Review: Private Eyes — New York, NY USA (CLOSED)


In Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood sits Private Eyes, an unassuming but decent strip club owned by the same group that controls the well-known Times Square club Private Eyes and downtown’s New York Dolls.

The cover charge is 15 dollars, which is actually pretty low for both Manhattan in general and the area the club is located in specifically. Inside, the ceilings are low but the club is relatively spacious. There is an entrance area and then another area off to the side where the action takes place.

Inside Private Eyes

The club is appointed pretty nicely. There are wooden tables and chairs situated around the stage, which is long and narrow. In the back of the room are couches where lap dances take place, only slightly obscured from all in attendance, at a rate of 20 dollars each.

You won’t be rigorously searched upon entering as you are in the clubs in the outer boroughs. Drinks are overpriced as you would expect. There are massage girls who will rub your back and shoulders for 20 dollars per song. This can add up quick, so be careful if you partake.

The waitresses are generally nice and attentive. They pretty conservative lingerie or shorts and are mostly in their 20’s. They work hard so be sure to take care of them.

There is an array of dancers here. Most of them are 18-30, with more concentrated on the young end. Nearly every region on earth is represented among them, and most are quite good looking. I visited with a female companion one night and we couldn’t decide between a curvy Asian girl and a tall thin black girl with a body to die for. So we got lap dances from both.


The couples lap dance is nice, and often gets you more leeway than you would get as a single guy. Both times we got a lot of hands on action from the ladies. That was especially true with the black girl who rubbed her ample, perky tits all over my face. It was excellent feeling her nipples make their way across my skin. Of course nothing else came of it. I exchanged numbers with the black girl, who said she’d be up to meet outside. Neither of us even called each other.

Of course as my experience shows couples are very welcome here. You will see them quite often when visiting.

Private dances and rooms are available at extremely high rates. As I have it on very good authority that nothing sexual whatsoever goes on there, I’ll leave that to the Wall Street guys with more money than they know what to do with to partake in. One star.

Note: Private Eyes has closed. The space is now occupied by another strip club called Flashdancers that moved from another location.

Address:320 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036 USA
Hours:12:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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