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I have written extensively about compensated dating in Japan but I have not yet covered the practice is other countries. Of course compensated dating is not limited to Japan. It happens in an organized and obvious way in that country but it is also popular in other countries as varied as Taiwan and the United States.

In the United States, Australia and most western countries compensated dating usually goes by other names. The slang varies according to the locality and the people involved but words like “sugar baby” and “sugar daddy” are pretty commonly used.

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Most of the sugar arrangements in the United States are made through the internet. As far as I know there are no companies like Japan’s Universe Club operating there but perhaps that is only because there are other options that people have success with on their own.

Secret Benefits is one of the most popular sugar dating sites on the internet. It has been around for about two years and has quickly grown into what it is today. For many sugar babies it is the go to website for finding guys with money who want to meet.

A full review of Secret Benefits is outside the scope of this report but I can tell you about the site in some detail.

Since membership is completely free for women the female membership at Secret Benefits has grown tremendously. I have it on good authority that there are no more than ten girls on the site to every guy. That represents a pretty big potential dating pool for sugar daddies looking for a match.

Of course guys have to pay to use the site but that only makes sense. Since the guys are looking to compensate women for their time it only follows that they can afford to shell out a few bucks for access to a large library of women in waiting,.

Interestingly Secret Benefits does not use the typical recurring billing setup common of most adult sites. Instead it allows guys to buy packs of tokens that they can use to unlock features like messaging ladies they like. This insures that there are no surprises popping up at the end of the month.

To make sure that male members of Secret Benefits don’t waste their time or money the site has instituted a number of safety features meant to protect all involved. Those include verification of pictures and videos so that guys can be sure they are actually talking to the women they are seeing on their screens. That should prevent catfishing and other internet age bizarre behavior.

People might feel different about compensated dating. Nowadays it seems to be increasingly accepted at least in certain places and circles. In the past it didn’t seem to be talked about at all. Things have certainly changed at least in terms of appearances. You can bet that guys have been compensating women for their time in one form or another for ages. David Graham Phillips published “The Price She Paid” more than a hundred and five years ago after all.

The fact is that dating and human interaction is a complex matter. In many forms it ends up being about two parties coming to a mutually beneficial agreement. People involved in relationships expect certain things of each other. In the modern world those things are often brought right out into the open.

Secret Benefits simply aids that transparency by connecting men and women with complimentary wants and needs. As it turns out there are a lot of women out there looking for guys who will help support them financially. Some want assistance while they get through college and others are looking for help for other reasons but they share a common wish. At the same time there are lots of guys seeking out casual affairs with attractive women and they want the ground rules to be laid out up front to avoid any problems or confusion. At base that’s what compensated dating or sugar dating is all about.

With Secret Benefits guys with money to spare can date women that are typically younger and more attractive than they might otherwise be able to find. For that reason alone the site is incredibly inviting. All the features of the site are just bonuses.

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