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Review: Miss BJ Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Miss BJ is one of the newer massage parlors in Bangkok. The place has nothing in common with the now-shuttered Dr BJ’s. It opened nearly a year ago but I have not had a chance to cover it until now.

The shop is right on Sukhumvit Soi 22 across the street from Queens Park. The place has a very public location that it is easy to find but it can also be missed in the massive mix of signs and massage shops in the area. Most of the massage parlors around are regular shops that might offer hand service at best.

Oily massage parlors in Bangkok

Adult entertainment in the Thai capital of Bangkok has received a lot of coverage on this site. One obvious reason for that would be the sheer size of the scene. Another would be that it is all open to foreigners with significant sections being totally dedicated to people from other lands.

Although there are many kinds of establishments serving men in the big city, none are probably as common and widespread as oily massage parlors. While the go go bars tend to get the glory, the rub down rooms definitely make up a bigger portion of the industry. At least in terms of number of buildings involved if not total revenue.

There have long been concentrations of oily massage parlors in certain areas but a lot of shops have popped up in other areas too. For example Bamboo Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 8 is some distance from any other similar massage parlor.

An increasing number of shops have been popping up on Suhumvit Soi 22 recently. The first were pioneers. Now they belong to a sort of local scene that contains quite a few shops.

Miss BJ massage

The entrance to Miss BJ is marked by a red and white sign with big prominent letters. Otherwise the place does not really stand out. If the women who work inside are not busy they can often be found sitting out front.

The first time I visited there was no one around though I could hear some people talking loudly in the back. I waited about ten minutes before deciding to head elsewhere. Later I returned and all was well. This was probably an aberration.

The lobby of Miss BJ is small and lined with some black leather couches. There is a desk to one side and a refrigerator to the back that is filled with drinks. The drinks are free for customers. Each session comes with something to imbibe. This is a real touch of customer service. The only other place I have seen such a thing was at the nearby Bit Style.

The front is usually worked by a Thai woman I assume is the owner. She appears to be in her thirties, looks pretty attractive and has probably had some work done. This fits the profile of many massage shop owners. I could certainly be wrong.

Prices and services

The shop has a menu of services available. The prices are about normal for the industry and area. The most inexpensive full service option is a thirty minute session for 1600 Baht ($46 USD). Early on it was 1500 Baht. An hour costs the local standard 2000 Baht ($58 USD). When available A-level service costs a few hundred Baht more. Extra shots also incur an additional fee.

Hand services are less expensive. A thirty minute ball massage with hand finish is just 800 Baht ($24 USD). There are all sorts of other options available as well including doubling up on staff and integrating different outfits into the action.

Once customers select a session they will normally be assigned one of the women on staff unless they select one themselves. The shop has a small staff but a few of the ladies look quite good. They all appear to be in their twenties. At least one is quite experienced and has worked elsewhere.

Sessions take place in rooms upstairs. The rooms all have different themes and looks which is something you don’t often see in oily massage parlors. They are clean and there are no obvious signs of wear and tear. The walls are thick enough to isolate the rooms so that normal sounds don’t get in or out.

The big rooms have their own showers inside along with lighting, tables and padded mats on the floor. Everything is well maintained. If things stay that way it will also help to distinguish this shop since so many others allow the walls to fall in around them.

Skills and summary

The experienced women who work at Miss BJ obviously know what they are doing. They seem to have taught the others a thing or too as well. Either that or they have learned on their own and taken to things like a fish to water. All of the ladies have skills.

Otherwise things go as they normally do in shops like this. It should be noted that the women working at Miss BJ tend to use better covers than some others around. They don’t tend to watch the clock much either. There is no rushed or mechanical feeling.

The shop has some features like cosplay Sundays where all of the ladies dress up in sexy costumes. I haven’t been around to experience any of this. I’m not sure if it was in effect when I visited. It seems like something to take a look at.

Miss BJ has entered a crowded market. The shop is located among a number of more mainstream establishments on a heavily traveled road. I don’t know how it will fare but for now I can say that is about fair. I give the shop three stars.

Miss BJ. Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 2:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Website:

19 thoughts on “Review: Miss BJ Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Hi Rockit and thanks for the report. Would you say that the ladies featured on their website are actually working there or is it like many other parlours that feature pretty ladies that we have no chance to actually see in the line up?

    1. I don’t know their whole line up right now but the pictures seems fairly accurate to me. Of course they are touched up and women tend to float from one place to the next but at least some of them are probably there. Cheers.

  2. More than half of the “ladies” shown on their website are actually very obvious katoeys. I wonder why so many guys still cannot see this at first glance…

      1. I didn’t really look at any of the pictures until you posted your comment here. While some of those mentioned could be viewed that way I think it’s tough to tell for a few reasons. One is that these pictures are often touched up beyond belief. Another is that a lot of women working in these kinds of massage parlors get the same surgeries as ladyboys. They have their noses and breasts done and sometimes also their jaw line and ass. After visiting the shop for the sort of research Realist mentions I can confirm that there were no ladyboys there. Perhaps there are sometimes but I tend to doubt it. It’s not common in Bangkok oily massage parlors, soapy massage complexes or blowjob bars although they can be found in nearly every other aspect of the local industry. Cheers.

    1. @EuropeanGuy: I had an interesting conversation with a friend who is into the scene for academic purposes (I know how that sounds…) and does interviews with sex workers e.g. for UN studies. He said that according to the katoeys 75% of their customers are heterosexual and 50% of these 75% do know but not care that they have sex with a kateoy while the other 50% do not know. I recently met a friend in Bangkok and she, being a first timer in SEA was shocked when I pointed at the posher ladyboys and well-made kateoys, telling her that these were not women but men. She really could not dinstinguish clearly while me and my girlfriend saw it at first glance. I am very curious why some people can easily spot it while others cannot.

      Regarding the private parts it is really hard to distinguish a well-made kateoy from a real woman. The thai surgeons are perfect. You could trick me with the pussy but never ever with the rest of the package, eyes, face, movement, hands – no matter how good, there is always the uncanny valley. But I wonder how they manage getting wet to perform cause obviously there is no mucosa. I guess this is covered up by the massage oil, which is super slippery.

  3. The owner I saw was 8 or above but the staff were 7 or less in my opinion.I been to bkk more than 50times and I can easily tell ladyboys and none of them was
    staff there.Some ladyboys are so pretty that some heterosexual tourists dont mind at all for a bj. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the report. The owner would probably be considered very good looking by Thai standards. From what I hear she has a farang partner and doesn’t work which is usually the case in these kinds of situations. Cheers.

  4. Let me just put the damper on this place. 15 years in Thailand, I have had the good and the bad. But the girl here cut my time short 15 minutes before the end with no satisfaction on my part. You have been warned. Go to Miti where your time is guranteed.

  5. Try Miss BJ about 1 week ago, select 1hr Anal fuck session (about US$60), Girl name lucky (not list on website), overall feel is good. Will go back again.

  6. Jeez Lucky is popular. I wonder if she’s still there. Her ass IS pretty amazing I’m not surprised someone went for that A Level. Also the morons talking about Ladyboys based on some pictures online, I been to Miss BJ many many times and have yet to see one goddamn ladyboy.

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