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Review: Sin City Cabaret in Bronx, NY (CLOSED)

Sin City Cabaret is a strip club in the South Bronx offering a wide range of black and Latina dancers for your viewing and grinding pleasure. It has a rather gritty reputation but it still brings in plenty of people night after night. So they’re obviously doing something right.

Things haven’t really been the same ever since Giuliani shut down half of the above-ground adult fun in New York City. Sin City offers a bit of a glance of the old New York with a semi-sleazy strip club in one of the city’s more shady neighborhoods. No, they still don’t show their slits. Thanks Rudy!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never had a problem here. But they do occur. If you have nothing to do with them, you shouldn’t have any worries, but you never know exactly what’s going to happen. I guess that’s the case anywhere.

Inside Sin City

The cover charge here is usually 20 bucks. This is a bit high considering the rates of much nicer clubs in Manhattan. On weekend nights, the cover goes up to 30 dollars. A lot of guys from around the area seem to bring their girlfriends here with them, so expect a decent number of female customers.

The place is not badly appointed. The layout is spacious enough and comfortable. Like many outer borough strip clubs, tipping the girls while they dance commonly involved balling up your dollar bill and throwing it at them. That’s not very classy if you ask me. I’ve never liked this set up, and thus never participated in it. If you’re seated at the bar the dancers will come around and ask you for a tip after they dance on stage for the duration of a few songs.

Strippers and services

Some girls actually let customers get a grab in exchange for tips. I’ve seen quite a few guys rub a bit of titty or ass before sliding a dancer a dollar bill. I don’t think this is always appropriate. But it is easy to get caught up in the flow. How many guys can refuse an offer to touch tits and ass?

So what about the girls here? Most of them are black or Latina, just like the population of the neighborhood the club is located. There are a lot of pretty girls. Many of them are curvy to thick, with big tits and / or asses. That used to be my favorite, but lately I’m more into well shaped tight little bodies. Maybe that’s why I haven’t visited for a while.

Or maybe it’s because I spend very little time in general in New York City strip clubs. There is just way to much free pussy available, of every shape and size. And even if you’re too lazy to pursue that, there is an abundance of relatively inexpensive pay for play action that can have you nuts deep in some hot hole whenever your heart desires. If I want to blow a hundred dollars or more, along with my load, I tend to head to one of the many Chinese massage parlors or Korean massage parlors in the city. But that’s not the topic of this review.

The girls here do tend to hustle a bit. They may pressure your for tips or dances. That’s just the nature of the game. It can be a bit annoying, but there are also some nice girls working here. And if you don’t want to spend money to begin with, you probably shouldn’t be in a titty bar.

Diving deeper into Sin

I would guess most of the girls here are legitimately in their 20’s. Some may be a bit older. There is usually a dozen or more girls working at any given time. I’ve never felt that there was a lack of staff, even when I visited on off hours.

The waitresses wear sexy outfits and are very quick to bring you anything you need. They seem to work hard and so I always tip them well. There is a full bar. Drinks are overpriced but that’s the way it goes in strip clubs, especially when they are in New York.

Lap dances are available in a non-private elevated area for 20 dollars a pop. A lot of the girls are as good at grinding on your boner through your pants as they are at gyrating their big butts on stage. They’ve never coaxed a load out of me, but neither has any other dancer. For guys who can blow that way, I’m sure they’d drain your pipes. It is a strictly hands off affair on your part though, and since it’s a bit out in the open, with big burly bouncers right over your shoulder, you should probably follow the rules.

There is a private room service here. I haven’t tried it since it’s quite expensive. I’d rather have the real thing. I don’t think much goes on here, though you could probably get your willy tugged on with the right woman. I have no doubt that it would be much easier to arrange something outside of the club with one of the dancers. If you want to do that, prepare to pay.


This place is often empty when I visit, but it does get very crowded on weekend nights. If you come after a Yankees game is played, expect it to be standing room only, and filled with rowdy drunk guys. I would avoid.

They used to have boxing nights occasionally, in which two strippers would fight it out inside the squared circle. This did absolutely nothing for me other than repulse. I don’t think this is a regular feature anymore.

With some exceptions, Sin City is a pretty standard strip club. It really offers nothing that would make me travel to the Bronx rather than just stopping in at a Manhattan club like Private Eyes, or better yet, a massage parlor. Because of that, I give it 2 stars.

Note: Sin City closed after authorities revoked the bar’s liquor license. There have been reports of lawsuits and plans to reopen the club. But as it stands, Sin City is closed.

6 thoughts on “Review: Sin City Cabaret in Bronx, NY (CLOSED)”

  1. Great website and Very informative. Its sin city a pasties club? they stopped doing topless? thanks for all the information.

    1. Hey Papi. Thanks for reading and commenting. Sin City was topless the times I was there. Unless something changed that’s still the way it goes. You won’t see any beaver though. Thanks Giuliani!

    1. I don’t recommend anything. This website is for entertainment only. I have written about Chinese massage parlor happy endings, Korean massage parlor happy endings and happy endings in America generally.

    1. Anything is possible, especially when arranged between individuals, but it’s not on the menu generally speaking. Since there are regulations against it most clubs don’t promote or tolerate those kinds of activities. They make enough money from teasing.

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