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Review: X-Ray Exclusive Spa in Bangkok, Thailand

X-Ray Exclusive Spa is an erotic massage parlor in Bangkok. There are many such businesses in the city. But X-Ray Exclusive is different than most. It has one of the more elaborate service menus filled with all sorts of sensual options. The ladies at this parlor also dress up in costume for their customers.

X-Ray Exclusive Spa bangkok

Most massage parlors in Bangkok consist of little more than a series of rooms with mattresses and small showers. The better places have fancy decor or jetted whirlpool style tubs. Then there are the nuru massage parlors where each room has a tiled wet play area. X-Ray Exclusive follows its own model.

It would be tough to fit X-Ray Exclusive into any of the existing erotic massage categories. It is not a fetish massage shop though it does have things like sex furniture and blindfolds on premise. It’s not exactly a nuru massage parlor either. Though the place does have inflatable mats, nuru lotion and body to body massages. X-Ray could probably best be described as an Asian-style fantasy massage parlor.

Location and layout

X-Ray Exclusive Spa is located on Sukhumvit Soi 34 in the Khlong Toei section of Bangkok. It is just off of Sukhumvit Road and around the first bend. The Thong Lor BTS station is just a short walk away. The shop is very discreetly tucked into the middle of a three building row. The windows are blacked out with the word “X-RAY” displayed in white letters. There is also a small neon sign that says X-RAY just above the windows.

X-Ray exclusive spa

Inside there is a neat but basic lobby with a leather sofa. Rooms are similarly orderly with good sized beds, soft sofas, large shower stalls and full tantra chairs that they call “S Curve Sofas”. Some rooms also have large inflatable mats for nuru gel massage.

X-Ray Exclusive does a fair amount of internet promotion. Nearly all of it is aimed at Asian customers. Thai and Japanese clients seem to be most common here. That doesn’t mean the place has any kind of prejudiced admittance policy. Gentlemen of all ethnicities and nationalities are welcome. The ladies who work inside are all Thai. Thai is thus the language used most at X-Ray Exclusive. But at least some of the staff can get by in English, Japanese and even Korean.

Staff, services, prices and summary

There are more than 60 women shown in the photo book at X-Ray Spa. Of course that doesn’t mean 5 dozen women can be found inside every day. There is usually a handful in the actual shop. The other women come and go as they booked. The management here encourages advanced booking to the extent that they even give a 300 Baht discount for those who make an appointment before showing up. Walk-ins are still the norm however.

The women at X-Ray Exclusive mostly fit in with the East Asian standard of beauty. That’s probably truer here than at any venue I have ever reviewed. The average gal at X-Ray has light skin and plastic surgery. Everything from skin whitening, nose jobs, chin implants, eye changes and breast implants are common here. There are some all nature women on staff too. But even they tend to be on the taller, skinnier and lighter side than the ladies you might find at a place like Snow White.

X-Ray has one of the more involved menus of any parlor in Bangkok. There are options for body to body massage, emergency massage, full massage, AV rubber mattress massage and S curve sofa massage. Then the ladies on staff are divided into A and B classes. The 30-minute body to body oil massage with oral ending is cheapest. With a “B class” lady it costs 2,500 Baht ($70 USD). Prices go up from there. For example a 75 minute nuru “AV mattress course” with an A Class lady runs 5000 Baht.

The prices at X-Ray Exclusive Spa are thus about on target for the local market. The large number of women working the parlor are attractive for the target audience. They are also skilled at what they do. At the same time passionate would not be an apt descriptor for most of the gals. Service can be a little mechanical even if it still does get the job done. X-Ray still delivers what it promises. For that reason I give the place a solid three-and-a-half stars.

X-Ray Exclusive Spa. 4 3 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan Nuea, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 3:00 AM.

10 thoughts on “Review: X-Ray Exclusive Spa in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. The article references online promotion primarily targeting Asian clients, but the article does not link any website. Is this because there is no English version?

    Regardless of the language, is it possible to link the online promotion mentioned in the article, you know, for entertainment purposes?

  2. Yes good point. How can the shop have “online promotion” without having a website? Is there at least a LINE account to get in touch? So far that doesn’t make much sense. Cheers.

    1. Many adult businesses that aim for Thai and Asian clientele do not have websites. Social media and apps like Line are more commonly used in Thailand. In this case X-Ray Exclusive Spa made a promotional post on the Kapoo Club web board for staff member Diamond just a few hours ago. It is of course in the Thai language. They also list their Line account there. Cheers.

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