Review: The Pump Station 2 in Pattaya, Thailand


I wrote a review of the original Pattaya Pump Station in 2013. That piece read more like an obituary than a review since the once well known suck shop was on its last legs when the reporting was done.

Later the Pump Station was revitalized and reopened with a new way of operating. I reviewed the refurbished Pump Station two months ago. Today I write about the Pump Station 2 which sits a few doors down from the original.

Pump Station Pattaya review

Long ago I mistakenly announced that I had reviewed every blowjob bar in Bangkok. It turned out I was wrong. As 2017 draws to a close I still have not reviewed every blowjob bar in the capital. I haven’t reviewed all of the blowjob bars in Pattaya either. In spite of that I am still going forward with my mission to write about every pickle publishing pub in the country.

The Pump Station 2 has a clear sign out front with the name of the bar. The bar itself has an open front. There are some chairs inside along with a standard bar off to one side. The staff hangs out inside and occasionally calls out to guys who pass through the street.

There are a handful of ladies working at the Pump Station 2 most days. They tend to be in their thirties. They are mostly average in looks. There aren’t any very overweight ladies on staff like their were at the old Pump Station but super tight fit women aren’t common either.

A wide range of drinks is offered at The Pump Station 2. That is to be expected. They are sold at the kind of rates that are to be expected in Pattaya too. If there’s anything that stands out about the bar itself it is perhaps its mediocrity though to be fair some of the women on staff are among the most energetic gals to be found in that part of town.

Like their counterparts up the street the women at the Pump Station 2 offer oral services in rooms above the bar for 700 Baht ($24 USD). They don’t always openly solicit this service to customers but it is available and it is what once made The Pump Station well known. Short time full service is also available in the rooms above the bar but the women want 1000 Baht or more for that. The bar also charges for use of their quarters.

The rooms above the bar are relatively clean and contain beds and dressers. They look like ordinary bedrooms. The linens are regularly changed and the air conditioners work. There isn’t much more to say.

The mostly average looking women at The Pump Station 2 offer mostly average levels of service. None seem to have any spectacular or special skills. They probably satisfy most of their customers but they don’t necessarily do anything that would set them apart from anyone else doing a similar job in the city.

The staff at The Pump Station once told me they had plans to open more spin off bars in Pattaya including one on Soi 6. There are a lot of bars of this type already operating in the city with new shops opening all the time. I don’t know if The Pump Station name will expand throughout Pattaya. From what I have seen a return to the sad state of affairs witnessed in 2013 is just as likely. Thus goes the blowjob bar scene in this part of the world. Two stars.

Address:Soi 13/2, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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