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Review: New York Dolls in New York, NY USA (CLOSED)

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New York Dolls is a pretty well-known strip club in Downtown Manhattan frequented by a mix of business men and various other people from inside and outside of the city. A very small club that does not impress, it’s belongs to the same people as some of New York’s other better-known clubs like Flash Dancers and Private Eyes. It opened 25 years ago, and that’s probably the last time the interior was updated.

The good thing about Manhattan clubs is that you don’t have to go through the ridiculous security scan that you face in the clubs of Queens or the Bronx (which the invasive TSA airport checks may or may not be based on). You simply walk right in.

Inside New York Dolls

The cover is a bit steep at 20 dollars, but that’s par for the course in Manhattan. The drinks are priced at an equivalently high level. Bring 3 dollars and money to tip the coat check girl if you have a jacket. As per New York rules nudity goes no further than tits out and a thong, and most of the time when offstage the dancers wear cheesy gowns. There are about two dozen dancers working here at any time.

There is a regular bar when you first enter, but the dancing takes place in a small room in the back. The room is surrounded on three walls with love seats, and there is a small stage on the far wall. Take a seat wherever you’d like, but know that lap dances take place on the same couches, out in full view. Depending on your view, it’s either great or idiotic that the lap dance you just paid 20 dollars for will happen in arms reach of a guy who got in with a free pass handed out in Times Square and hasn’t tipped a single dancer in the place. You can touch a little on the legs and maybe the back, but you can’t feel up the tits during the lap dances.

The women

The diversity here is good, with women from all over the world dancing, but the girls are pretty average as far as looks are concerned. Ages range as well, with some 18 and 19 year old girls dancing alongside some Eastern European women as old as 40. For the most part through all pretty much know what they are doing. They know what to say, how to get you aroused, and how to move on stage.

The waitresses are pretty good looking, all dressed in some sort of regalia. There are roaming masseuses that will rub your neck and shoulders down for a few minutes for twenty dollars. Not worth it in my opinion, but they’ve got to make a living so if you’re into it feel free to indulge.

Services and summary

It’s not a shady place whatsoever. There is usually at least one female customer here, often more. Couples come with some frequency. The place gets pretty crowded, especially on weekends.

While the girls are on stage not much happens in the way of tipping. Instead, visitors engage the girls on the floor, getting lap dances, buying drinks, or if they have money to burn, going to a private room where nothing sexual whatsoever goes down.

With a constant supply of finance workers with money to blow, and under the watchful eye of the management, the women who work here have no real reason to offer extras. You may be able to arrange something after for a substantial sum of money, but there’s no real point when there are so many other options in the city.

If you build the right rapport with a woman working here you may be able to date them outside of the club. This isn’t as farfetched as some bitter men would have you believe. I know since I’ve done it myself, and I didn’t so much as give the woman in question a dollar. This sort of thing will be covered in depth in an upcoming book.

NY Dolls is neither spectacular nor horrible. It just is. Because of that, I give it 2 stars. And I also give a warning. If you use a credit card here to run a tab, there may be a significant hold put on it for at least a few days.

Note: New York Dolls has closed. The space is now occupied by another strip club called Flashdancers Downtown. Not much other than the name has changed.

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