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I’ve dedicated a lot of time and space on this website to explaining, covering and reviewing blowjob bars, in Thailand and elsewhere. Though Rockit Reports has now been online over a year, I haven’t yet touched on the smaller but equally entertaining niche of handjob bars. Toy Bar on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand, is a good example of what most of these jack joints are like.

As it located on the infamous and short Soi Cowboy, Toy Bar should be easy enough to find. It is, sort of. The problem with Soi Cowboy is that so much is packed into such a small space that it can be difficult to focus on where you are and the signage above the dozens of doors lining either side of the street. Even for a guy like me that has been around the world several times over and banged countless babes it takes real effort to look beyond of the hundreds of scantly clad women beckoning me in the street and identify the names of each shop I pass. With persistence I can do it which I’m sure makes you all incredibly proud.

Toy Bar on Soi Cowboy

If Toy Bar looks a lot like a small go go bar inside that’s because it’s basically what it is. What makes Toy stand apart from the more standard agogos though is that here you can hambone handled by some of the women on staff. This isn’t necessarily advertised out in the open and there are plenty of customers who come and go without ever getting a tug job but it is the modus operandi of the place.

Toy Bar has a long bar, a small stage with poles, and a series of cushioned, elevated seats along the wall. The whole place is about as big as my first apartment but there is plenty of room to maneuver.

Customers enter and find themselves somewhere to sit. Unlike dedicated blowjob bars where you can ask to go straight into the service, bars like this are a little more laid back. Everyone should buy a drink once they sit down, and possible one or two more as they go along.

When a guy enters Toy Bar he will undoubtedly be approached by some of the women on staff. Unfortunately that usually involves one or two of the middle aged women who work here, dress in normal clothes, and don’t dance. Don’t get me wrong, these gals know how to lube up a knob and give it a go, but compared to the younger scantly clad women who dance they don’t offer much to look whatsoever.

If there is a sense you are new to the place or perhaps a little timid they may be a bit aggressive when asking for a drink. That’s understandable both because of what they have to compete with and the fact that this is how they make the money that pays for their food, room and other necessities. Despite that there’s no reason you have to buy them a drink. They’ve been at this for some time and they won’t be offended if you politely say you’d like to wait a minute or just point to one or two of the other gals working that you’d rather spend some time with. You could also say you’d just like to drink alone, but if that’s the case you should probably head to a cheaper, regular bar instead of wetting your beak here.

Unlike blowjob bars, the women at handjob bars make money from lady drinks and tips alone. There is no set rate for a jack off session and the house doesn’t take a cut. Sitting toward the end of the bar and buying a woman or two a drink is a sign that you’d like to be serviced. They will usually start playing with your meat through your trousers and asking if it’s okay to take it out. If they don’t you can simply hint that this is what you’d like. No one who works at Toy Boy is shy.

While the jack action usually takes place toward the back of the place it can happen anywhere. I distinctly remember once sitting on the padded seats next to the stage and chatting with a gal who was dancing while a guy who must have been 80 years old slowly made his way to the middle of the bar with the help of a metal cane. He seemed to be a regular and before long he was doing the hundred-yard stare toward the back wall of the bar while two young hotties sat on either side of him giving him a good wank right out in the open.

Those able to manage a little more mobility will probably prefer the slightly more discreet action at the end of the bar. The women will too. One reason the women prefer you to sit with two or more women is that they’ll each have less work to do, but another reason is that it allows them to stand around you in a circle and build a bit of a “privacy fence” to block off the view from other customers, staff and anyone who walks in from the street.

Your pants won’t come off at this or any other handjob bar that I know of. What will happen instead is that you’ll be unbuttoned or unzipped and fished out of the tangled web of fly holes and undergarments. Your shirt will pushed up a bit too and possibly even unbuttoned if the girls are feeling feisty. One reason it’s good to have three or four ladies along is that they will each play a part in keeping your clothes away from your junk. That’s helpful when one of the girls pulls out the mini bottle of baby oil and starts lubing your love parts up. Baby oil on the pants and shirt makes quite a mess.

Another thing that makes messes is man cream, and I’m not talking about some modern lotion for metrosexuals. No matter how hard the gals try, and try they do, I always seem to end up with at least a little of the sticky stuff somewhere on my outer layer. Of course I usually don’t find this until I’m outside, often in the bright lights of a restaurant or somewhere where its equally embarrassing. Lucky for me most would probably never imagine what it is and even if they do I wouldn’t care much anyway. I walk with my chin held high knowing I met the mountain and climbed it… or something like that.

While you are getting rubbed the ladies loving you temporarily will probably ask for another round of drinks or two, depending on how long it takes your little rocket to launch. Don’t take this as predatory behavior. Again, it’s how they make their money here. Drinks are relatively reasonable considering what they go for at other go gos where pulling your dick out will get you kicked to the curb or worse. A bit of fun that ends with an eruption will usually cost the equivalent of about 40 or 50 US dollars. That includes your beverage of choice and a small tip to each of the women who helped you out. It’s more money than any blowjob bar costs but it’s also a different kind of a place and a different kind of atmosphere.

Elaborating on the staff I can say that it’s fairly extensive. There are a good number of women working at Toy Bar and as long as you have a pulse you should be able to find more than a few hot enough to get the job done. As I’ve wriitten there are some older dames along with plenty of 20-something go go dancers who wear sexy little outfits. I find a good mix is to take one of the middle ages mamas (who will often go a little further by doing things like pulling up their skirts to give you finger access) and one or two of the younger, hotter dancing ladies. As always your mileage may vary.

Toy Bar is a decent place to spend an hour or two and is a good representation of a handie pub. Because the rates are higher than any BJ bar in town I’m tempted to give it 3 stars, but I’ve decided to throw in an extra half-a-sparkler because the atmosphere is so fun. Or maybe it’s because I like making eye contact with the pretty bartender while two of her coworkers do my dongle up on the other side of the bar. I can’t be sure.

Address:Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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