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Review: Universe Club in Tokyo, Japan

Universe Club is an adult dating agency in Tokyo. It is totally foreigner friendly and open to those who cannot speak the Japanese language well or even at all. I found out about Universe Club a while ago. Recently I was able to get to know the club better and try things out. So I can now write a real review.

Making initial contact with the Universe Club is easy. They have people on staff who can speak English at a near native level due to their experience living and working abroad.

The first step to acquiring membership in the club is having an in person meeting with one of these people. This can easily be done discreetly in a cafe or restaurant through for those who require even more discretion I’m sure other options are available. I had no problem meeting in a public place since the odds of anyone around me knowing what was going on were slim to none and even if someone did I very much doubt that they would care.

Compensated dating in Japan

Compensated dating is nothing new in Japan. Indeed knowledge of the practice has spread around the world to the point that the activity is now somewhat common in countries like South Korea and Taiwan. Most compensated dating taking place in Japan today is arranged through the internet though the language or rules can exclude guys who aren’t Japanese from the fun. Universe Club is the first dating club in Japan I’m aware of that actively seeks to attract foreign members.

ladies at Universe Club

Men interested in becoming a member at Universe Club simply contact them by phone or through email. New members have to be at least twenty years old and have the mental and financial means to deal with the way the club works. A big plus is that the people in charge of answering calls and emails from foreigners speak English very well so things can be explained and arranged fairly easily.

Signing up for Universe Club

During the first meeting the potential customer has to show some sort of identification and fill out a basic information sheet that asks for things like a name but is more about finding out the needs and wants of the guy signing up. So things like interests and the type of girl the guy likes are penned in right after the basic information required for the safety of everyone involved. There is a place to write in a “club name” which could be made up on the spot.

The club representative will also be armed with a short sheet of rules that says all the things one might expect. Things like stalking are obviously forbidden though perhaps it isn’t so obvious to some as it is spelled right out in black and white. They will also collect the first annual membership fee which ranges depending on which class a person wants to be in. The lowest class starts at 30,000 Yen ($247 USD) and things go up from there. Joining the black class gives access to the women of all the classes. Members of lower classes can date women of higher classes but only if they shell out for an extra fee. The first year is the most expensive with the following years coming with discounted membership fees.

member section of Universe Club
The view from the male members section

Setting fees have to be paid for each meeting though they are pretty reasonable. One can hand over the first setting fee during the initial interview or they can even give more to have a deposit available for multiple dates. The latter seems a lot easier to me.

The interview process doesn’t take too long and is even a little interesting despite it being a sort of bureaucratic requirement. There is some level of excitement involved in this kind of meeting even if it is only to secure access to a per-screened dating pool rather than a brief one for some sort of James Bond operation.

Browsing the Universe Club website

Once the meeting is finished and the potential member is approved they will be given a username and password to log into the Universe Club website. Inside they can view the profiles of a huge number of women looking to date. When I checked the number was already over a thousand but since they add new members all the time I’m sure it is even higher now.

While I usually operate out of Tokyo the club works throughout the country so there are members from all over. Ages range from 20 on up though the most common age seems to be right around twenty five. Nearly all of the women could accurately be described as attractive. While looks can be subjective there is some sort of screening or self selection in place that ensures that women that almost any guy would be happy to spend time with are the only ones who join. To make things even more fitting there are all kinds of search options one can use to narrow down the results. Besides searching only for women in Tokyo for example one can weed out smokers, short women, tall women, women with small breasts and others.

If this seems like some sort of meat market that is only because it pretty much is. Since the only people involved are consenting adults I don’t see how anyone who respects self agency could have much of a problem with it if they didn’t already have a problem with the kind of society we live in generally. Everyone who joins the club knows the name of the game and is looking for company, compensation or some combination of both so there are no surprises. If you’re going to ask for money in exchange for your time you need some selling points after all. Just ask these people.

Women at Universe Club

I found more women on the Universe Club website than I  would have time to meet in the span of a year. Since things are not exactly inexpensive money is another issue though in the grand scheme of things it isn’t too bad considering all that is offered. If the right kind of date is chosen the conclusion is almost a sure thing and there is incredible value in that alone.

Each woman has a letter on her profile that indicates how willing she is to engage in more fun after the date which usually means heading to a room for a roll in the hay. Those with a letter A almost never do this while the B ladies are willing but will sometimes require more than one meeting. The C and D women are most often up for fun from the first date and the E gals expect it. One can narrow down the list of women by letter to make things even easier.

