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Review: Mouse’s Ear in Knoxville, TN USA

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The Mouse’s Ear is a small but entertaining strip club located in the US city of Knoxville. Although the place is just off of a major freeway it is definitely not the most conspicuous bar. In a parking lot of its own back and away from an intersection the place somehow appears to be out of the way despite its central location.

Don’t let the size of the place or its location fool you. The Mouse’s Ear is far from being big and bright like the Hustler Club in Vegas. But it features a number of fully nude dancers who are as friendly and down to earth as they are entertaining. Considering that adult entertainment is the name of the game in this sort of venue.

Inside world famous Mouse’s Ear

The oddly named Mouse’s Ear is something of an institution. It has been in operation for decades. That is pretty obvious by looking at the somewhat decrepit exterior. But it also says something that a strip club could stay in business for so long.

The Mouse’s Ear has a huge parking lot for a place of its size. I guess it really fills up at time. Normally it seems to be a more laid back place visited by local regulars and the occasional visitor.

mouse ear in knoxville

The entrance is under a pink awning. Just inside customers pay a cover fee of $10 USD to a female attendant. There do seem to be at least a couple of guys on staff. But this is not a place with any large and aggressive bouncers hovering around.

The layout is basically a square. There’s a bar on one end and a bathroom on the other side. Then there is a small square stage in the middle of the floor. A mirrored ceiling above the stage appears to have been touched more than a holy wall. Oddly enough for a strip club there are no stripper poles. But since I don’t care much to watch women slide from the ceiling to the floor anyway this is okay. The ladies have no issue dancing sans rod. Strangely the club sells apparel like shirts that picture a woman holding a pole.

The strippers, services and prices

Even stranger still are some of the laws found in the United States. The laws also vary from one part of the country to another. You might cross a bridge and find out that you’re dealing with a whole new set of regulations. Strip clubs seem to be particularly hard hit by byzantine rules. Some clubs sell alcohol but don’t have fully nude dancers. Others have fully nude dancers but don’t sell alcohol. Others have women dancing in bikinis. There is a lot of variation. Much of it could only be described as bizarre.

The Mouse’s Ear is a BYOB club. That means you must bring your own bottles inside if you want to drink alcohol. They do have soft drinks and things like Red Bull available at the bar. But they do not sell alcohol. They do however sell cups and ice. They also levy a fee on any bottles that customers bring inside. I guess they have to make money somehow and find a way to deal with the local laws. Yet this sort of thing always rubs me the wrong way. I’d rather pay a higher cover charge than be taxed for bringing in a drink.

Of course alcohol is available at any regular old bar. There are even breweries nearby. The main reason anyone including me would visit a strip club is to see some naked women. The Mouse’s Ear has them in droves. The ladies all appear to be in their twenties and have fit bodies. Most of the dancers are white. There are also a couple of black dancers. I didn’t see any old or overweight women inside at all. Most of the gals are actually fresh faced and bubbly. That is always nice to see. Sure a few of the gals are tattooed but that is the way of the world these days. Besides what else could you expect with a tattoo parlor virtually next door?


The ladies take turns working the stage. And work it they do. The gals have the moves and aren’t shy about showing every part of their bodies off to those seated around the bar. Tips of a couple of dollars seem to satiate them well when on stage. Gals working the room are more happy to score dances. But they also spend plenty of time just hanging around and being friendly in a way you might expect to see in a hostess bar.

The $15 one-on-one dances at the Mouse’s Ear are more table or floor dance than lap dance. The gals perform them right out in the open and in full view of everyone else around. That doesn’t make for too erotic or sensual of a situation. That’s doubly true since they do no contact “air dances”. It’s a far leap from a fully nude full contact bar. Though this place is a bit more down home than Dionysian. It’s basically a hang out where there happen to be naked women. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

When reviewing a place like the Mouse’s Ear I have to compare it to other similar shops. Sure I can’t forget about what else exists in the world. But this isn’t the rest of the world. It’s Knoxville. For better or worse that which can be found here cannot be found in a city like Berlin. And vice versa. As an American strip club the Mouse’s Ear is not bad at all.

Don’t get me wrong. The Mouse’s Ear is certainly not the greatest place I have ever laid my eye upon either. Rather it is a pretty fun place in an area without much other adult entertainment to speak of. So locals to the area as well as people traveling through the Mouse’s Ear can serve as a sort of oasis. Everyone inside is friendly and the prices are fairly low despite the odd BYOB pricing structure and lack of full contact private dances. With all of that in mind I think the Mouse’s Ear deserves a solid two stars.

Mouse’s Ear. 8873 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 4:00 PM until 3:00 AM. Website:

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