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Review: Ostex 136 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Ostex 136 is one of the largest of all the hostess bars in Phnom Penh. At this point there are many such establishments. But few are as big as this place. It has a full two floors and they are often chock-full of people. Foreign women can even be found inside on a fairly regular basis.

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The space that Ostex 136 occupies has housed bars of other names over the last several years. In years prior the large and somewhat unique building must have been used for something significant. Not knowing the complete history I cannot be sure. Unfortunately the Khmer Architecture Tours seem to skip over the red light district completely.

The people behind this bar also appear to own Jopo Bar, Ostro bistro, Ostro Hotel and the previously reviewed Tiger 136 on the same street. They’ve clearly put a lot into Ostex 136. The investment seems to have paid off.

Layout and location

Ostex 136 is located at the corner of Street 136 and Street 5. It stands just one block from the riverside. The place is basically impossible to miss. It takes up a large four storey building that stretches all the way around the bend.

Ostex 136 KTV room

The building is bright red from top to bottom. The doorway is lined in a very shiny gold colored material. There are two large illuminated signs on the building that spell out the name in red illuminated letters. On top of all that there are two long digital marques that stream out messages along Street 136 and Street 5.

Inside the bar is both spacious and elaborate. Besides the typical bar top and stools you can find booth seating built into the walls, disco balls, and an elevated dancing platform with rails. Upstairs you can find pool tables along with private KTV style karaoke rooms. So this is much more than just an average girly bar.

Staff, prices and summary

As stated Ostex 136 is one of the biggest bars in town. It is only fitting that the bar employs a large number of ladies. It takes a good number of people to make a two storey bar look fully occupied. This place never seems empty. There is a good mix of staff and customers. The ratio is usually at least two ladies to each customer even at the busiest of times. There are a lot of very good looking ladies here too.

I am not saying that every woman who works at Ostex 136 is Cambodia’s next top model. But overall this place seems to have stricter requirements than some of its competition. The average gal working here is in her early twenties, pretty, fit and wearing some tight sexy clothes. That is especially true of the women who take turns working the small stage.

What about prices? They are fair to perhaps even a little low. A small lady drink here costs $3.75 USD. This is a quarter lower than what most bars are charging these days. The bar fine is the standard $10. Some of the women here are more keen to leave with a customer than others. But that’s true in most bars of this sort. When ladies do go out with a customer they tend to ask for around $50 for a short time encounter or up to $100 for an overnight stay. Obviously that is all up to the negotiations between the guys and gals themselves.

This prominent building on Street 136 has housed hostess bars for quite a while. I think the current occupants are doing a better job than the bar that last held the spot. There are plenty of ladies and the prices are fair. No wonder this place is always hopping with guests. I give it a solid three-and-a-half stars.

Ostex 136. Street 136, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Click here for a map. Open every day from 5:00 PM until 4:00 AM. Phone: +855 69-466-008

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