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The Treasure Club is a strip club located in Asheville, North Carolina. This is the only strip club in the city that I am aware of. But it is not the only Treasure Club. The Treasure Club chain boasts three other locations. This is the only Treasure Club I have visited. If the other locations are like this place it is very unlikely that I will ever visit them for a review or any other purpose.

The United States has a strange approach to commercial sex. Prostitution is illegal in most of the country. Yet porn is protected by free speech laws at least under current interpretations. It is also totally legal for a person to give away sex freely. Strip clubs are allowed though subject to various regulations. So in some areas women can dance fully nude and spread their vaginas open while in other places dancers cannot wear less than a bikini. Some clubs sell liquor. Others just allow customers to bring in their own libations. An entire book could be written on the subject.

Entrance fee and what it is like inside

The Treasure Club in Asheville operates as a real membership club. This is in keeping with the trend toward peculiarities on the titty bar scene. But some other strip clubs around the country follow a similar model for whatever reason. What this means is that people can usually not just walk in to the club. Instead they must sign up for a membership at the front desk. This comes with a paper card that records things like customer names, birth dates and ID numbers. Members are then allowed to enter along with their guests. I find the system strange and burdensome. Especially when it requires handing over personal information to a strip club.

treasure club asheville strip club stage

The entrance fee is $12 USD. Inside the place is a bit cramped. More importantly the place smells far worse than the average hole-in-the-wall bar. Without exaggeration I can surely state that there are brothels aimed at truck and taxi drivers in third world countries that aren’t nearly as “fragrant” as this place. I believe the smell is a combination of must, musk and copious amounts of cheap perfume. But this is only a guess.

Dancers and services

The club boasts forty dancers a night. I would guess that the real number is closer to eight. Without being too judgmental I would describe the ladies as average in the looks department. Some are quite large. I doubt many would be hired at a more selective strip club such as the old New York Dolls. Then again who knows? Tastes seem to be changing these days along with much else.

The dancers perform one by one. Eventually they remove their tops. They do not get fully naked. That is fine by me. In general their dance moves are stilted and it truly seems like they would rather be anywhere else in the world. In between dances some of the women go around and talk to the guys in attendance. They quickly make clear that they are looking for people to buy them drink at $10 USD a glass. Others proposition for private dances which at the rate of $25 USD per song are incredibly tame.


In all of my international travels I have run into some strange experiences. Rarely have I been bothered much by anyone. At The Treasure Club I was admonished by a man on staff for not spending enough money during my brief visit. Apparently my offense was sitting inside for a few minutes and getting my bearings without splashing a lot of money around on the few women who got up and shuffled around. As a person who has lost countless dollars and days to research of the adult entertainment industry around the world I found this insulting enough to immediately get up and leave. I have no plans to ever return.

Is this the norm in these sorts of places? Thankfully not. At least not in my experience. American strip clubs have their positive and negative features. Sure they are nothing like Fase II. But they can be
fun places to pass some time. They can also vary quite a bit from one city or state to the next. No matter one’s feelings on these sorts of establishments there are or at least were universal service standards. Call me outdated. But I am one of the old school believers that customers should be treated well.

The Treasure Club is a quiet and lonely strip club staffed by aggressive and pushy people. I can’t find any real redeeming qualities for the please even if it does feature some naked women. A brief user review of the place I spotted online said the only reason this place can stay open is that it is the only strip club in town. While I can’t be totally sure that is the only reason the place remains open I can agree with the general sentiment. I give The Treasure Club a half star.

Address:520 Swannanoa River Rd, Asheville, NC 28805 USA (Map)
Hours:6:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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