Review: Minh Minh Tam in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Minh Minh Tam is a high end massage parlor located in District 10 of Ho Chi Minh City that offers quality rub downs with satisfactory endings. The massage parlor is located on an upper floor of the Minh Minh Tam hotel. The place is very easy to find either through the use of online maps or by simply showing the address to one of the city’s countless taxi drivers.

From the outside the Minh Minh Tam hotel looks like any other of the tall narrow buildings you might see around Ho Chi Minh City. The only indication that there is any fun to be had inside comes in the way of a sign advertising massage and the distinct lack of hotel customers. There is always a porter or two hanging around in front of the building. They ask visitors if they’ve come for a massage, and if the answer is yes they lead the customer inside, through the lobby, and into the elevator.

Once the elevator doors open the customer sees something that sort of resembles the front desk at a Macau Sauna. Of course things here aren’t as luxurious. The customer will be shown a price guide with a variety of “ticket” prices. This is the fee given to the house for entry. The economy option is something like 250,000 Vietnamese Dong ($12 USD). That gives one access to a basic no frills room. A much better VIP set up is available for 550,000 Dong ($26 USD), in a large and well-appointed room that includes a fully functioning sauna and whirlpool along with a private bathroom, chairs, a large television and a high quality massage table. The careful reader may be able to tell which option is better.

There is a Macau sauna style lounge available were a minimum menu of food and basic services is available, but it’s nothing worth more than a passing mention. The real focal point is the massage room.

There are several masseuses working at Minh Minh Tam. The management either selects the best looking ladies that show up for the job or they are blessed with one of the most attractive set of applicants around. In either case the customer is left with a choice of one nice looking gal after another. Sort of.

There’s no line up at Minh Minh Tam. Customers get who they get when they show up, unless of course they request a specific service provider by name or number. Returning customers often have favorites that they have met previously, and it’s quite easy to get a favorite provider’s cell phone number to find out when she will be working. Unlike the pinsaros of Japan, there’s no extra fee to request a specific lady here.

All of the women who work at Minh Ming Tam besides the front desk staff wear nice looking blue uniforms that compliment their figures nicely and reveal just enough to get the imagination going.

Once a customer chooses a ticket option he’ll be led to his room by a male attendant. In the VIP room the attendant will turn on the sauna and the whirlpool tub to prepare. The customer can kick back on the chair, take off his shoes, and watch a bit of television while he waits for his masseuse to arrive.

Things work pretty smoothly at Minh Minh Tam. Everything is set up nicely, none of the non-essential staff ask for tips and there’s isn’t a lot of unnecessary waiting around. It doesn’t take long for the lady to show up once the customer is in the room.

The arrival of the lady marks the time for the customer to get undressed. Though there are at least a few masseuses with a good grasp of English, most of the service providers speak little to no English. Even those unable to communicate verbally with foreign customers are still good at getting their message across. A gal standing in front of a guy with a towel ready sort of speaks for itself.

The first step after the clothes are taken off, folded and put away in the closet is the bath. The customer is guided inside and washed by the service provider from head to toe. A thorough shampooing is even available. The bath is followed by an option sit in the steam room. When the customer has had enough of that it’s back to the bathtub for another assisted rinse.

Now squeaky clean, the customer is led to the massage table and instructed to lay down on his stomach. A massage of pretty good quality that lasts surprisingly long then commences as the masseuse works the client over from head to toe. A bit of back walking is usually thrown in too, aided by the metal guides installed on the ceiling.  Once the back and body rub is finished the client is instructed to turn over and the special services begin.

The special services are typically limited to happy ending by hand. This is performed in a skilled and extended fashion that leaves the customer quite satisfied. There’s no over-pumped rush to get the guy out of the door. A few reports indicate that select providers may integrate their mouths into the service but that seems to be out of the norm. The providers are quite professional and I don’t imagine much more happens here under any circumstance.

After the massage wraps up, the customer will be bathed by hand one final time and then wrapped up in yet another warm white towel. Then they can sit back down on the chair and have a bit of a chat with their provider or simply watch some more television as she feeds him some of the free fruit that has been provided. I’m not sure exactly what the time limit is at this place or if there is even a time limit at all. What I do know is that customers are not rushed out of the room by any means.

Once the customer indicates that they’ve had enough they’ll be able to dress and avail themselves of any of things they need in the bathroom, which range from combs and brushes to shaving kits and cologne.

When the customer is all ready to go the masseuse will hand them a paper form and a pen to indicate the tip they’d like to give. The providers don’t make any suggestions and seem quite content with almost anything. The typical tip ranges from 200,000 ($9.50 USD) all the way up to 600,000 ($28 USD) depending on the level of service. Those who select the VIP room are obviously more likely to give a higher tip than those who go for the economy quarters.

Once the tip is written down, the provider leads the customer out to the front desk where they will pay their ticket and the tip all at once. The provider will then lead the customer to the elevator and bid them a found farewell.

As a straightforward and trustworthy high-end massage parlor in Ho Chi Minh City, Minh Minh Tam offers a nice respite from the hustle and bustle outside. One could easily forget where they were while being worked over on the massage table in a VIP room. Considering the general quality of the place, the price and the other existing services in the area, I think it’s fair to give Minh Minh Tam three-and-a-half stars. This place has been around for quite some time and if I had to guess I would say that it will probably be in business for many more years.

Address:709 Le Hong Phong, P.12, Q.10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone:+84 083-868-3858
Hours:24 Hours
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