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Review: Partner’s Tavern in Erie, PA USA

Partner’s Tavern is a strip club located in the outskirts of Erie, Pennsylvania. Honestly the place looks like a rundown dump on the side of a road to nowhere. But it is home to a very large number of dancers. To my surprise many of the dancers are actually damn good looking! Since the prices are so reasonable that makes for a great combo.

Obviously Partners is an American strip club. So there are limits to what goes on inside. Since that is a known fact it shouldn’t have too much effect on this review. That said I can’t help but compare one place to another even subconsciously. Knowing that legal FKK sex clubs like Oase in Frankfurt exists makes it more difficult to look at a place where women can only dance naked objectively. That said I do know what American strip clubs are about and I can appreciate them for what they are. If you like to see good looking ladies gyrate around in the nude then you will understand.

Inside Partner’s Tavern

The club is located inside a strip with a wooden exterior. The only real marking is a white sign above the door that says “Partners”. If Partner’s Tavern doesn’t look like much from the outside that is because there is not a lot inside. At least superficially. Inside the dark and well used club there is a card table. A few guys seated there take the $10 entrance fee. They also man a small PA system complete with microphone where announcements are made. The PA system also doubles as the DJ. They pop in some music and it plays. That’s enough for me. Despite the widespread practice of hiring professional DJs at these kinds of places I personally have no interest in a guy screaming out things between dances.

Despite the dingy image Partner’s Tavern is not a bad place at all. It seems perfectly safe inside. This is one of the few clubs that doesn’t even have a bouncer on hand. I guess they simply don’t need that! The place is popular with locals but they are all either friendly or the type who keep to themselves. So Partner’s is welcoming to visitors. It is also definitely couple friendly. I’ve heard that some wayward wives actually get up on stage from time to time though unfortunately I haven’t witnessed that myself.

There is a bar to the back right of the club where soft drinks are served. This is a BYOB (bring your own bottle) place which is apparently required by law. Strip clubs in America are subject to all sorts of strange rules and they change from one area to another. Here customers who want to drink alcohol must bring it in from the outside. Change can also be made at the bar as per usual.

There are seats around the place including many around a pit-style stage in the middle of the floor. The seats around the stage get an up close view of all the action. The ladies take the stage one at a time and go through a routine of striping and dancing in a way that each patron gets a good view. For this they only expect $1 tips. Some people tip more or tip repeatedly. Others simply drop a dollar or even sit back away from the stage and don’t tip at all. Obviously the dancers do work for tips. But unlike some clubs the staff here doesn’t hassle guys who don’t spend much.

Dancers, prices, services and summary

There are a lot of dancers at Partner’s. I would guess there are at least two dozen on a good night. I am sure the numbers fluctuate from one day to the next. That is just the nature of the industry. Yet the ladies who do show up are nearly all fit and attractive lasses in their twenties. Most are local white ladies. Though there are also some black dancers. I would expect to see too much of an international mix in a place like that. But that is alright with me. I see Japanese strippers in a Japanese strip club so why wouldn’t I see American dancers in an American place?

A lot of American strip clubs seem to let anyone who shows up on stage. At Partner’s they either have a more restrictive policy or simply attract a better looking crop of ladies. There are very few over the hill ladies here. There aren’t any overweight or badly damaged dancers here either. That is quite refreshing considering what I have seen at some other out of the way venues. To top it all off the dancers I’ve met at Partners were all friendly and outgoing.

Lap dances cost $20 US dollars each. Paying for them is a bit strange but the dances themselves are quite good with lots of mileage. To get a dance you have to buy tokens from the bar tender. I guess this prevents guys from feeling they got scammed into too many dances which is a common complaint in this industry. The tokens are handed to a dancer in advance. The dances take place in private booths off to the side of the floor. They have curtains so they are really off and away from the main action. Inside the booths the ladies get full naked and do a lot of erotic bumping and grinding. So a spend of 60 dollars can lead to a lot of fun. And further tipping can lead to even more.

Some may say the same amount of money or less would get you full service in other parts of the world including the aforementioned Oase. But this club is not in Germany. It’s in a quiet little corner of the United States. Keeping that in mind and comparing this place to other strip clubs in the vicinity Partner’s Tavern clearly deserves three-and-a-half stars. It has a high number of decent to good looking girls who are eager to please. There is even a condom machine inside of the restroom!

Partner’s Tavern. 4712 E Lake Rd, Erie, PA 16511 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 8:00 PM until 2:00 AM.

4 thoughts on “Review: Partner’s Tavern in Erie, PA USA”

  1. After a few years of reading your reviews from far off places, I never thought I’d see the day when you landed in my hometown. Kinda makes me want to go back for a visit. NOT. Rather go back to Japan. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mike! And thanks for continuing to read the site. Considering the area and what else is available (or isn’t available) I didn’t find the place half bad. Of course I was just passing through. If it was my only option perhaps I would have a different view. I appreciate yours as a local. Cheers!

  2. I’m not from Erie but know the area well. An echo to Mike’s comment!

    Brings back visions of “Flashdance” with the female steelworker who also happens to be a sexy dancer.

    Serious question: if your dancer is fully naked in the booth, what’s the protocol on touching? Do they dance long enough to permit shooting a load in your shorts?

    I had a buddy years ago who went to peeler bars going commando in his sweat pants. I think some release was expected.

    1. It really depends on the venue and the dancer. There are some places that are topless only with no contact. Then there are those where fully naked women normally allow guys who get private dancers to touch them all over. I plan to review all sorts as time goes on. Cheers!

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