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Seoul red light district shut down

Seoul’s red light districts, like the Seoul sex industry in general, have always been oriented to a local customer base. Any non-Korean who has ventured through any of Seoul’s many red light districts with the exception of Hooker Hill can confirm that many sex workers in South Korea are simply uninterested in entertaining guys from other countries.

The reasons for this rejection of non-Koreans range from xenophobia to a fear of over sized penises and sexual disease. Perhaps the biggest motivation for rejecting foreigners has always been that many Korean guys do not want to visit sex workers who have been “tainted” by having sex with men who do not hail from the land of the morning calm.

Seoul red light district

While the majority of sex shops in Seoul have a habit of refusing foreigners all together at least some of the women working in red light districts have historically welcomed non-Korean customers at least when they were no other Korean customers within eyeshot.

In at least one part of town Koreans and foreign customers alike are no longer able to purchase sexual services at the 588 red light district since it has been totally shut down. After years of rumors and speculation the sex shops have finally been shuttered to make way for the construction of some high rise apartments. It’s not equality under the law, but Koreans and foreigners now have to deal with the same situation.

The shut down came after real estate developers instilled cameras in the area and armed thugs reportedly intimidated the sex workers in the district and trashed their workplaces.

The government has not helped the many sex workers forced out of 588. This was not always the case. An earlier government was involved with creating windowed fronts in the district in the run up to the Seoul Olympics. The idea was taken from red light districts like De Wallen in Amsterdam and was part of a beautification campaign. Prostitution has since been officially outlawed in South Korea.

When one senior member of a sex workers’ association was asked where the women from 588 would end up, he said “some went to red-light districts in other parts of the country… Others probably went to find jobs at room salons, karaoke bars and massage parlors“.

5 thoughts on “Seoul red light district shut down”

  1. It’s pretty sad to see this level of foreign hate and misinformation over here. Back when I was here in 2013-2014 there was a really awesome massage place near exit 8 of SNU station. 90k, full service, 5-7 looking girls and good service.

    Now every motherfucking massage place I go either doesn’t answer when I ring the bell, gives excuses (‘agasshi opseoyo’) or plain and simple shake their heads.

    Even the Kiss Bangs, where last time I was able to finger one girl, get a BJ from another and got to fuck one of them (and got a HJ from most of the girls), now are filled with cold fat bitches that almost don’t open their mouths while kissing and want 50k won just for a freaking HJ.

    I was thinking about checking Suwon RLD out, but I’m afraid it will be affected as well.

  2. Hi Rockit, A district in Seoul worth checking out is Gireum. I was there tonight and it was welcoming for me, an old white guy. It’s about twenty minutes from Seoul Station on the number 4 Line. Walk to Exit 10, and just when you hit the street you’ll see what looks like the flaps of a car wash ahead of you. Go through that hanging curtain and you enter the red light district. Tonight, the first 100 meters were pretty dark and forlorn but as soon as I came to the next entrance/exit, about five or six mamasans were there. One pulled me into a nearby shop, all of which are behind closed doors with a keypad access. There were five or six women kneeling, all wearing princess/wedding dresses. All in their 30s and none were very attractive. She quoted me 100,000 Won. I left and continued walking and most of the mamasans didn’t even look at me, but a few were inviting. I went into the next one and only three women were there. The mamasan quoted me 100,000 and with very little effort she came down to 80,000. I chose one of them and we went upstairs. She pointed to a bathroom and asked if I needed it, and it had a little shower, too. I declined and we went into the plain room. She signaled for me to undress and left. She returned a minute later, undressed and with a little bag of condoms, wipes, etc…I had my own condom (I like the Japanese .01s) and she took it. She was going to give me a covered BJ but I signaled to her that I wasn’t hard and she nodded, and proceeded to give me a vigorous, skilled BBBJ. Then she slipped on the condom and we went at it. Afterwards, she cleaned me up and, although I speak no Korean, we made little gestures and she gave my dick one last healthy suck and gave me an air kiss. As I departed they offered me a drink, which I declined. I hopped on the subway and was back in my hotel 25 minutes later. Not bad. Thanks for all your reviews!

    1. Thanks for the detailed report P. Gireum is also known as Miari Texas. It was covered here several years ago. Back then the average rate for foreigners seemed to be about 90,000 Won. Cheers.

  3. Sure enough, and it looks like our assessments of the place are nearly identical, even though they’re a few years apart! Yes, the dinginess is a bit of a surprise when you first head in, but while the houses themselves seem to be rather spare, they’re nonetheless pretty clean.

    1. Thanks for weighing in P. I try to be accurate in my reporting. I am glad to see that you agree with what I wrote. I look forward to future comments. Cheers.

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