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Review: Scandal’s in Queens, NY (CLOSED)

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Scandals is one of the better strip clubs in Queens, NY. Though if you have read my previous reviews of strip clubs in the area, you know that isn’t necessarily saying too much.

Located just across the bridge from Manahattan, Scandals is a pretty large strip club that is easily accessible. A club called Cityscape was right across Queens Boulevard, but it has closed down. Another club called Gallagher’s 2000 is a few blocks away.

Scandal’s strip club

The cover charge to enter is 15 dollars, no matter when you show up. Your payment will be followed by a ridiculous search and pat down by an overgrown bouncer that may be enough in itself to make you want to turn around and go home. Of course you have to pass through a metal detector too. What makes this all the more absurd is the fact that clubs like Saphire’s right across the bridge don’t put their customers through any of this. The security is a little more lax in the daytime, but it’s always a pain in the ass in my opinion.

scandals strip club in queens ny

Inside, there is a fairly large stage. If you sit there, at the rail, you will have to tip each girl. This can add up very quickly. This seems to be one of the main money makers here, so be prepared.

The setup isn’t bad. The chairs are pretty comfortable. The drinks aren’t too overpriced, but it is a New York strip club. The staff doesn’t seem to care much about customer service. Don’t expect many smiles or anyone trying to go the extra mile.

Dancers at Scandal’s

The dancers are the main reason for coming here. There is a nice selection of about 12-20 girls at most times. They are diverse, with numbers of Eastern Europeans, Latinas, black girls and the occasional Asian represented. Most are in their 20’s or 30’s. A few older women are here too. Latinas seem to dominate, and some of them don’t speak English well if at all. Keep that in mind if it matters to you. Unlike Sin City in the Bronx, the girls here tend to be a little slimmer and tighter in the body department. Don’t worry guys, there are still some juicy brown booties on tap if that’s what you’re looking for.

The women who work the poles here are kind enough, but many seem to be just going through the motions. What can you expect in a club like this, right?

The women who dance here aren’t particularly talented as far as I can see. They aren’t particular beautiful either. Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty women here, but I’m judging in general terms.

One thing that goes in their favor is that they aren’t too pushy. The women working in some clubs in New York are aggressive hustlers that can really spoil your night. I don’t blame them. They’re trying to make a living. But there are different ways of doing things and the in your face model is very from the best method of making money as a stripper.

Prices, services, and summary

Lap dances go for the standard price and are nothing special. There’s nothing in the way of roaming and no hints of anything extra. From what I can see there are few options for takeout either. Sure it can be negotiated with the right girl for the right price, but that’s how it goes anywhere.

This place can get crowded on popular nights. I recommend avoiding it all together when they have special events, unless that is you like to be standing neck and neck with a bunch of sweaty guys with semi erect cocks.

Bring extra money to tip the coat check, wait staff and anyone else you come across. And bring more plenty bills if you want to sit at the stage. In fact, it doesn’t take much to drop more here in an hour or two than you would by getting full service from a sexy women in her twenties at one of the area’s many Korean massage parlors.

Even if you like strip clubs, there are a lot of other, better options in the Big Apple. I say that as a person that does occasionally head into these kinds of venues.

Scandal’s is a place that tries too hard but still comes up way short. It’s a run of the mill strip club with nothing special going for it. For me, there are just too many options in New York City to justify visiting this place. I give it a star and a half.

Note: Scandal’s is closed.

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