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Review: KYO Capsule

Three months ago I reviewed the KYO F-Motion automatic masturbator. I enjoyed that machine so much that I later decided to give the vibrating KYO Capsule a try. Since both are made by the same company I reasoned that they would be of similar quality. Yet when the KYO Capsule showed up at my door I was underwhelmed. It appeared to be a coffee mug sized white machine with little to offer. Boy was I mistaken!

kyo capsule review

After more than a decade or reporting on nearly every fascet of the adult entertainment industry around the world I am very rarely surprised. Some may say I have become jaded. Though I think it is more of a case accumulated experience. In any event I am actually shocked by just how good the KYO Capsule is! For the first time in my many years on this earth I had a “hands free orgasm” while trying out the KYO Capsule. I have to say that the experience was really something.

At this point I should have learned not to judge a book by its cover. I have to admit that I wasn’t really expecting much from the KYO Capsule. At first glance it looks more like a cup holder or Blu Tooth Speaker than any kind of sex toy. In reality it is one of the best male masturbators I have tried over the last ten plus years. The unit is so good that is actually a bit difficult for me to write about the thing without getting at least a little aroused from the memories.

The KYO Capsule breakdown

There is nothing particular “sexy” about the KYO Capsule. Outwardly, it has the characteristics of a medical device. It has a hard white plastic case surrounded by a grey ring. There is a single button on the ring with one “+” and one “-” that can be pressed. Inside the toy contains a softer grey sleeve with what appear to be just basic raised bumps. The hole goes all the way through the unit. The entrance on one side is slightly smaller than the hole on the other.

Preparing this toy for action is easy. You hold down the plus sign and the device turns on. All you have to do after that is lube up and push in! As soon as I slid into the hole I knew I was on to something great. What was the sensation like? The closest comparison I can make is to sliding into the well lubed and waiting anus during anal sex. There is a sort of tight resistance that quickly gives way to a tight but elating fit.

male vibrator kyo capsule

The hole on this device really grips. Because of the material it also maintains its tightness. You don’t really have to stroke up and down like you would with a traditional male sex toy. You can certainly do that but it isn’t necessary at all. Instead I have found that just keeping my glans covered and working through the various vibrating modes is absolutely fantastic. There are a total of 12 vibrating modes. You can cycle through them with a press of the plus or minus button.

Once I got up around mode 8 the first time I couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt like I was approaching the point of no return. Yet I had only been using the toy for mere minutes. Sure I was watching an excellent adult cam show but that couldn’t explain away the sensation. I went up one more mode and that was enough to push me over the edge. In the interest of science I repeated the experiment several more times. Even after the novelty wore off I was able to finish by sheer vibration every single time.

In retrospect the fact that the KYO Capsule blends in only makes it better. That combined with the size would make it easy to take this machine anywhere. Few would suspect that it is actually a male sex toy unless perhaps they really examined it closely. It’s also the easiest male sex toy to clean that I have ever found. Run some soap and water over and through it and you are good to go! It air dries quickly and can be put away nearly anywhere.

An actual “male vibrator”

Women have long had the pleasure of using vibrators. Even when the West was ensconced in Victorian sexual mores doctors would use high powered vibrators on women to treat “hysteria”. In this day and age some still look down on men for using any sort of sex toy at all. Though we at least now have our own version of the vibrator with the KYO Capsule.

Of course men could always apply a vibrator or any other vibrating device against their genitals. Women might even press their Hitachi wands against a man’s unit during sex. But none of that ever had the effect of inducing an orgasm. In the case of the KYO Capsule men can actually vibrate themselves to orgasm with a purpose made device. Or at least that was my experience.

I have come across a lot of weird and wild things over the years. But I honestly never expected to be blown away by such an innocuous little device. The KYO Capsule is a game changer that will forever cause me to look twice at any machine meant for inducing male orgasm. Who knows what else I have missed?

As it stands the KYO Capsule delivers what it promises and then some. I have kept the Capsule within arms reach of my computer since first using the device. You can bet that it will stay in my immediate vicinity for some time to come. With this much enjoyment coming with such a reasonable price I may even pick up a few more. I give it five stars.

The KYO Capsule is available from Motsu Toys in Europe and in the United States.

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