One of the most amazing aspects of Universe Club is its website. Thousands of women have profiles there which can be sorted through with all sorts of filters. Women who belong to the club can be organized by class, willingness to sleep with male members, height, English speaking ability and more.

Of course each profile also contains photos. Most profiles contain plenty of photos and even some video clips. As I mentioned in a recent review of a Japanese porn star escort Egami Shiho, photos are commonly manipulated online and some people look differently in real life than they do in two dimensional images. But videos tend to show a pretty good likeness.

I bring this all up to point out that male members aren’t necessarily bound by the subjective views of people on staff at the club. I have seen a few Standard class members who look better to me than some of the members from higher classes. I am sure others have totally different views. But there are no surprises since everyone gets a good chance to look at the women on the site before they request a date.

I don’t think the classes at the club are purely based on looks. Other things like career also seem to play a big part. Some entertainers and models can be found in the top classes. More common jobs are more frequent at the lower end.

Standard Class

Looks are always subjective. Two guys may have totally different ideas of beauty. One may look at a skinny German woman and fall in love. Another may think the same lady is totally unattractive. I don’t know everything that goes into the classifications at Universe Club but I do have some ideas.

The Standard class seems to be occupied mainly by girl next door types. Women who work in the entertainment industry or have really refined or high fashion looks are usually found in the higher classes. That doesn’t mean that the Standard women are unattractive of course. There are some really beautiful women next door in Japan. In fact they tend to be some of the best looking women in the country in my experience.

Gold Class

The Gold Class contains countless women and most of them are pretty good looking. A guy could go crazy going through all of the available gals. The ability to narrow down the selection is one of the many features that men find worth the cost of entry at the club.

The Gold Class at Universe Club really does contain a lot of gorgeous women. With the right amount of time and money a guy could spend months or even years hanging out with ladies of his choosing. With the various tools available he probably would enjoy the vast majority of his experiences too.

It seems clear that a lot of the Gold Class ladies are women that the vast majority of guys would never meet if it wasn’t for the Universe Club. Guys who want to date and most likely do a lot more with Japanese women they wouldn’t otherwise have access to can find what they are looking for through the Universe Club. For them the premium cost of accessing the Gold Class of ladies represents what can only be seen as a justifiable value.

Platinum Class

Simply put there are more beautiful women in the group than a guy could hope to date in a decade. Many of the platinum female members are also the kinds of women that most guys otherwise wouldn’t meet. While it is possible for a guy to be sexually serviced by a Japanese porn star it is not quite so easy to date a model or television actress.

Of course not every woman in the platinum class is a movie star. Most certainly aren’t. There are all sorts of women in the group but it seems that they have something that makes them deserved of their position in the hierarchy. Sometimes incredible looks or an amazing body may be the thing that pushes a woman over the line from the gold class to platinum. The club is pretty rigorous and it puts in a lot of work to make things work well so I am sure they have a well oiled plan.

The effort put in makes it very unlikely that any guy would feel ripped off by Universe Club. Each woman has an in depth profile with her vital statistics, club comments, and plenty of pictures and videos. There is no false advertising involved or anything like that. Besides once a guy pays a setting fee to meet a women his financial obligation to the club ends at least in terms of her. If he wants to meet the woman again in the future he simply has to arrange that with her. The club doesn’t interfere after introducing people although it does do follow up to make sure dates go well and to get feedback on female club members.

Black Class

Joining the Black Class costs more than any other membership level at Universe Club but it comes with its perks. Guys who join probably aren’t too worried about the expense. It is not the kind of thing people scrapping to get by would likely shell out for unless they were obsessed with spending time with some high class ladies.

Black Class members have the luxury of speaking with a club concierge by email, over the phone or even face to face. They also receive recommendations on female members and secret female members that others in the club don’t know about. They also gain access to ladies in the Black Class.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but many of these women are indisputably good looking. Some are natural stunners while others have obviously had work done. But all are head turners that the vast majority of guys would have no chance hooking up with outside of a compensated dating situation.

Pictures of these women appear on the Universe Club website for male members of the Black Class to view. The pictures are unedited and totally accurate and accompanied by plenty of video that shows exactly what these women look like. If some appear to be as good looking as any Japanese Idol that may very well be because that’s exactly what they are. There are also university students and incredible looking professionals in the class.

