Review: Phuoc Loc 2 Massage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Phuoc Loc 2 Massage is fitting located inside of the Phuoc Loc 2 Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Phuoc Loc 2 Massage is probably not the kind of place the average tourist or foreigner would wander into accidentally which in some part explains why the parlor is mostly visited by local Vietnamese customers.

The Phuoc Loc 2 isn’t the nicest or newest hotel in Ho Chi Ming City by any means. It a more or less run of the mill place that doesn’t mean it is terrible however. Most hotels in Ho Chi Minh City are actually pretty nice in comparison with what some of the other hotels in Southeast Asia can look like.

The same goes for the Phuoc Loc 2 massage section of the building. It definitely isn’t the most wonderful place in the world. But it is maintained and kept clean. The staff is pretty attentive too.

As you might expect Phuoc Loc 2 Hotel is open around the clock. The same goes for the massage parlor section of the hotel which not close either.

When customers enter the Phuoc Loc 2 Hotel they often find the place more or less empty with the exception of front desk staff and security. After making their way to the elevator they press the button for the massage floor and

A massage session in a VIP room at Phuoc Loc 2 is 360,000 Dong ($16 USD). The massage rooms at Phuoc Loc 2 are well done if over the top. They contain the usual accoutrements that people might expect in a Ho Chi Minh City hotel massage VIP room.

There are dozens of women working at Phuoc Loc 2 Massage. Most seem to be in their early twenties. A few might be approaching thirty but if so they are in the minority. The gals are almost uniformly attractive and fit. They wear the kinds of semi revealing uniforms that are common in the local massage joints and that only makes them look better.

Massages at Phuoc Loc 2 are decidedly mediocre. There may be some exceptions but for the most part the the masseuses working at Phuoc Loc 2 are not very good at doing body rubs. Of course for many guys that isn’t a problem.

As with many hotel based massage parlors happy ending massage is extremely common at Phuoc Loc 2. There may be guys who just get a regular rub down and go home but even they would have been offered more in most cases.

More depends on the situation and the negotiations that go down behind closed stores. In the normal rooms women usually offer a happy ending by hand for a tip. In the VIP rooms that is also the case though some of the women on staff have been known to offer guests in the nicer quarters oral service as well. Full service is definitely not offered anywhere in the building.

There are no set rates for tips in Ho Chi Minh City massage parlors. Some people suggest that customers should tip an amount equal to the price of their massage. Others go higher or lower. Foreigners often pay more than locals even when they are not pressured to. It’s not uncommon for a guy who is not Vietnamese to give a 500,000 Dong ($22 USD) tip to a masseuse who takes care of his needs.

Tips are negotiated between the service providers and customers or in the case of respected customers not mentioned at all. Payment for the actual massages is made at the desk on the way out. Two stars.

Address:192-194 Su Van Hanh, Ward 9, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Map)
Hours:24 Hours
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