Review: Nadia at Doki Doki in Bangkok, Thailand


Nadia is one of the most popular and skilled ladies at Doki Doki massage in Bangkok. As stated in my earlier review of the shop, Doki Doki is one of the top massage parlors in the city. In fact, it’s one of the better shops in all of the country. That is in large part due to the expertise of the providers who work there. Nadia illustrates that perfectly.

Not long ago I wrote about Pam at the same shop. If she is the most in demand provider at the shop than Nadia is probably second. Her looks certainly have a lot to do with her getting picked out of the lineup with regularity. But her superior skills also make her desirable among many customers.

Nadia at Doki Doki

Nadia is a twenty-something year old masseuse with a very fit body and tight backside. Apparently she has a child but it would be very difficult to tell. Despite my vast experience with women I was only made aware of this when I came out and asked her. Nadia also told me that she works out daily. This I knew without asking, as she is quite firm.

Nadia nuru nuru massage Bangkok

Her big bolt-on balloons are even firmer than the rest of her, but they look pretty good on her small frame. Guys have different opinions about fake tits, but there can be no question that can come in handy when used by a skilled provider. The above mentioned Pam also has synthetic sweater puppies but she puts them to good use when doing a body to body massage complete with tit wanking.

Nadia speaks English quite well. She certainly has a better grasp of the language than most women in her line of work. She hails from the southern part of the country rather than the northeastern Isaan region where most Bangkok masseuses originate.

Doki Doki is different

Anyone who has read over this website or even walked some of the Sukhumvit sois knows that Bangkok is filled with massage and sensual shops of all sort. While this can seem amazing to people who spend most of their time in areas that lack prominent adult entertainment zones, it is just another fact of life for people in the land of smiles.

It only makes sense to compare things that are actually comparable. Whatever else one can say, there is a difference between a cheap suck shop in Vietnam and an escort in Tokyo. It follows then that massage parlors in Bangkok can most easily be compared to other similar stores. Once the notoriety disappears and we look at the scene in Bangkok objectively we’re left with a lot of quite average knocking shops.

Doki Doki stands out precisely because it is different. It is one of a handful of parlors that resemble Japanese soaplands. That is not only a matter of appearance and approach, but also a result of the skills demonstrated by the women on staff. A lot of places claim to do nuru nuru massage in Bangkok. Only a few deliver the real thing with regularity.

Nadia’s nuru nuru service

I don’t know Nadia’s complete adult work history. But somewhere along the line she has picked up some real abilities. Nadia is a definite expert both on and off the inflatable mat. She takes control of sessions from the very beginning, yet is able to react to the needs of her customers. She is totally service oriented, which is frankly not always easy to find in Thailand. I guess she has the same kind of dedication to working out, which is how she is able to do it daily and end up with such obvious results.

Nadia is very good at the nuru body to body slide. She knows her way around the infamous mat as well as a man’s body. She leaves no stone unturned when she is sliding around either. Nadia is the kind of gal who does an all over cat bath. And I do mean all over. She doesn’t shy away from any part of the body. She spends a lot of time rimming and she does it very well.

On the flip she is a real rider. The same goes off the mat and over in the dry part of the room. More notable than that however are her oral skills. These too are very developed. In fact she’s probably one of the better blowers to be found in any shop the kind. Nadia can actually go deep which is something only rarely seen in the higher end massage parlors.

As all of the above should show, Nadia is one of the best service providers I have seen in a Bangkok massage shop. I wouldn’t say she is perfect. Who among us is? I am certainly not anywhere near perfection myself. But I have a basis of experience and can speak with some knowledge on the subject of erotic massage. My informed opinion is that Nadia is very good at her job. Her popularity at Doki Doki seems to confirm that. Four-and-a-half stars.

Address:3/25 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. (Map)
Phone:+66 098-569-8794
Hours:10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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