Review: High Heels in Manila, Philippines (CLOSED)


High Heels is a fairly well known go go bar on P Burgos Street in Manila. It has been around for years but it has a few features that set it apart from all of the local competition. I have mentioned High Heels in past reports on the P Burgos go go bar strip but as of yet I have not covered the bar in any real detail.

High Heels is located next to Mixed Nuts which as far as I know is the only ladyboy go go bar in Manila and possibly even the Philippines. The places are so close that one could possibly enter the wrong place by mistake though I imagine that is more often an excuse used by guys found surrounded by chicks with dicks than a reality. The Montana go go bar is located on the other side of High Heels.

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The interior of High Heels is rather large and open. It is not set up like most other go go bars and as this review will go on to explain that applies to more than just the main floor.

When customers walk in they find a large floor with a smaller stage off to the left, a bar in the back, and some bench seating over to the right. The stage is worked by a handful of local ladies in bikinis. They are in their twenties and thirties and they range in looks from below average to quite attractive.

More active and aggressive are the so called guest relations officers or “GROs” which are quite common at adult venues in the Philippines. Basically these ladies wear regular street clothes and are there to mingle with the customers to make sure they have a good time. In some of the karaokes and other places the GROs can be incredibly attractive women who don’t necessarily want to officially enter the game themselves. At High Heels they’re mostly average looking slightly older gals who might not look all that great gyrating around in swimwear. Still many of them are quite busty.

Before most customers can get a good look at the dancers they are often set upon by the GROs who are very straightforward and keen to grope. They press for the usual lady drinks but they are not only out to scam guys out of premium drinks. They also push for guys to go into the special room in the back for VIP services.

Guys who aren’t willing or able to politely shake free of the GROs may end up following them into the VIP section. If so they are taken through a routine of secret latching doors and such until they wind up in another large open room in the back. This room looks like a sort of party center or the remnants of a failed go go bar with bench seats all around the walls. Full service is rendered in this area complete with wait service bringing drinks throughout though it is costly. Rates can be negotiated with the mamasan but typically involve room rental, drinks, lady drinks, payment to the service providers and occasionally even tips!

Lesser services can also be offered right in the bar in the way that anyone familiar with the naughty boy corner at Afterskool in Bangkok would recognize. For oral to completion in one of the darker corner booths the GROs typically ask for around 1000 Pesos ($54 USD).

As mentioned the dancers are typically better looking but they don’t seem to be nearly as up for extra services at least inside of the bar. Because of that and the aggressiveness of the GROs I doubt they do a whole lot of business. That could in fact explain why such a big bar go go would have such a small stage worked by so few dancers.

Customers who do decide to take one of the dancers outside of the bar will find that the bar fine is as high as 3,600 Pesos ($69 USD). That does not include extra payment expected by the dancers for services rendered back in the room. One-and-a-half stars.

Note: High Heels has closed.

Address: P Burgos Street, Makati, Manila, Philippines
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