located along the street or go straight to the customer’s room. Women who are not wearing uniforms, more commonly known as “freelancers”, are usually only available for the second option. There are also numerous transgender “ladyboys” around who also offer “massage” but I have no real info on them.

A typical massage is usually quoted at 500 Pesos ($11.50 USD). If a guy goes to a massage parlor with a gal he will typically be asked to tip more for extra services if they are available. Sometimes the masseuse will say that extras can only be provided in the customer’s hotel room. Freelancers operate in hotel rooms exclusively so things are more likely to go in a sexual direction very quickly. The tip expected by any of the women working P Burgos Street can vary greatly but it seems that most reasonable offers are excepted. This means that anything from 500 Pesos ($11.50 USD) on the low end to 2500 Pesos ($57 USD) on the high end can get a guy what he’s after.

In many parts of the world only the most downtrodden women work the streets. In Makati that doesn’t seem to be the case. Many of the women who travel the street in groups offering massages are quite pretty. More than a few look just as good as the women dancing inside the bars. With the general safety of coworkers available these women may simply be part timers who don’t want to dance in bikinis or work a regular bar schedule, genuine massage therapists looking to supplement their incomes or women on short visits to Manila trying to make some extra money.

Padre Burgos Street offers a lot of action in a pretty compact area. Although there are some dangers about the street is relatively safe by Manila standards. The biggest drawbacks to the area are the high prices, the over abundance of street sellers and the number of dancers, male attendants and even mama sans who try to pressure guys into tipping or buying drinks even when they’re not interested. Men who are unable to politely refuse such propositions can quickly go through a stack of money without getting any enjoyment out of it whatsoever.

Note: This post was published in 2014. I made an updated report on Prostitution on P Burgos Street in 2016.

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