Review: Katoeys-Are-Us in Pattaya, Thailand


Katoeys-Are-Us is one of biggest and most well known ladyboy go go bars in Pattaya. These days the number of ladyboy bars with dancing poles seems to be on the decline. There was a point around 2014 and 2015 when they were popping up all over the place. The decrease in these sorts of venues started well before the Covid-19 Pandemic so other things were at play. Though I am quite sure the long lockdown and travel ban did not help.

I have reported on ladyboy venues a few times in the past. The coverage has been rather sporadic averaging at about one report per year. Things slowed down here in terms of kathoey coverage when Ladyboy Reports went online. But there is still room to cover this aspect of the business here too.

There are obviously a lot of men and even some women interested in Thailand’s Third Sex in one way or another. With so many ladyboys on full display at Katoeys-Are-Us it only makes sense to give the place the once over. I have actually visited the place briefly on two occasions. But as far as I know there is no such phrase as “twice over”.

Katoeys-Are-Us on Walking Street

Although Katoeys-Are-Us is called a Walking Street bar it is actually located on Soi Diamond. The bar is just off of Walking Street. It’s easy to find with a large obvious sign. It is also the only ladyboy bar in the area as it is mixed in with places like Windmill

Inside Katoeys-Are-Us is a rather large and cavernous place. There is a big stage in the middle and a bar in the back. On the side there is a big seating area with plenty of room. Most other go go bars would actually benefit greatly from such a layout but apparently space is at a premium. Or at least it was when most of these places were built.

Katoeys R Us ladyboys

There are dozens of ladyboys working at Katoeys-Are-Us. They range from light skin to dark and everything in between. Some could maybe pass for women in certain circumstances. Others look more like a bloke in a dress. Some have large fake breasts. Others are flat or sporting small hormone fed tits. There’s a real mix. The ladyboys take turns dancing on stage. In between shifts they socialize.

Some say there are regulations against nudity and even toplessness in Thailand. A stop in a few go go bars of a certain type would seem to suggest otherwise. In any event the rules do not apply to ladyboy bars. So when the ladyboy dancers at Katoeys-Are-Us take their tops off there is no risk of a raid that I know of. It’s just a run of the mill event.


I am not personally turned on by ladyboys. I don’t knock anyone who is. Everyone has their own tastes. While I am also not put off by ladyboys I have to say that there is a different feeling in Katoeys-Are-Us than a female go go bar. I never feel like I need to run out of the place. But there is definitely something in the air.

In any event the ladyboys on staff at Katoeys-Are-Us are fun and funny. They roll with the punches and really seem to do their best to entertain. For guys who love ladyboys that means playing a sensual hostess role. But that’s not all they can do.

They’re also totally respectful of people who just come in for a good time. That could anyone from a curious guy who wants to take a look around to a couple who heard about ladyboy shows. They are not pushy or aggressive in the least which could only be a relief for those not looking to barfine anyone.

That said there is a barfine system in place. From what I can tell most all of the ladyboys inside are more than willing to go out without any and all paying customers. I am sure there must be some exceptions however. At the end of the day it all comes down to the way individual people get on with each other.

I get on fine at Katoeys-Are-Us. It is not necessarily a place I would seek on a regular basis. But it can actually be fun to stop for a drink once in a while. For those who are romantically or otherwise inclined to ladyboys I can only imagine that it is even better. From my perspective I would say it’s pretty regular though well run. So I give it 3 stars.

Address:Soi Diamond, Pattaya, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand (Map)
Hours:8:30 PM - 3:00 AM
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