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Erotica is a small go go bar tucked back into a corner of the infamous Nana Entertainment Plaza. Although Erotica has been around for years it is probably one of the least known go go bars in the area even though it offers more than many others.

Over the years this site has reported on go go bars in some detail. It wouldn’t be possible to cover the commercial sex scene in Southeast Asia otherwise. At the same time, the coverage on individual go go bars has been rather light with posts such as this roundup of the go go bars in Bangkok being the only coverage of the agogos in that city in the last six months.

Erotica sexy go go girl

Erotica sets itself apart from the pack in that it features topless dancing from women who are for the most part quite attractive. For the most part the dancers remain topless even when coming off stage to sit with customers who buy them lady drinks. In many cases that allows customers to get hands on which means they can see and feel things that may not be available to them in the majority of Thai go gos.

One of the reasons that Erotica doesn’t seem to be as well known is probably its somewhat discreet location. Of course that may also play into the bar’s ability to have nude dancers. Customers access Erotica by making a left and going up the staircase directly after entering Nana Plaza. After passing the post-op ladyboy bar Straps they can see the signs and entrance for Erotica.

Erotica is separated from the main plaza by the usual curtain. Inside it has a stage with poles in the middle of the bar flanked by two rows of bench seating on both sides. The floor is worked by a team of mostly older waitresses who are attentive and polite. Two mamasans also hover around and at times encourage customers to find girls to sit with though they aren’t what most would describe as pushy. In fact most customers would probably call them helpful.

There are two lines of women who dance at Erotica. They switch up rather quickly so that customers don’t have to wait all too long to see all of the ladies on stage. When they are not dancing most women put on some kind of thin wrap unless they are seated with customers though more than a few do just let it all hang out.

Most of the women at Erotica seem eager to go outside with customers though ultimately that is always down to circumstance and their individual choices. The bar fine is 600 Baht ($19 USD) and most of the dancers seem to prefer short time. There are never any hard and fast rules for additional payment even if mamas increasingly seem to act as if prices are set in stone. Typically customers pay the dancers at Erotica around 1500 Baht ($48 USD) for a short romp or 3000 Baht ($96 USD) or more for an overnight session.

The women at Erotica seem to prefer short time which is really no surprise since they can do the deed and get back on stage to make more money. That’s especially true at Erotica which has a short time hotel immediately above it. Dancers can walk out of the bar and go right up a flight of stairs to be in a room with a customer. Most of the time they don’t even need to get dressed to make this very short journey.

As with any bar staffing numerous women there is some variation but as stated Erotica tends to hire attractive women with nice bodies. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I can’t imagine most guys wouldn’t find at least some of the twenty something year old Isaan dancers in the bar desirable. Three stars.

Address:Nana Entertainment Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 4, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:30 PM - 2:00 AM
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