Review: Raspberry Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Raspberry Spa is one of the many erotic massage parlors in Chiang Mai that is more or less unknown by tourists but popular among locals and locally based foreigners. It is similar in style and operation to other adult massage shops in the city like the previously reviewed Absolute Paradise.

For some reason places like Raspberry Spa don’t seem to be well known by many foreigners. Yet they abound in Chiang Mai. There are actually several places of this type in the city. While Chiang Mai only has a few go go bars the city is home to many massage parlors.


Raspberry Spa is located in a rather large house just off of the so-called Super Highway near the Bangkok Hospital. The quarters are at the end of a dead end road and the place almost looks like some kind of colonial villa back in a field even though it’s only a few meters from the freeway.

Raspberry Spa Chiang Mai Thailand

While walk ins are certainly accepted I imagine that most people book ahead or at least announce their intentions of visiting by contacting the shop over the phone. They man a phone number but in this day and age the Line App is a lot more popular as a method of quick and easy communication. It also allows for translation between languages which is probably a big help for the staff.


When customers arrive they are presented with a lineup of the available women. There are usually no more than a handful of women working and they tend to be average in terms of looks. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t mean to disparage anyone but I do want to report accurately.

Raspberry claims to have some television actresses, models and even a porn star on staff from time to time but they do not seem to appear in the regular lineup so perhaps they require advance booking or something similar.

woman at raspberry spa chiang mai

Each lady is called Angel with some other word following that. So a lineup might include “Angel Smoothie” and “Angel Atom”. This naming convention is unique to Raspberry Spa.

The women who are available are organized into different groups supposedly based around their looks. A body to body massage with one of the “cute girls” costs 1,500 Baht ($48 USD). The same session with a “pretty girl” runs 1,900 Baht ($60 USD). “Very pretty girls” charge 2,300 ($73 USD).

Services and prices

For these prices customers will be taken to large private bedrooms, then showered in a communal washroom, then taken back to their temporary quarters for a nude gel covered body massage followed by a handjob. The sessions are supposed to last over an hour but customers who finish early might find themselves in a room with a naked lady and not much to do.

Of course additional services are offered by most of the ladies at Raspberry Spa as one might expect. In this it is no different from many other shops in the city. The women do expect tips for extra services though. There are no hard and fast rules since the services are provided unofficially by the women themselves but generally speaking 500 to 1000 Baht gets oral and 1500 Baht gets full service.

After sessions conclude customers get more mutual nude showering before getting their gear on and heading back out the door. Payment is rendered up front at Raspberry Spa but the mama usually hangs around the front and asks customers if they have had a good time on their way out. Two stars.

Address:Thanuspong Soi 1, Chiang Mai, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 088-269-2659
Hours:10:00 AM - 3:00 AM
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