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Review: Lust Gentlemen’s Club in Martinsburg, WV USA

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Lust Gentlemen’s Club is a large and popular strip club located in West Virginia. It is not to be confused with the dozen or so strip clubs of the same name or similar scattered across the United States. Nor is it to be confused with Lust on Soi 6 in the Thai city of Pattaya.

Lust is located within driving distance of the American capital of Washington, DC. It is also very close to the American states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. So there is a lot of cross country commerce going on here. This strip clubs is both out of the way and in the center of a lot. No wonder so many people visit the place!

Getting into Lust

The cover charge at Lust Gentlemen’s Club is a mere $10 USD. That is on par with some of the low end titty bars around. But since Lust is not a low end club by any means this is a very reasonable rate.

lust strip club martinsburg

Lust has a full bar. Mixed drinks run around $15 each. That is about normal for a strip club in the US. At least as close as normal as you get in an industry like this. After all, there are also clubs like True Diamond that give out drinks for free. So you never really know what to expect.

Inside Lust is large, well lit and kept very clean. Sure the ceilings are a little low and unlevel in parts but that’s no big deal. In fact that is actually one of the nicer adult venues I have ever visited in America as far as layout is concerned. Of course what really matters is the women. Luckily, Lust has them in droves.

Strippers, services, prices and summary

There are over a dozen women working Lust on a given night. That is not a ton of ladies but it is a fairly good amount for a strip club outside of a major city. Let’s be realistic. Martinsburg, West Virginia is hardly Las Vegas. So I wouldn’t expect to see hundreds of women working a strip club here. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a healthy number of gals at Lust.

The ladies at Lust are healthy too. Most of the women are white gals in their twenties. There are a couple of black dancers too. They range in looks and even sizes but they tend to have ample tits and ass. Believe it or not but that isn’t as common as it used to be in American titty bars. I can’t count the number of flat women I have seen in these kinds of clubs lately. Even some of the large women lacked breasts which makes for a unique combination to say the least. Sure there are different strokes for different folks. There have to be some guys out there who want nothing more than to meet an overweight woman in an A-cup bra. But I for one am always pleased to see some busty babes getting topless on stage.

The women at Lust spend a lot of time working the stage. In fact that seems to be the main draw of this place. So it is almost more of a show bar than a laid back lounge. The women get up and do their thing in front of the audience. The audience responds by showering them with tips. It’s a symbiotic relationship. At the same time this place is not pushy about tips. Lust is nothing like The Treasure Club in Asheville where a person might be approached by security for not spending enough money. The atmosphere here is fun.

Private dances are certainly available even if they aren’t necessarily how the ladies here make the bulk of their money. The dances start at $20 per song and go up from there. Frankly I don’t find the low level dances interesting. Especially since the women don’t even take their clothes off. I am however a lot more intrigued in the private shower shows even if they do run hundreds of dollars. What can I say? I have a wandering and inquisitive mind. The private rooms are nice too and priced at a little under $10 a minute.

A lot of people like Lust and I can see why. As far as American strip clubs go this place is pretty well run. They have a lot of women on staff representing a vast swath of the population. Prices are reasonable or at least on par with similar venues. I could complain about how crowded the place gets. But that just goes to show the club is run so well that people want to visit it. There’s nothing wrong with that. So I give Lust three stars.

Lust. 1110 Hedgesville Rd, Martinsburg, WV 25403 USA. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 3:00 AM. Phone: +1-304-267-5878. Website:

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