The Black Class is filled with amazing women of all kinds. Ten percent of the female members of the Universe Club are actresses. Another six percent work as professional models. While I have no way to know for sure I would imagine that a majority of those gals are in the Black Class. I do know that women in the Black Class look good enough to be models and actresses even though they are working in other fields or studying.

While the ladies in the class tend to be on the very good looking side they of course have varying outlooks on life. As indicated by the letters on their profiles some are more than willing to go to a hotel upon first meeting a male member while a few are only looking for dating partners. The variety is quite wide even among the women in this elite class. This again shows why the Universe Club is so interesting and why men with means find it well worth the expense.

Arranging a date

Members can request a date with a particular gal by using the website though I found that it better to make a list of ladies I was interested in meeting. By doing that I could call in to the club and ask them to find out which of these women was available at the time and place I was looking to meet. This worked like a charm for me and I was never disappointed or left out in the cold. The people at the club responded surprisingly fast even for a place like Japan where “the customer is god“. If this didn’t convince me the fact that the club tracks menstrual cycles so that women wouldn’t be sent out on dates on their time of the month definitely would have.

Dates can be arranged in all sorts of places but the traditional date is probably most common and is good enough for a guy like me. The membership fee at Universe Club doesn’t seem so bad when the people there suggest restaurants in a desired location and even make a reservation. All that’s left to do is show up on time looking reasonably well.

The dates go as any date would with surprisingly little awkwardness. At least that is the case for me but since I have extensive experience with this sorts of things they have become second nature. I can imagine that someone new to the game would perhaps feel a little strange starting out but the women act as any typical woman would when out for a bite to eat to there is in fact very little to fear.

While a few of the women who sign up for the Universe Club may work as glamour models or something of the sort most are normal ladies who work regular day jobs. The first date I went on through Universe Club paired me together with a good looking office worker who had to run to arrive on time since she got out of work a little later than she originally expected. True to form the club sent me a message earlier in the day warning me that she might run late because of this though in the end she showed up right on schedule.

Most dinner dates last around two hours though there is no set schedule. In my experience they could go over this amount of time quite easily since things flowed pretty seamlessly. If a guy is out with an A lady or doesn’t have any desire to continue things on for some reason they can discreetly hand the woman they’re with a bit of transportation money of 5,000 Yen ($42 USD) or more.

Getting intimate, or not

If one wants to move on they can make a suggestion of that nature and with things set up in advance this can be as easy as asking someone if they’d like to have coffee together. The most complicated part would be finding a place to go but with advance planning or even scheduling the date in the right place this too can be as easy as pie.

In a room things could go any number of ways as any adult with even a bit of experience would know. Having met in a certain fashion and with expectation of remuneration at least some uncertainties are however eliminated which can make things a bit easier than they would be with a first date or nampa turned into a one night stand. There are no time limits other than what the schedules or desires of the people involved dictate though the hand over is sort of universal with expectations of 30,000 – 50,000 Yen for a bit of fun.

No matter the result of an initial date members are free to exchange contact information if they so desire. This allows them to meet again in the future under conditions of their own choosing without the male half having to pay the club for a setting fee. Potentially a guy could sign up for a low level membership, hit it off with the first woman he meets and maintain a long going relationship though I’m sure most try out at least a few ladies and some probably change things up as often as they change their shorts. With things being so easy who could blame them as long as they have the means to do so?

Universe Club is one of the most convenient setups I have ever come across in all of my travels and experiences. While it may not match up the financial or emotional requirements of everyone in the world it certainly has its place which would explain why it continues to grow and add new members on a daily basis.

Universe Club. Tokyo, Japan. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Phone: +81 012-097-8649. Website:

6 thoughts on “Review: Universe Club in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. Great write up Rockit, thanks as always. So Universe is essentially a dating club, with the added bonus of going directly to intimacy if you select C, D, or E?

  2. so this is basically regular women that prostitute themselves on a part time basis with possibility of becoming a girlfriend?!

    1. There are all sorts of women in the club from what I can tell. Most are regular women like office workers and students. A few work as models and things like that. I’m sure there are also some pros or semi-pros in the mix. I don’t know that there is much of a possibility of them becoming a real girlfriend for most guys. Plenty would probably be happy to find a sugar daddy though. Cheers.

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