Review: Victory Massage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Victory Massage is a massage parlor located inside the Victory Sai Gon Hotel. The hotel is a somewhat typical three star setup just a short walk from some major tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. The massage parlor is visited by people staying in the hotel and others. Perhaps some are drawn in by the “massage” sign that glows at night. Still others must seek the place out for its reputation. I would imagine that word of beautiful women in short white satin skirts doing massages would spread fairly quickly.

Accessing Victory Massage is as easy as walking through the large hotel lobby and straight back to the elevator bank. From there it is just a short ride up to the seventh floor. The massage parlor has its own smaller lobby with a reception desk. The desk is staffed by a very attractive woman with enough English skills to explain the prices. A session in a VIP room is 700,000 Vietnamese Dong ($30 USD). This is comparable to prices at some other similar Ho Chi Minh City massage parlors.

Victory Massage layout

After paying customers are led to their quarters. The VIP rooms at most three star hotel massage parlors in Ho Chi Minh City are fairly similar. But some are clearly nicer than others. The VIP rooms at Victory aren’t any better equipped than others in the city. But they are among the largest to be found.

victory massage Ho Chi Minh City

To their credit the male chaperones and staff at Victory Massage aren’t nearly as pushy as their counterparts in some other shops. They don’t demand tips or pretend they can recommend special types of women for a little palm grease. They simply do their jobs.

Each VIP room contains everything you would expect. There is a large bath tub, a steam room, a full sink, a lounge chair and a sturdy massage table. It’s all clean and well maintained too. The place isn’t the Taj Mahal. But it is kept in good shape.

Massage ladies

As stated earlier Victory Massage is staffed by a team of very attractive women. They aren’t seen much between massages. At some other massage parlors the masseuses make a lot of appearances in the halls and such. Not at Victory Massage. There they seem to emerge from some mysterious place when duty calls.

When they do show up they can be quite impressive even for a guy who has seen nearly everything. The uniform for the masseuses at Victory Massage is a tight and silky white outfit. It consists of form fitting blouse and a short white skirt. Of course this outfit wouldn’t look great on an overweight old hag. But on attractive twenty-somethings it does wonders.


VIP service at Victory follows the usual routine. Customers are stripped and wrapped in a towel. Then they’re given some time in the steam room. After that, they’re washed head to toe in the bath tub. Next they’re dried off with a soft white towel and given some silky shorts to put on.

This is all followed by the massage itself. The rub downs at Victory can actually be pretty good. The women put in effort and know what they are doing. That alone sets the place apart from much of the competition. That such pretty and well dressed gals are doing the massages only adds to the experience.

For many the conclusion of the massage is the main feature. And that’s totally understandable. But perhaps it would more accurately be seen as an overall experience. Sessions seem to effortlessly transition into happy endings at Victory. And the women are as skilled with their hands in that department as they are with backs, shoulders, and lower legs.

In other words the ladies at Victory Massage are quite handy. They expertly slide down the shorts and go to work on the tender parts with real expertise. They do expect tips for their effort. The standard at other similar shops applies. That means most guys give a tip equivalent to the house fee.

After finishing the full body massage, customers are given another bath. This is less intensive. But it serves as a nice clean up. Fresh fruit is also available in the VIP rooms. The masseuses typically hang around until the end. Then customers head to the front desk to pay their bill and tips all together. Three stars.

Address:14 Vo Van Tan, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (Map)
Hours:24 hours
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