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Review: Look x Look in Tokyo, Japan

Look x Look is a pink salon or blowjob bar in the Kanda section of Tokyo. Kanda has a reputation in some circles for being a sort of run down or sleazy place. But I don’t think it is either especially when compared to the worst areas of other major cities in the world. Kanda has actually been developed a bit in recent years. Now it is simply another area near Akihabara that is home to a range of various businesses. I am pleased to report that one of those businesses is the foreigner friendly suck shop Look x Look.

I have been reporting on blowjob bars in general and Japanese pinsaros specifically for many years. For the most part I seem have them covered since there are so few that allow non-Japanese customers inside. I don’t often come across new pink salons that accept foreigners. When I do it is usually sheer serendipity. Another method of rigorous investigation involves simply walking up to these kinds of businesses and asking if foreigners are okay. That works too.

Look x Look pink salon

Most pink salons blend in with the scenery. Even in Japan where these shops are totally legal they don’t put flashing signs outside that say “get your cock sucked here”. It is a lot more subtle than that. Usually you see a name and maybe a price next to a time period. Like “30 minutes 3000 Yen”. You might even see some coded language about flower pedals. Of course it will all be in Japanese.

pink salon prostitute from look look tokyo

Even the pink salons that accept foreigners are usually quite demure. If a foreigner walks inside they will accept them. But they don’t go running out into the street looking for customers. The exceptions are places like Hinomaru and Jan Jan which have touts in the street who vocally welcome passing guys inside even if they are not from the land of the rising sun. Look x Look has a guy posted at the door but he is not proactive like the fellows at the aforementioned clubs.

Look x Look actually reminds me most of the old Strawberry Club in Otsuka. It even has the same open layout and standard two gal double blowjob rotation. Strawberry Club was welcoming to foreigners for quite a while. Then they suddenly started rejecting non-Japanese people left and right. Not long after the place changed names stopped accepting gaijin altogether.

Inside Look x Look

The Look x Look shop is located just outside of Kanda Station. In fact the place is right along side it. There is a vertical red sign above the door that says “Look Look” in Japanese. At the street level there is an illuminated red sign that says “6000 Yen” in blue letters on a white background. There is usually a middle aged guy outside in a suit manning the door. He also announces when someone is entering.

Look x Look doesn’t go out of its way to welcome foreigners. But the shop don’t turn people away at the door for being foreign either. At most the tout may ask people who approach if they speak Japanese and explain the process. The process is that customers pay a fee of 6000 Yen ($55 USD) to the clerk for 30 minutes of service. Then customers are assigned one of eighth sofa style seats in a small dimly lit room. Customers then hang their jacket on the provided hook and have some tea while they wait for the fun to begin.

Staff, suck service and summary

Look x Look is not an incredibly busy or popular place. I am sure they fill up at times but it is usually pretty quite. Accordingly there are just a couple of women on staff. I don’t know if that is the result or cause of the low traffic the shop sees. But in any event they are for the most part average looking Japanese women in their twenties or thirties who do not speak English well if at all.

The ladies do however know how to provide men with oral sex service. And that is exactly what they do at Look x Look. The women serve guys one by one in fifteen minute intervals. First they show up, introduce themselves and make some small talk. Next they help the customer drop his pants as they take off their teddies and slide down their panties. Then they wipe down the unit and go to work sucking on it until the time is up or the goal is achieved.

After the first gal finishes her allotted time period she fades into the back background. Not long after another gal appears to put in her fifteen minutes of hard work. The process is the same though each woman has their own way of doing things. Some ladies are better than others at giving head here and in other places of the sort. But somewhat surprisingly very few of them are very skilled at sucking especially when compared with some of the real pros in Bangkok.

Still the ladies at Look x Look are a friendly is somewhat shy bunch. They put in the work they are paid for and give it their best effort. I have no way of knowing for sure but I would bet that they usually finish with something in their mouths to show for their efforts. Otherwise the place would be even lower on customers visits. As it stands Look x Look is a run of the mill Tokyo blowjob bar that is only really notable for its acceptance of foreign customers. Two stars.

Look X Look. 3-chōme-13-9 Uchikanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from . Website:

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  1. It’s my first day in Tokyo and I took a quick detour past this place. Sadly, I got waved off by a fairly cranky looking gentleman at the pay window. It may have been a bad day, or they might not be taking foreigners any more.

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