Want a date? What’s your credit score?


They say you get wiser with age. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. Although I surely know a lot more now than I once did, I am often still blown away by the way things seem to be progressing in our modern society.

Granted, the increasing intrusiveness into our private lives and lowering of living standards in many places doesn’t really shock or startle me. I’ve been seeing the trend for some time. It’s not that that hits me as much as the little tidbits that pop out and smack me in the face, helping me to realize just how depraved many of us have become.

Low credit? No date!

While wasting time that I probably should have put to better use browsing around online, I recently came across an article that claims many women now want to make sure guys they date have a satisfactory credit score. In my defense, I just finished a threesome with two 20-year-olds who were laying in my bed watching some shitty soap opera, so I had to find something to do.

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“Overweight annoying middle aged woman seeking fit and handsome man with lots of money and a credit score of at least 750.”

The rather disturbing essay includes quotes from guys and gals expressing their need to partner up with credit worthy people:

“There are a million ways to find out if someone has bad credit. I think if I got to the point where I really like someone, I’m going to come out and ask. Whether I would stay with them would depend on how bad the credit is, how old his problems are and can it be cleaned up.”

How charming. Where do I sign up for a chance at this prize catch? As a bonus, she’s well into middle age!

Here’s what a 33-year-old woman in Connecticut quoted in the article had to say:

“One guy I dated, every few months he had a new car and wasn’t making payments. Then his business went down the drain and he had to file for bankruptcy. I don’t want to be with someone like that again.”

Truly a case of “stand by your man” ain’t it?

I’m not one to use my website as a bully pulpit to rant and rave against the “evils of Western women” or anything like that. I find it rather unfortunate that so many sites out there that contain information on scoring sex or even paying for it are also filled with those sort of rants. More disturbing still is the number of guys involved in the pursuit of flesh that seem to have a deep-seated hatred of women in general. They would probably be better helped by some sort of mental health assistance than a dip in a wet slit. Or maybe not. What do I know about it? I’m certainly no doctor.

What’s love got to do with it?

I do know that I don’t hate women. I love them. Well at least a large number of them. I pursue sexual adventures because it’s fun and makes me feel happy. It just so happens that in the current social set up, money is often the best social lubricant and motivator. It’s not always. I’ve scored quite a few freebies over the years, yes even with Western women. Attitude has a lot to do with that, but that’s for another entry.

I don’t have any special problem with “Western women” either. I don’t think “feminism” is a great enemy that has driven men to search for sex abroad. I always find it odd that some guys complain about gold diggers and such in the West while staying with women they compensate in the East. It’s especially strange since in some Eastern countries, the need for compensation in the relationship is made obvious from the get go. Money is a prime concern of people around the world, since we all need to eat and cover ourselves with clothing and shelter.

One good thing is that there are plenty of women around the world willing to hook up, for a short or long time, based on nothing more than a mutual attraction. It’s not even that tough to find, with societal norms being more of an obstacle than anything else. Many times it’s just so much easier to pursue it through paid avenues.

Transnational relationships

I’ve already written about times when it makes more sense to pay for sex than to try to romance or impress your way into the action. Especially for a short romp or two. On the surface it might appear that the people interviewed in the article I linked to today would agree with me. At least on the philosophical level. They clearly see relationships between people as being at least as much of a financial move as anything else. Maybe they even think that’s the main thing a relationship is, and looking at the way marriage works they are probably correct.

If relationships and interactions are going to be based on “the numbers”, why not boil things all the way down to a pure exchange of some of those numbers for whatever the other person wants. With girls back home wanting to know your FICO score to go out for dinner it’s no wonder some guys would rather save their money and fly to Pattaya for a few weeks of pure uninhibited sex every year.

The truth is though, I imagine many of the credit seekers would be repulsed by the idea that we share any kind of outlook on sex, relationships, and money. I know I am. While I have no problem with the exchange of money for sexual services, I find the practice of people doing background checks and credit checks on people they claim to want to enter into a “loving relationship” with truly revolting.

Am I a hypocrite or right on the money? What do you think?

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