Review: Magic Table in Bangkok, Thailand


Magic Table is a go go bar with more located only steps away from the now famous Dr BJ’s Salon which I first reviewed way back in early 2013. With private rooms in the back where dancers can provide oral services and more the place is something like Afterskool on Soi Cowboy. The bar is easy to find even if it is also easy to miss. It’s not that it’s hidden or anything but the front doesn’t exactly stick out and there’s very little mention of the place online or on the old grapevine.

Magic Table has been around for some time. There have been some changes made over the years but none were serious enough to merit mention in my view. I can only review a place as I find it when I visit.

The entrance to Magic Table is set back from the road a little. In front there is an outdoor patio where women who work at the bar sometimes hang out and at least one or two guys can usually be seen nursing a beer. Why people chose to drink in locations like this is anyone’s guess but I guess it’s no worse than any “regular” bar that can be found in Bangkok.

Once inside costumers are confronted with a sort of dingy bar that is divided into different areas. There is a traditional bar to the right though I’ve never seen anyone seated there. The dancing area is to the left. It is there that customers find seats situated around the elevated stages that allow them to look up at the dancers and see exactly what is so “magic.” In case you couldn’t guess the dancers don’t don anything besides their skirts.

There are usually a handful of women working at the Magic Table. They aren’t typically the best looking ladies around but they aren’t far off what one would find at most blowjob bars and even some of the go go bars nowadays. There often standouts and sometimes even a real star will emerge.

The women on stage are friendly and because the place is usually quiet and uncrowded customers can actually engage with the dancers while they do their thing. If a customer decides to buy a dancer a lady drink she’ll often continue to dance right in front of him bending over once in a while to have a chat or engage in some chit chat.

The drinks are reasonably priced. I don’t remember exactly what they go for at the moment but they’re certainly not as much as one would shell out at a go go in Nana Plaza on Soi 4.

The standout feature of the bar is the aforementioned private rooms in the back. Even though they look something like backrooms in Times Square in the 1970’s they are still a draw. The decor is good enough to get the job done and of course that isn’t the draw for customers in any case.

The dancers who work the bar are free to visit the backrooms with customers who can part with 1000 Baht ($31 USD). That’s a little more than most of the other bars offering oral in Bangkok charge but they don’t have dancing and such either. Places like Afterskool that do have dancing charge around the same rates when all is said and done though Magic Table is more private and offers less expensive drinks. Perhaps most interesting is that the rate for this and other services (including full service for 2000 Baht) is printed on menus which is like something right out of a Macau sauna.

As I’ve said here many times service always depends on a number of factors. There’s no way to give a definitive rating to the service provided by each and every woman working to every customer that walks in. Things change from day to day and person to person. What I can say is that the women who work the bar are generally skilled in their line of work while throwing the usual caveats about mileage varying.

Magic Table does follow the typical go go model in some ways. The women working are able to go out of the bar and spend some time with customers during working hours if a bar fine is paid. The rate for that is 650 Baht most times.

As a unique take  on the BJ bar phenomenon Magic Table stands out even if it gets little credit or notice. It’s not the best place in the world but it is definitely unique. I give the place a solid 3 stars which means it is well above average in a general sense even if it is lacking in a few areas.

It was a long hard road but with this review and an earlier one on the new Bit Style shop I believe I have covered every blowjob bar in Bangkok. I hope readers have enjoyed everything they’ve read on the topic and look forward to further coverage on this and other subjects in the very near future.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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