Review: Ka Ka Massage in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Ka Ka Massage is one of the many massage parlors in Siem Reap, Cambodia. At one point there were at least 40 massage parlors in town. And probably more than that. In this I am only counting the official places established in permanent locations. There are at least as many fly-by-night setups in shacks too.

There are different levels of massage parlor of course. Ka Ka is a large place set up in a large building that was probably originally meant to be a house. It is located close to the center of the city. Yet it is far enough out of the way to offer some discretion. Though that may not matter as most probably do visit for a legitimate rub down.

The effects of the pandemic drove most of the regular massage parlors in Siem Reap out of business. Yet a handful remained. One of the places that stayed open throughout and continues to operate today is Ka Ka Massage. Time will tell if and when other shops will come back. For now Ka Ka Massage continues with no chance of shutting down.

Ka Ka Massage in Siem Reap

Ka Ka Massage is located on a triangular corner at what has to be one of the strangest four way intersections I have ever encountered in all my travels. In keeping with the bizarre layout of the roads the building too seems to be built to fill in the space left by the merging of several streets at odd angles.

Ka Ka Massage has doors on both sides of the building. They also have lighted signs at street level. They are legible with clear English letters. But they are worse for wear. Otherwise the place just looks like a somewhat large Asian house.

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Inside the lobby is decorated with shiny wooden furniture and carvings that are common amongst people with money in this part of the world. The shop is run by an effeminate local guy who arranges the sessions. The prices are posted right up front. They are lower than many other shops in the city. A one hour oil massage runs $7 USD. They actually use the entire hour too.

The massages take place in large private rooms up a set of stairs with a definitely lean. I often wonder if people ever fall down the stairs in this shop and the many others laid out like it around the country. The rooms themselves are big and pretty clean with air conditioners and mattresses laid out on the ground. The rooms also have bathrooms with toilets and showers. Those aren’t as clean.

Staff, service and summary

There are a handful of women working at Ka Ka Massage. Most of the ladies have been there for a while. They all seem to be in their twenties. Some are average looking. One is quite attractive. All are fit and healthy. There are no elderly or overweight women working the shop.

The shop gets a mixture of local and international customers. Still the ladies normally don’t converse much unless directly addressed. Perhaps this lack of conversation explains their lack of English skills. Still it is no obstacle to doing a massage. Everyone understands laying down and having their back rubbed.

The standard service is a body or oil massage. These are done pretty well here. Although this is a regular massage shop most of the women do seem to be keyed into the needs and wants of foreign customers. During oil massages they can be free and liberal with their hands bumping up against key spots perhaps to judge interest. They may ask customers if they want extra services at an opportune time. Or they may just look for a sign in the form of a stiffy. Then they can offer hand relief for a tip in the 10 to 20 dollar range.

Ka Ka Massage is a decent enough massage parlor. It is staffed by competent women who are eager to please. Or at least eager to get a tip. I don’t have anything bad to say about the place. Yet it doesn’t really stand out either. I give it two stars.

Address:BBU Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia (Map)
Hours:9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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