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Review: Pleasure Dome in White Haven, PA USA

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The Pleasure Dome is a large strip club nestled in the Poconos Mountains. The place is housed inside of a tan building that may have been converted from some other use in the past. In any event it is a fairly nice club that staffs a lot of ladies.

I have been writing here at Rockit Reports regularly for just short of ten years. At this point I have reviewed adult entertainment facilities all over the globe. While strip clubs have never been the focus of this website I have covered a number of these kinds of venues. That number has increased recently. I have seen everything from large corporate chain clubs like Hustler in Las Vegas to real down home local places like The Mouse’s Ear.

After all of that I can safely say that the Pleasure Dome has one of the largest numbers of dancers I have found at any strip club. There must be a real supply of women ready to dance in this part of the world. Especially since there are so many ladies working the smaller Partner’s Tavern which is just a few hours away.

Enter the Pleasure Dome

The Pleasure Dome is located in a rather quiet and frankly dark area. The building with its stucco exterior is surrounded by an even larger parking lot. Despite it size I think that this place could hold a lot of people. I am sure it fills up when they host bachelor, bachelorette and other parties. On regular nights however the place remains quite open and roomy.

dancer at pleasure dome in pennsylvania

Just inside the door a male bouncer takes the $20 USD cover charge. After that customers are free to roam the facilities. And some facilities they are. In the main section of “the dome” an elevated stage sits in the middle of the floor. There is all sorts of space around. Though that only makes the seats up along the stage more desirable.

The stage is rimmed with soft blue neon lights. Two metal stripper poles get a lot of attention. But not as much attention as the clientele who pull up to one of the many seats around the stage.

Strippers, services, prices and summary

The Pleasure Dome is another one of the many strip clubs regulated by a strange set of rules. Why do I say that? The women are allowed to dance fully nude and show off every part of their bodies. On the other hand the place doesn’t sell alcoholic drinks. I can only guess the logic is that customers wouldn’t be able to control themselves in the presence of naked ladies. Of course that is nonsense. Especially since this BYOB club allows customers to bring in their own alcoholic beverages from the street!

As stated earlier there are lots of women working at this club. All of the women appear to be local white ladies. I would guess as many as 2 dozen of these gals work the stage on a given night. That compares to some other similar clubs where there may be only 3 or 4 women working at a time. In additional the ladies are nearly all fit and attractive babes in their 20’s. Some of the ladies may have more tattoos than I would personally prefer. But I am sure they couldn’t care less about that. It certainly didn’t stop me from looking.

The women work the stage one or two at a time. They start out in revealing string bikinis and quickly move on the full monty. As they do the gals move around the stage and reveal all their intimate bits to the onlookers. Customers hand over a few dollars and the performance continues until everyone has had a good eyeful.

Private lap dances are available and highly encouraged by the dancers. In fact these gals may be some of the most outgoing lasses I have met since I was last on Soi 6 in Pattaya. Dances cost $20 a go and offer plenty of two way contact. The ladies aren’t shy in asking for tips and rewarding those who hand over some dosh. In other words these strippers certainly aren’t shy!

American strip clubs are of course limited in what they offer. At least officially. Most tend to follow the rules to a T even if there are some errant behaviors from time to time. Still I am capable of looking at a place for what it is even if I have experienced full on facilities in other parts of the world. As American strip clubs go the Pleasure Dome is a good one. The main reason is that they have a lot of good looking women inside. The fact that the ladies are so open and forward only makes it better. So I have no qualms with giving this club three stars.

Pleasure Dome. 101 Ice Lake Rd, White Haven, PA 18661 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 6:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Website:

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