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Review: Love Missile in Pattaya, Thailand

Love Missile is one of the better bars on Pattaya’s infamous Soi 6 strip. With Japanese ownership this bar is somewhat different from all the others that line the street. Sure it is still a short time bar with scantly clad ladies on staff. Yet there is a different feel here.

There is also more to feel here. On one look I counted an amazing thirty six women in this bar. That’s quite a high number for a bar of this size. Especially one located on Soi 6. There are other bars on the street that operate with just a handful of ladies.

sexy chick from soi 6 pattaya

On top of that some of the best looking women on all of Soi 6 work here. Sure beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But with a bevy of babes like this there is sure to be someone to catch every man’s eye. Especially if that man is into fit twenty somethings in sexy uniforms.

There is only so much that can set one Soi 6 bar apart from the other. Most of the bars fall into one of three models. There are the old school BJ bars. Then there are the new party style bars. Finally there are the classic short time bars. Love Missile fits in nicely into this scene.

Is that a rocket in your pocket?

Bars across Southeast Asia have been coming up with more creative and suggestive names in recent years. Some leave a bad taste in my mouth. But Love Missile is right up my alley. What’s in a name? It seems to mean about as much as a cover does to the contents of a book. Still it can help a place stand out. Especially on a crowded street like Soi 6.

Love Missile is rather easy to find even in the mayhem and heaps of bikini clad bodies on Soi 6. Love Missile is located on the right hand side of Soi 6 when coming from Second Road. It is one of the first bars you encounter. There is a clear white sign with Japanese letters and anime drawings over the entrance. Though the many women working inside are probably easier to notice.

beautiful blond thai woman in uniform

Love Missile is located across the street from the previously reviewed King Kong. It has an open front and pink neon lighting around the edges.

The main bar itself is nothing to write home about. It is a basic layout with elevated tables and seats and a small bar tucked away in the corner. The plain stairs lead to equally plain private rooms. Though that’s not very important since no one visits a Soi 6 bar for the decor. Again the women are the main draw.

Staff, prices and summary

I must reiterate that Love Missile has a lot of women on staff. I am not sure if they pay more or just have a top method of recruiting ladies. But they also have some of the best looking women of any bar on Soi 6. Of course there are some average looking ladies on the team. But there are also a bunch of true babes with great bodies and pretty faces. When they coordinate their outfits and color they somehow start to look even better.

There are some really hot slim numbers here in their early twenties that truly shine when dressed up like sexy nurses. Though they look equally good in their skin tight white dresses or form fitting black mini skirts. The eye candy here is enough to cure a sweet tooth.

The ladies at Love Missile are also service oriented. They might not be up to the level of a bar in Japan but these gals are attentive. They like to drink and of course they are in the bar to make money. But they don’t shy away with going upstairs with a customer either. Prices are standard for everything from drinks to the bar fine. It’s a premium Soi 6 experience without any higher pricing.

There are a lot of bars on Soi 6. The spectacle of so many venues with half-naked women standing in the street is known to people all around the world at this point. In some ways the original character of Soi 6 has dwindled. But as long as there are places like Love Missile the street will remain a landmark for men seeking the company of charming Thai women. It might not be perfect. But I think Love Missile is a pretty good example of a modern Soi 6 bar. Three-and-a-half stars.

Love Missile. Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 2:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

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